Saturday, December 09, 2006

Its a love not meant to be
Do i blame my eyes for they can see?
Do i blame my heart 'coz it can feel?
OR do i jus blame myself...for being Me!?!

The sadness doesn't penetrate
Neither does the 'passion'
When you see the castle break
How do you prevent it?
When you see the waves coming,
How do you face it?
When you see the Smile vanishing
And sad numbness taking over
How do you resurrect?

You know your world is falling apart
But all you can do is Watch
And Feel the pain
Like the rain washing away habitation
Like the storm blowing away trees that were once firmly rooted.

The ingredients are intact
But the dish is tasteless
Something's gone amiss
I know, maybe by the time
I realise what
It would have become stale.

Monday, December 04, 2006

WhAt if God Was One of US?!

Firstly, i'd like to apologise for the misleading title. This post has whatsoever got nothing to do with God or Spirituality or any kind of introspection. Secondly, i'd like to apologise for the torture i'm going to put you through in the next few lines..or paragraphs(whichever my mind shall be capable of)!

To begin with,It wasnt a sunny,bright day...literally and metaphorically. N then, quite miraculously, i lost my phone on the bus to college...right before getting off. I term it as a miracle cz the damned thing jus vanished. It was in my hand a minute ago..and the next i was off the bus minus my most prized posession! Some loser guy must've pounced upon it and attended my call jus to say "mujhe phone mila hai" [ "I have found a phone"]..he then switched it off! My parents were obviously very concerned about my condition n so they did their bit- of reprimanding me,that is. That's all i needed u c. As if i 'donated' my phone away!

However, a zillion thanks to some of my friends..especially Moitreyee..we went to the 'nearest' police station who made me write a complaint..and then woke up to the fact that it wasn't their "area of jurisdiction"!
Point to Note: If u are ever robbed, or raped or murdered...make sure its in the jurisdiction area of the nearest police station.Else u might have to run to a Station kilometres away jus to lodge a complaint! It doesnt matter to the Delhi Police that the crime has been committed in Delhi!
The cute sub-inspector at the other station was surprisingly very helpful and kinda assured me that my phone would be tracked down.
Point to Note: Cute this case Policemen are NOT to be trusted..but well, we gotta gamble it through,right?!

So here i am typin this with crossed fingers.

"Kindly make all your friends read this post. For every read, Blogspot has decided to give me 25p.Someday i might be able to buy myself a new phone"...(if u dont take this seriously, u will lose your phone- take my example)

...Fine! Stop frowning! i will never Delete anyyy of those junk mails..uh... heart-wrenchin,luck-bringing mails again. If i ever need Luck, its NOW!!! Someone, HELP (in cash or kind..anything is welcome)!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Careers 4: Poet!

Q: What do you get when you cross Eliot with a demented English literature student?!
A : A spoof on Eliot's famous poem ' The Love song of J.Alfred Prufrock'

Today when i sat in class with my eyes concentrating on every word in the poem, and my heart reaching out to poor Prufrock, who was apparently too low on self confidence- disillusioned and disconnected from the 'self', unable to fall in love and keep up relationships...i decided to play God and give him a life! So here goes :

Let us go then, you and I,
When the stars are spangled all o'er the sky
Like a drug-addict panting upon his bed
Let us go, through certain deserted streets
The silent retreats
Of Passionate nights in one-night 5star hotels
and plush restaurants with Oyster shells
Roads that have no ends..of pleasurable intent
To lead you to a meaningless question,
Oh! Do not ask 'What it is'
Let us jus stop thinking, and Do it!

In the room, men come and go
Talking of Othello!

The Colourless rain that falls on the window pane
The dizzy smog that blinds the clear lanes
Licked its tongue into corers of the potholes
Lingered upon stinking gutters
Let fall upon its back the sticky mud
And seeing that it was a dreary November night,
We stop thinking of the fear..and Do it!!

And indeed there will be a time
For the dizzy smog that blinds clear lanes
There will be time, There will be time
To cleanse and tone my face before we meet
There will be time for you and me
and time yet for a hundred groans and shrieks
Before we wake up for a cup of morning tea.

In the room, men come and go
Talking of Dario Fo.

And indeed there will be time
To wonder 'how was it', 'how was it'?
Time to turn back, and descend into the 'pit'
They will say, " how is she losing so much weight and growing thin?"
My fur coat, my colourful muffler mounting to the chin
There will be time to give out a broad grin,
And think about that Nescafe Muffin
They will say, "Sheesh! Sucha sin!"
How was it- to disturb the peace of the night?

