Tuesday, June 14, 2005


A whole year of college has passed- as i look back...all i can say is..."a year? already??!!"..school memories are still so fresh... i have this weird habit of trailing off from one story to another while talking to a friend( yea..i try not to...but its natural!) ...and when i am talking(which i do a lot) i tend to tell my college mates about everything that happened in school...
their reaction: "gawd! u remember each detail...we dont even remember thaat much abt our school.
MY reaction to their reaction: well...my school was different u c..;)....
school will always be a special- a very special part of my life...a place where i learnt how to dream and how to strive to make them a reality...!
So this post is totally dedicated to all SPS'ians...especially my own batch mates...coz SPS never witnessed a batch like ours.. :)