Wednesday, December 28, 2005


"Its been the best of times, and its been the worst of times"- Charles Dickens...
And i dont need to say much beyond that...

SOngs that Got me Addicted:
Two Steps Behind
King Of Pain
Love will Never Lie

Books that left me Wanting More...
Angels and Demons
A Fine Balance

The One Element of survival
Street Theatre

Places where I loved Hanging Out:
Barista, SDA(for obvious reasons)
Pvr, Saket
my Place..with Friends
and yeah, of course.. College till 6 o' clock ;)

SOngs i Can Finally play on the Guitar
Everything i Do
Aap Jaisa Koi
Dooba Dooba(silk route)
Summer of 69( slow version)
the chorus of Who the f*** is Alice
..and some more am not very "perfect" at

Movies that i Watched:
No Entry
Salaam Namaste
(yea...i dont get to watch many movies)

One Resolution i kept up t0
Didn't shop much...*sniff*sniff*sniff

One Resolution I cn never Keep up t0
Minimising telephone conversations(esp when they're outgoing)

One Resolution I intend to Keep up to
Being true to the Person that i Am...

Things That Changed
Likes and Dislikes(yeah..i like Rock music now and i Loveee Dogs.. )
Perceptions about Life and various Aspects of it
n yea...Time's changing too...

Things That Havent Changed a bit
My way of wasting time
My way of being as not-grown-up
My way of being so damn conscious about my hair
n yea...My "junk" eating habits...(but i've reduced on chocolates!)

The Present will soon become Past
And joys of today
Will become Memories of Tomorrow
Indeed, Time flies Fast

The people I meet Everyday
Will soon bid adieu
"We'll keep in touch"
-The words will ring in My ears
and Fade away when Msgs and Emails
become few...
The Present will soon become Past
Time surely, flies Fast

The rules will change
But the Game will be on
The players will have different strategies
But the Goal will still be the same
Perception, and Imagination-Wider in Range,
will be Parents to Ideologies
that will on millions, Reign.
The Present will soon Become the Past
Time, indeed, flies Fast

For us, The most Profitable Option
Is to Accept...
For only then will Peace be within,
-An unending satisFaction.
The Mantra is, "to move on"
And to remember that "Night is Darkest Before Dawn"
Each day will not be Happy..EachDay cannot be Sad
Its easier said, i know
'tis but the Universal Law
That the Only Thing Constant is Change...
Unpredictable as the Wind that will Blow
Adventurous as the Woods, in the Moonlit glow
Colourful as the Rainbow in the blue Sky
Beautiful as a Free Butterfly...
Is Life.

The Present will Soon become the Past
And Joys of Today
Will become Memories of Tomorrow
Nineteen years have Flown Fast!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry ChrisTmaS

I believe more than ever in Christmas Miracles...esp when my net connection improves all of a sudden and after a long wait finally opens allowing me to vent out whatever hs been in store!!!
The last few days have been amazing..simply amazing...except for a few factors(that are best left unpondered upon) the srcc fest, teh columbus ride gave me a lot of food for thought...
Life is jus like a Columbus minute u're high up...and the next,u're heading downwards... also..the minute u feel like u're at yr're pulled upwards...yeah.ok...lotsa unwanted crappy philosophy...
Met up with school-time buddies...had so much fun...esp coz tehy gave me a surprise! And what's best is that the term has come to an end with me clearing all attendance hurdles! yayy! i'm not short of attendance!!! thats what i like about my life..not attending classes thruoughout the year and still not having problems...touchhwood!!
Of course,studying for the exams is like something i'm getting myself tuned to now, its high-time!
Radhika created a lotta probs for mickey mouse in terms of attendance..hopefully she'll be allowed to give her exams...Or else, Goblin eyes and i have fultoo plans of bombarding Radhika's "palace"!(since she thinks she's Queen Antoniette...grrrr)

" I've shut my Eyes in Order to SEE"...
- now isnt that B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L?

Monday, December 19, 2005


The sky's overcast
With Clouds of Confusion
Its raining Thoughts
And Wetting the Character
There's a lot of Commotion
There's a lotta Silence
The silence is not Comfortable
And it feels ridiculous
There's a crowd of People
i See Nobody
Everybody ha surrounded Me
But i see Nobody
There's a lot of Openness
But there are far too many secrets
These secrets are not meant to be
But they exist- their Darkness lurking over me
I want to get out of this Problem
I want the COnfusion to End
But maybe i Jus understand what i want to understand
Or maybe i'm being made to understand
Something i dont wanna understand
This "understanding" is getting me Confused
...More and More Confused...
The sky is clear
The clouds are gone
Its not raining anymore
And i've started to feel Dry...

CoulD it Have been More EasiEr?

Mickey Mouse and I finalllyy Decided to go for "Harry Potter". We did make it to the hall...but not inside it. The show was housefull! Even in its last week! how crapppy is that! Anyways, we went for Lunch and Ice cream...and then things took a diferent turn..
Was supposed to meet Saloni at her bro's Reception party..cdnt make it...
Last night passed away in a blur... So much happened .. all of a Suddden!
Went to College around 12.30pm...its Sakshi's birthday...and we ended up in an argument! Dunno watsup with Sakshi and me ...
Saloni hasnt been around for some days now... and needless to say, i've missed her like Hell!
Got this sms...and i smile..knowing how true it is...

"Hating a hundred right persons will leave your Heart untouched...
But loving one Wrong person, will leave you Broken Hearted Forever!"

Christmas for me, has always been Special. But this time...I really Need a Christmas Miracle. A change in Spirit is what i'm Praying for...
Like Bimala once prayed to God(in Tagore's The Home and the World): "Can i not be reborn again?"