In a minute there is time
For contemplations and confusions which a minute will reverse.
For i have know them all already, known them all-
Red Riding Hood, The Hare, The Tortoise and how Humty dumty had a great fall
I have known the (k)nights, mo(u)rnings and after-noons
I have measured out the number with tea spoons.
I know the voice of the Dark Lord & his calls
Beneath the screams from the nearest (grave)yard.
So Why should i presume?
And i have known the eyes already, known them all
The eyes that are horrible green and stony blue
When i am pined & wriggling against the wall
They penetrate me, while i Catch the flu.
So there's no scope for me to presume.
And I have known the arms already, known them all-
Arms that held mine- brown and bare
Is it the odour from an unwashed dress
That makes me sniff and hinders our progress?
Arms that lie along the pillow, or wrap around the sheet
Should i then presume? and how should i begin?
And would it have been worth it after all
after the cups, mugs, the tea
Among the chinaware, among the talk of you and me
Would it have ben worthwhile
To kiss away your smile
To have blinked my eyes like a Doll?
To say: 'I am Voldemort, come from the dead'
come back to tell you all- I shall tell you all
The secrets of the Bed..
-And that's not all....

No, i am not Rosalind, nor was meant to be
Am the inconstant Rover, one that will do
All u ask me to!
Distressed, horny, and corny
At times indeed, almost Thorny.
I grow old..i grow old...
I shall wear my inners with another fold
shall i streak my hair or apply a bleach
To look even fair?
I have heard the rooster crow
But i do not think it will awaken me
Combing my greying hair
That the wind has blown back
When the Wind blows over the different heads- white and black.

We have lingered in the Chamber of Secrets
Harry and I,
Now that Dumbledore's dead
We weep, sob and cry!

P.S: Dear Mr.Eliot...Love fulfilled feels more humorous than failed love! N if you're turning in your grave..jus make sure you dont crush the worms!

P.P.S: All literature lovers: I really like poetry..this was borne out of the inadequacy to understand a certain kind of love.. and also out of a lot of time that i had at my disposal!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Careers 3: Food Critic!

Today, while roaming around North Campus, i had the opportunity of checking out every College's canteen. It is said, that College life is most remembered for its Canteen today, i wondered about the sad state of a lotta "good" colleges!

To begin with, we entered SRCC...and since i had managed to skip breakfast, i decided to pay a homage to SRCCs canteen. After climbing stairs(which btw, is a tiring excercise for the lazy-likes of me), it was brought to my immense horror, that the Food Court dint serve NonVeg! so there goes! Minus points...gud pao bhaji..but...tsk tsk..tsk..

The next stop was MH..Miranda House..loadsa girls! So the only excitement in their life HAD to be the was tooooo dark to go in there..n i wasnt particualrly wanting to treat myself to the appearances of cockroaches and their social circle. points at all.

Like life, i had to move on. Especially coz the Call of the TasteBuds was beckoning.. KiroriMal was perhaps the saddest..Their Canteen doesn't serve Chocolate. I have nothing to write further on. Not worth the precious sarcasm.

Hansraj and i share a special relationship...thanks to their "efficient" union last year- but thats a different story... More than their Canteen, their Nescafe Counter flabbergasted me! They apparently, do NOT sell Muffins!!!!!! So the whole point of havin a Nescafe...well..Neverrrr Mindddd!

But they say, all's well that ends well..Before i could take the huge fall and plunge into Depression, Hindu offered me the treatttt- with its irresistible Kabab Rolls! It jus made the whole North Campus trip soo worthwhile!! It was like being reborn!!..ok...a lil melodramatic..but that's the effect of the Kababs!

So now..anybody who reads this post, will hopefully know what to avoid, and what to look out for, if they ever go hopping to North Campus!

Points to Also Remember: Al-Bake,NFC, serves the best shawarmas ever. EVER. No One Can Have Just One!
Eatopia, IHC: One of the best places to eat-out at! (esp if u have Discount coupons) *wink wink*

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Where Is Toba Tek Singh??? ....... The Search Goes On....

Cost of 13 Jhablas: 1300
cost of 13 dupattas: 1100
The look on Bhavin's face when he saw the 'lunatics' on stage : Priceless

Two months ago, the English Department collaborated with Lakshya, the Theatre Society and got Mr Bhavin Gosain to handle a bunch of dyslexic dodos...His very first words were, "Call me Bhavin", and with that began our 'tryst with destiny'..uh..Acting! The span of two months went by in a jiffy..and till date i do not know who troubled whom more...With our punctuality, i am sure we made Bhavin a patient man..and with his generosity i guess we became more pampered. Of course every eventful love story starts with hatred, and ours with Bhavin was no different. His constant criticisms, and petulant flattery being the order of the day, drove us an extent that we didn't have to act much for the role of lunatics! But he was sure that someday we'd create magic!
Amongst the dreary practice schedules and numerous compromises...we pulled a rabbit outta the hat!! And the day came, when Bhavin declared he was going home a happy man- yeah..we finally created Magic! The Magic didnt really end there. We got selected for a performance at the IHC as a part of the Old World Theatre Festival..a huge affair..!! We went on to perform at Antaragni- the IIT-Kanpur Fest...and managed to spread the Magic...
Our play, based on Manto's story Toba Tek Singh was made famous by the thematic question of the play.. "Where is Toba Tek Singh?".... The delhites never really got the question (and a lady actually advised us about a bus that goes to Toba Tek Singh)..well..Kanpur got the Question, the Answer and the Prizes!!! When a group of guys accosted us within the cAmpus, we replied with an impromptu "Where is Toba Tek Singh"..however, they did their homework and got back to us with the location and area(in sq kms) of Toba Tek Singh! This is when i realised that my asservation that Magic was created had come too soon! Two days later, i bumped into a colourful poster in the Girls Hostel of IIT-K. It read:
"Last night our correspondents came across a bunch of half-deranged girls on the prowl who interrogated them as to Where is Toba Tek Singh.. Now IIT'ians may not know a lotta things..but they do have a 24x7 internet connection and a site called So we searched and got back to them with the answers..
However, after this interesting round of Interview, antaragni opens a new competition "Where is Toba Tek Singh?"- the most innovative answers will get prizes!!! "

LOL!!! I cant imagine the look on Bhavin's face when he sees what heights of fame his production has achieved! Well..after two months of missing classes,eating free samosas, availing free treats from Bhavin, having a picnic with seems like he's going to be missed a lot..After all..Good things dont last forever...oh..But Madness sure does!! So Kudos to Bhavin, the English Department and well..the Lunatics for being themselves!!!!

Cost of Production: 6000/-
Cost of the Kanpur Trip: 8000/-
The look on people's faces when they heard the Question 'Where is Toba Tek singh' : Priceless

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The BEtraYal...

I asked Him, "Can i please have some Happiness?"
He said Nothing.

Today, i asked Him, " Can i please have some Happiness?"
He said: "You've had your share"...

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

TerrA NeliUs

I like to belive that i can act. So do a lot of other people. Over the years i have realised, that i have several worlds...The World of Family n Cuzinz..of Friends...of Books...AND the World of Theatre. If it wasnt for Genet, i probably would never have been able to express and stress upon the fact that Theatre is a World in its ownself. It has a has faced teh struggles of has helped creating an entire year's course for English Literature in DU..more so, it has had lovers recreate Romeo-Juliet, and Balaji Telefilms cashing in on modern day attempted-Iago's!

For someone like me, who has known the auditorium for jus 2 years, Theatre is probably too strong a word to use.. but yea..what is strong about the many things in Theatre is, that while Life hardly lets u be what you are, the world of theatre lets u be what u are...AND what you aren't..with as much grace and truth!

When your eyes begin to move on the following words of this paragraph, u might think i have no sense of 'linking'...but as i have learnt by attending some Beckett classes, not everything that SEEMS to make no sense, is insensible. Ultimately, there is a meaning to everthing...Without further digressions i would go on to narrate how i got down to writing what i am..
Recently i read a few books on the Partition of India and might make u yawn..but really..i was touched by the stories..and i fell in love with lahore(ok..its food-culture)!