Its time for a Change...Its time for a New beginning...The trinkling(once melodious) sound of the Old bells have started to fade... As the minute hand keeps ticking away, i am reminded of the numerous books i'm supposed to be reading...i'm reminded of the sweet old memories that have turned sour,their rustiness haunting me day in and day out...i'm reminded of the Love that has been lost...and yeah... Will i Ever find it Again??

Monday, December 12, 2005

Basking in The WinTer Sun...

Life moves fast...very fast.. there is jus no speed limit to check its racy nature! The past few days have been quite a blur...SO much happens that i cant even stress one iota of my already small..(rather pea sized) brain to put them in words so i can blog it out and the ever complaining Mickey mouSe finds the much needed respite in her life by leaving comments! heeheh!

for one, there's this lil girl, Rajni...there's some construction going on in college- she's the labourer's daughter..cute..but verry chaloo... Mickey mouse is the one who made the great discovery! We took her around college, spoiling her with oranges,chips and chocolates..she came with me to class and i saw the eagerness with which she tried to learn. Her little, inquisitive(and unclean) hands flipped through the pages of my book...she grabbed my pen, looked up at me with her huge kohl smudged, eager(and naughty) eyes and said "haath pakro" (hold my hand).
Without giving it a second thought I decided to skip the precious notes that my teacher was discussing and started teaching her a,b,c...(the sweetheart teacher dint even mind)
...And since then, Rajni has made it a point to come up to me each day..that sweet smile of hers, her silly ways, and the way she bosses around sometimes...jus makes me smile...

Secondly, Mickey mouse and I are busy ruining each other's life by the amount of vella energy we exude. We cant stop wasting time! gawdd! Its a ritual for us to stay in college till 5.30- 6 pm...of course, trying our bestttt to Study(novels..not coursebooks)! The other day...we jus thought of going offff to south ex. Barely 15 mins later, we decided to go back to college! And on our way back we as usual were discussing SRCC and our obsession gave way to a hideous and maddening laughter(ok..i exaggerated a lil wee bit)!

And lastly, i havent started this 25 mark majjorlyy important some old forgotten memories have started to reappear again and as much as i hate to admit, its slightly affecting me! The i-dont-care attitude is jus a mere farce now..or so it seems...
i also realised that ive started giving too much importance to one person...and the very thought is jus Scaring sounds silly and crappy...but Thats the way it is...

And now that my day has ended as morosely as possible, its hard to believe that i had had an amazing start!

Monday, December 05, 2005

DiffeRent StrokEs

Frustration, Irritation, Hopelessness, Indecisiveness, COnfusion, Optimism, Exhaustion, Happiness..Joy..Elation.. unbelievable pinnacles of Jubilation, not to forget a "mood upliftment"......those are ALL the emotions that were experienced within a period of almost 12 hours...

7.30 am: i receive a message- "we're not performing today...."- a real "i give up" type msg.
Result: i get irritated and call Neha..."wat the heck? why not? We will."

9:00 am: i reach college.Tanya,Vrinda,Mansi,Isha,Shazia,Moitreyi are ready to perform but some dont have the "kurta". neither do i. we Call neha..she hasnt got her costume either. We use Moitreyi and Tanya's cell as if they have free calls and "beg" ppl to perform but they are found to be adequate with the most perfect excuses(which piss offf the rest of us)

9:30 am: Sheena proclaims she will come only if we DECIDE whether we can perform or no! (As if Deciding was a minute's job)!

10:00 am: Neha comes with a depressingly disgusted look on her face...and apparently doesnt see any Point in performing coz the team's "going nowhere". We give her hope. Or so to say.

10:30 am: Akanksha decides to save the day by saying she will perform but we would have to be teh last ones to perform cz she needed to give a test(11-12). we are Relieved. Or so to say.

10.45 am: moitreyi and SHazia go to to their homes to get extra "kurtas"

11.00 am: Akanksha says the test has been postponed. 12:30 to 1.30. We possibly cannot wait. argument as to whether we should perform or not revives in full swing since now there are more members to participate.

12.00 noon: Moitreyi and Shazia return to the Confused State Of Affairs(quite usual within the Lakshya community). Sheena(Xena),the Warrior Princess arrives. wearing her costume. we tell her what she does not wish to hear. She gets mad at people. Or so to say.

12.15 pm: We engage ourselves in Eating. The best thing to do when u do not know what to do and the situation requires a certain degree of urgency in KNOWING what to do. We also get involved in frivolous talk, discuss past issues, future plans etc. Of course, we do that coz We have high regard for the Present moment of crucial decision making. Or so to say.

12.30 pm: We get ready to perform- witha team of 9 people, as against 14. We take a "lil" break as well.

1:00 pm: We realise the need to rehearse the sudden change in roles and scenes. We practice most sincerely. Or so to say.

1:20 pm: Akanksha is scheduled to finish her test in anotehr 10 mins. We "decide" to wait for her.

1:40 pm: Akanksha is delayed. We leave after receiving a Green signal SMS from her. We tell the Host team that we're stuck in traffick and will take 15 mins.( from south campus to north campus, i wonder howwww??!! ). We leave college...satisfied with the Decision. Or so to say.

We reach well in time and get ready. Competing teams comprise of 15 members. Gives me a fluttering stomach.Ditto with Sheena...for the first time in 2 years.

We give our best...and the end are declared "winners"!!!!

.........................The outburst of happiness could have ensured "Best High JumperS"(if the category was existent) [BAD JOKE..i KNOW ]

4:30 pm: We go back to College...Jubilant as ever!

I reach home. And over a cuppa Coffee, I start to blog.

7:30 pm: I force a Smile at what i've Written and Call it a DAY!!!!