What i realised while reading was, that the Partition jus resulted in two Countries..or did it? From what i know, a country is formed by its people..and in this case, the people were'nt different! So why Two Countries at al?? (ok..not a very unusual question..) Both sides celebrated basant..Kite-flying is as mch indian as is Lahori...-maybe lame..but i couldnt help observing the mention of this festival in almost al stories! Emotionz,of course, were identical in evry heart...
A Hindu was forbidden by the 'State' to protect his Muslim friend,and vice versa...It wasnt religious as some of us like to think it was, but Religion was USED...correction..MISUSED. Everything is Divided today...literally and metaphorically, Partitioned. another Correction..
Everything, with the exception of Theatre. Its a beautiful world where nobody is a Hindu, Muslim,Sikh, Christian... where a Muslim is a Hindu and a Christian portrays a Sikh! There's no hatred, and lots of passion...maybe because there's a common ground..a common love for theatre..but again i think, wasnt Freedom a Common goal??? Wasnt it a common hysteria?!
In theatre, an ACtor is defined by his expressions, by his skills...he isnt representing a religious order, nor is he advocating any sort of unity,for that matter. Its a neutral state he follows...a state of being, that translates as a state of bliss. So is it that a missing sense of belonging is what that lets a HUMAN be at peace with himself and others? Or maybe, the sense of belonging is limited to the responsibility of being an Actor...

In the few moments that i've cherished as a part of the College Theatre Group, i have not been able to miss a single chance of observing the love,and respect the members share, irrespective of their religions... Tomorrow, God forbid, if there's another form of Partition that imposes separation amongst us, i know..and i can sense the unity that the stage will uphold. Certainty is relative..but if anything, i KNOW, and believe..that the Theatre will bind us together...we may fight like cats and dogs, and shed tears over trivial issues, but we would always Laugh togther on the moments when we've truly lived...that is, the moments of truth and love, that each one of us have lived...

Theatre is a miraculous area...and its magnificance probably lies in the fact that its No-Mans-Land...a Terra Nelius...

Friday, August 25, 2006

Things Fall Apart

I dont really understand Time. I dont understand her a bit. More than that i dont understand my relationship with her...nor do i understand teh games she plays. She seems good when she heals...she's a bitch when she changes...and a support system when she's most needed.

I dint really think i would invest my leftover resources writing about her..especially tonight. I dont see reason in doing this...but what the hell..i dont see reason ever. She doesnt understand me right now..or rather, i dont want to understand her at the moment..she leaves me miserable tonight. The pain is jus an extent that at 1.30 am when the rest of Sensibility sleeps.. i am awake...wide awake.

I attempt to think and yeah.. i hit upon a lot of questions..more than i can handle... Why does she race so fast? OR am i jus a bit too slow in keeping pace? Why is she being so cruel to me? Or am i just misunderstanding her kindness??

"Once upon a golden time, there was a girl. Along the path she walked..and it rained leaves on her, each time. One day..she felt a strange desire to bathe in the rain of those leaves and flowers..she walked on that path, hopeful. And that day, it never really rained. On the contrary, the scorching sun drained her of everything...and since then..she stopped looking out for the rain of leaves and the beauty it had harboured"

Someone told me today that not everything can be expressed in words..and right now..i fel rightly so. The power of Words is Zilch. Nothing really matters, until we want it to. Nothing is beautiful, unless we perceive it so. Nothing is true, unless we choose to belive.

Its all fake.

There's a world ahead
And there's a world behind
People are jus people and Feelings
Amount to Nothing.
The stars are misleading
The clouds are heavy
The wind isnt a friend anymore
and Music makes no sense.
The dreamy nights are Fairy Tales now
And Others' Choice matters more
Feelings within- the more supressed..
the more they Cry out..
There's a world ahead
And there's a world behind
Standing at Crossroads,
I know, tomorrow, at dawn,
This won't mean a thing.
i dint really mean to hit back after 2months with a depressing post..but to me, this aint depressing. Its jus introspective..and i can't help it if the realization comes a lil too late to me.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

PoUr Some Rain On Me...

Wen the rain falls on my window...
When the fragrance of wet soil fills up my senses
A sweet dream commences
N i wish u were here
'Coz this feels Queer...
Jus like a Colourless Rainbow...

I dont know why the Night seems so Lonely today
It jus seems strangely different
Even Coffee aint acting like a stimulant
Maybe i need something "cocaine"
U never know, it might increase the beauty o the rain
And lead me to a place where i've never been...
And show me a dream i've never seen...
And i might jus utter words that i'd usually never say...

I dont know a lotta things
Including certain Capitals and River-Origins
But i know some things
About Rare meetings and Phone conversations,

Meaningful songs and crazy arguments,
And the happiness they bring...

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Words r All I HavE to Take Yr HeaRt AwAy!

If anyone were to explain or define silence as absence of sound, I'd say I've got news for you. Silence is a powerful dynamic with the power to change your life and alter your motives - that is, if you play its game. Silence is as essential as air or water for our well-being, even survival as a species. A Chatterbox like me sayin this sounds weird but recently,I've been catapulted into the awareness of silence, essential silence, so I know through personal experience.. Silence is something that helps u understand yourself bettr..and otherz too. It is directly related to the development of our potential as human beings. Therz this silence inside me, even in the midst of outside noise. I can heave myself inwardly over a sort of threshold or barrier, by an act of will. But my will is elusive. I easily slip out again and find myself in the grey, busy, scattered gnawing of my thoughts and emotions and habits. Again and again I have to make the effort of getting over that threshold.The most startling feature of the silence is that there are messages in there, clear direction, vision or inspiration. Of course, part of discovering silence as a force is to discover that it has conditions. You can't enter into its secrets if you have no intention to follow its promptings or if you just want a sensation of euphoria. Silence is like a sacred space where you meet the Divine essence of all life, by some called the still, small voice. You take off your walking shoes, strip yourself of selfish motives and enter on tip toe to be led in unexpected ways by unexpected means, and it gives you the spunk to play the game the way it was meant.( i cn soo visualize James Blunt's "you'r beautiful")
When you enter the heart of the silence, all you want is to align yourself with it, and be part of it. You know intuitively that you were meant for it, and you have always secretly longed for it. Your whole being is filled with a passionate sense of discovery..yeah something like "Eureka!!" and with it an exhilarating, overflowing sense of love which takes you out of yourself, headlong into a new venture of further discovery. You know you are meant for something great, something special, something only you can do, just because you are you. You know that you are part of a pattern. You know that the future depends on us finding our part in that pattern and that we must help each other find it, and give each other courage to do our part. Suddenly you find you have a passion - a quiet but insistent passion n develop a new awareness of these inner realities which are so predictable and certain, yet so near to being forgotten.Sometimz this very Silence connotes loneliness n not solitude..sometimes it scares me...but i cant really help this feeling- You are never the same once you have discovered the silence. You will tire, you will despair, you will meet difficulties. But nothing can take away your experience of that inner space where Silence is and Truth speaks and Wisdom leads. It is always up to you whether you heave yourself over that threshold again and enter....

I knw most of my readers would be nothing short of surprised to see all this coming from me..but the other day, under the clouds, i discovered the words of Silence..n i think it was one of the most pure, and beautiful feelings i ever sometimes you can say alot, without really uttering a word...hoping the other person would hear u right... mind drifts to the Notting Hill soundtrack- "When you say nothing At All..."

P.s- i have finally updated, my Block is fading Rejoice(cz i am!)!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Romancing The Lonely Night!

Its probably one of teh most beautiful rains ever... Its 3.30 n am wide awake ! The scene outside makes me wish i got lost in the night somewhere...never to return to dis animal kingdom!


Nothing...jus felt like Blogging! .... n now i shall Go Dance in the rain..!

Friday, May 19, 2006

BittErSweet Symphony!

Current song Playin : Annie's Song

Once again, I am hopelessly in love...only this time, the guy is a national rage! Uh...i mean..each person in my sane circle has been enraged by his activities! His voice can put Elvis Presley to shame!
U guessed it! I am talkin abt "The Himesh Reshammiya"! India's very own Nasal-Music chart-buster! the amazing music he composes..if i may call that music at all... The same tunes in every song makes me jump with joy for i have never known Such Consistency! I always thought life was about innovation...but he has clearly changed my views n opinions! I have been influenced by his trendy ways in such a ridiculously terrible fashion that i loathe anybody with a cap n an unsporty stubble!
If ur wondering if i actually love him or no..stop being silly! I do! He's jus everywhere around me. Like the very popular dialogue in hindi movies, "har jagah bas wohi hai..ankhen band karlu, toh bhi wahi hai.."...yeah..any Radio Channel, any music Channel...Evrything contains Himesh Darling! (an now Even my blog, does! )! - oh...and if all that wasnt enuf, his songs hv strted to feature in advertisements as well! I have never been so proud of him- he has actually managed to win all the heartfelt curses of all loverz of Music!

Nobody has managed to capture my attenshun like he has..except of course, lizards n slimeballs
Nobody can ever replace him in my memoreez...except of course, Worse Music
Nobody can go about setting "bold" style statements like him...except ofcourse the actors of the Evil Dead!

Since i can't stop gushing over my new-found admiration fr him...I will stop here and go back to having musical Nightmares..

I hope u all out there love him too..maybe not as much as me..maybe more than me...And if neither's the case, well... TOO bad fr u!

P.S: A trivia fr u: Spot at least 3 Differences amongst the followin:
>Ashiq banaya aapne
>Naam hai tera
>Jhalak Dikhlajaaaaaaaa

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Sands Of Time!

Because i am adept in the skill of talking endlessly and digressing in the process, i think i will make a great Granny! Jokes apart... the other day, while talking to an old friend, i realised ..and was surprised at how many things i remembered- of course, pertaining to childhood...something that i'll probably never get over with!
An ideal life it was- waking up earrrly morning..accompanying my nana to his morning walks..and on my way, wishing even the dog sleepin under the car, a good morning! Sometimes, i jus cant stop smiling when i look back on the brat that i was! I would successfully ruin the peace of the house with my presence! It would take me 3 hours,some tv, walking down the whole neighbourhood to eat jus ONE meal! I actually distorted da lovely blue eyes of my doll cz my mom had cuddled HER since she “ate peacefully n dint give trubble like me”
Like most kids, I liked playing teacher-teacher, n kitchen set! N of course, I would bathe my now-blind-doll with Pears soap in the drawing room! Since I hated bathing(but loved oil massages)…I used to play “hide n seek”- only if I was discovered sitting under the dining table, wd I agree to bathe! Hehhehe! Once while running after me, my nani literally slipped over the oil…
It was a routine fr me to “pretend to sleep” after lunch and wake up at the sound of “gubbare le lohhh”, ensuring me one balloon,each day apart from other goodies.
Like me, my hair has always been short. “False hair braids” satisfied my desires of havin longg hair! What was amazing was, my ability to convince people that my hair had a magical quality of growin during the day and shrinking in the evenings! I cant understand how I actually believeeed that!
In the evenings, I would swing in the park…play with other taller kids of my age…and then accompany my maid to buy milk and vegetables. Oh… n she was also made to carry me (cz I was too royal to walk) and my doll and the vegetable basket and the milk can! (yeah.. she was human, and still loved me)!
And thus, in much luxury and pampered-ness ended the first 3 years of my glorifying existence … However.. since m livin with my grandparents again.. My second childhood’s back! N frankly, not much has changed!
An ideal life this is- waking up at noon…having breakfast when nana-nani have lunch…
It takes me jus some Tv to eat my food… and eating is something I do veryyy religiously! so basically, I have improved.
About my doll- she’s long dead, since a very cruel dog ate up one of her plastic legs! After all, beauty dsnt live long…
I don’t play teacher-teacher now( instead I avoid meeting mine!) and I’m not much of a cook! Tho I can cook horrible half-boiled macaroni!
I bathe during the night and I hate Pears and have practically no time to waste on oil massages- tho an interesting masseur would excite me! I am as naughty as ever.
I don’t sleep after lunch… I sleep ALL the time! And I wake up only with the sound of my phone! My daily goodies include Maggi and Chocolates! *yumm….Sluurrrppp*
Like me, my hair is still short. But m trying to grow them…they look ok. Jus that I’m still as much obsessed with them as I used to be.
In the evenings, I try my best to go for a walk. I don’t know who gets milk n veggi’s now. I think the vendor delivers them. My maid is always overworked bcoz of me… I don’t know if she loves me yet coz she’s a new one!
And thus, in much luxury and pampered-ness continue 3 years of my glorifying experience of College life…
Not much has changed…REALLY!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Lets Get CreaTivE !

After a Week of hibernation..uh..Lambiiiiii Judaiiii from my beloved Computer, i have resurrected! yayee! Guess it was one of my worstt nightmares come true! However, i wish my former CPU speedy recovery Coz i still miss my music files!
The Blog...has started to other needs an update! And since i'm still recovering..or at least tryin to recover the grey chunk of my seemingly empty head, i thought i'd let my readers decide the future of this particular Post, bcoz some of them complain of me sitting on a "moral highground" most of the times.... The following, has emerged as a result of the spark produced by the not-so-effortless rubbing of 2 scarce brain cells that i proudly claim as mine. Also, these days i've been reading a lot about Harvard copycats and i guess i should give credits to protect myself against the Dark world!
Last nite, my-tree and mickey mouse got me into an interesting conversation regarding Patriotism and Humanity. Thinking of a Human chain, i hit upon the idea of a Crazy Chain!
Oh..and yea..its also inspired by this Theatre game we once played...

The idea is to link your thoughts to mine...I'll blog my thoughts...and u could jus continue from where i stopped...And that way I'd probably get to see ONE picture made of a variety of colours! This IS NOT jus for the Lakshya Monkeys..but also for all the other Inhabitants of the Jungle out there... Jus care NOT to digress into something Meaningless...

So here goes:

" Its Amazin what some water droplets falling from above can do...
Las evening, it finally rained! The pleasant breeze blowing across my face..through my hair- n not to mention the fragrance of wet sand! -It was jus so utterly romantic, and uplifting! With the loudd thunder echoing above my head, i wished there would be some more rainy evenings and nights! Believe me, its highly rejenuvating! ...And teamed with hot Coffee..u'v got yrself into Heaven! The scene around me was Exhilirating- trees swaying, leaves falling...

Sunday, April 23, 2006

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Dear Ppl...

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Thursday, April 20, 2006

A LoT LiKe Loveee!

.... I used to laugh when they said that the World bcumz Rosier
....I couldn't stop Grinning when they said its Crazy
......I would smirk when they said its luh-vvv-leee and yet dangerous!
..And now i jus Sighh!!

The World seems Rosierrr
I'm definitely goin Crazy (to be bloggin stuff like THIS) sure feels awesumm...but it Scares me nevertheless

Oh Aphrodite! Illumine me! Illumine me! feels Goooood..Feels like Love... :D

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Careers 2 : Talk Show Host!

I have somehow developed a reputation of being a MEAN BITCH..not that i'm Complaining..but its flattering to imagine that i could turn it into a Successful Career! ..This is jus one of my insane-r Alter Ego's. Please be prepared for anything while reading. I fully acknowledge all kinda laughter at my feel free to put your view(s) (if any) across..U nevvah know- U could be my Next Guest!

"You are invited to a special evening! An intimate evening of Cold smiles and shared Malice... of rekindled memories and recounted experiences... of (un)ashamed tears and Evil laughter. You are invited to a Rendezvous. A Rendezvous with Jerry"

................So Welcome to the Season Finale of yet another Episode of Rendevous with Jerry!
Today, we have a very special Guest..Special,because he has proven to be a Medical Wonder..Living without Brains is certainly a struggle in today's Maniac World.. Presenting before you, Mr. Nefarious Whacko!

NW : thanks
My pleasure

Me : ...its been 23 yrs u've been existin
NW : to be precise Jerry,22
Me : oh! i'm highly apol'gtic..I know it must've hurt you..really...I beg for apology!

Me: (smooth,sympathetic voice) ...tell me..
It must hv been so sad....Being you

NW :(laughs) yeah! according to me sadness is an abstract thing..I cant describe my life as sad

Me : What a simply beautiful thought... its so touching...
Would u rather describe it as Miserable?

NW: 'Miserable' would be an understatement

Me: Oh! really? ...tell me, Oh Loser, wat has ben the most tragic part of yr life? bein born? or continuing to live?

Nw : According to me, Life itself is a disease-a sexually transmitted disease

Me: Wat an intelligent thought- comnng from a 22 yr old- u have amazed me...
So, in these 22 years, how have you wasted yrself?

NW : well I have not wasted anything..I have used every moment of my life to try new things like Vodka to Drugs, Boney M to Bhangra, ...why, do u think it is a waste?

Me : Absoluty not! In fact, i wish every growing boy in india followed yr path to this kind of Ultimate Self-abuse...
do u hv some wrds of wisdom fr them?

NW : yes surely
" Before abstaining from anything, try everything that life offers u coz u wont get a second chance"

Me : i wd appalud that encouragement!
So, how is it like, workin in a germany-based-finance company...? borin is it, i mean

NW : well it is fun actually.....we are allowed to lose a lot of money...thereby making our fellow cousins richer .

Me : I C..And tell me..wat abt yr schooling and college- wer u ver given the privileges of education?

NW : yes college was the terms of lineancy towards attendance
so made full use of it
also close proximity of the coll to a Dance bar gave me an insight into social life of Mumbai

Me: Ah! every boy's dream....!
Do u have any unflfilled wishes?

NW : I dont wish.....I am not a materialistic individual

Me : then are u a non-materialistic-spiritual MPD-infected person?

NW : yeah

Me : sO how many ppl cn we find in you?
Apart from the drug,alcohol-addict, and the trader...?

NW : every person has got more than a face- there is a philanthropist in me also
... but i dont want to talk abt it further

Me: Simply too gud... thats heavy material for our weak-brained Audience...on that account, we take a break...

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Da Nu Face Ov Mah Bloggie!

Da foloowin Post is Dedicattedd to mah dearest Mama...Kittu Mama! - One hu has managed to keep his eyesight intact after keepin regularly in touch wi mah blog!
He once said to moi : " Your shrt frmz are a torture to the eyez.." ... And he's known for lovin my spellings too- for that, the credit whollyyy and solellly goes to mickey mouse, whose attrocious speelings hv had a tremendous impact on my mental faculteez! I wonder wat Kittu mama wd say to her!

Now, the Genius-Mama came up wid this:

- therez this icon kinda thingy below the clown pic on mah bloggie- clik on that to translate my Blog into "Gangsta Rap"- Its Funny! Really it is! In Kittu Mama's words, my translated blog is much more readable than the original one...and more interesting and yea.."gives me a prsonality"!

So all u ppl can try it out..have a great laff..and thank Kittu Mama!
He's available @ da foll add:

House no.6
Hell's Angels' Appartments
SatanBrotherhood City...

[P.S- M wunnering if Mickey Mouse's Blog wd be translatd to normal English afta usin tht Site! hehe.. ]

Sunday, April 09, 2006

To Be Or Not To Be -

Once upon a time, in a Country not so far away, lived Unintelligent Rules. Around him also lived Hardwork, and Merit, who loved each other. As time passed by, somehow,they became quite distant..Merit would seldom accompany Hardwork, and HArdwork slowly started to decline.
As if this were not sad enough, Unintelligent Rules started becoming more and more famous and his friendship with Injustice was blossoming. Due to some unknown factors, he harboured some kind of a malice towards Merit and Hardwork. SO, not-so- surprisingly, he, in alliance with Injustice, decided to kill them, and with little effort,they was rendered Successful. And so, the Country went to the dogs who chewed it up, and lived happily ever after.

- Does that make Sense? No? Well..for now, the Ministry of HRD is making no possible sense to me at least!
After some "careful thinking", they have decided to re-instate the provisions of the Mandal Commission recommendations of 1980 of reserving 27% of all seats in institutes of higher education being centrally funded for OBC's. Therefore, this ,alongwith the quota already administered for SC's and ST's raises the quota to a stunning 49.5 %!!!
And this, is supposedly gonna be folllowed up by the IIM's IIT's and Universities such as our very own prestigious "D.U" !!! So basically, if we study, and slog our asses off...we somehow stand a miniscule chance of getting into a proper college/institute! So hardwork dsnt reaaly pay off. What matters is our Caste. Oh! and did i mention that it is being brought about for the sake of " Equality" ?? Bites Me!

As i go into a flashback mode, I find myself and others like me (and some bettr than me)- getting more than 80% (even 90%), struggling to get through a 'good' college. And it remains a struggle owing to the benovelent rules of Reservation.
As i switch to the present mode, I find myslf, and others like me(and some better than me), struggling to get through a 'good' institute for higher studies. And it remains a Struggle, owing to an even more charitable decision made by our worthy Ministry!

This so-called "fair-dealing" is nothing but a bloody farce. Its jus gonna increase the divide amongst various castes- not bring about Equality! And yeah..there ARE moreways of bringing about Equality!
Trust me, where Education is concerened, QUOTAS are NOT required!

If we're gonna do nuthin about this..believe u me, i see A future where we're still gonna struggle and Complain. If we dont stand up fr our rights..yea..we're gonna end up like the Country in my story above. The Choice is entirely ours.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

(Un)Healing, Open Wounds....

Sometimes in life, we are faced with situations we are forced to accept. Sometimes in life, we have to take decisions that hurt us,but is a source of pleasure to someone else. Sometimes in life, we need to do things that we normally wouldn't have.Sometimes in life we need to learn things the hardest way.Sometimes in life, we feel lonely with everybody around us. Sometimes we feel Unloved with pampering comin from all possible sides. Sometimes we need to cry alone. And sometimes...there's No shoulder to cry on.

Dear All...
Am not sad, or -in-of-those moods... Jus that there's a lotta reflexivity goin on... This post means much, and yet nothing to me...this post is perhaps the most Ironical of all...
The following poem might evoke tears...but dont ask me who wrote it and for I wont tell...

I'll always wait for you
At every turning point of my life.
And even as I know im gonna walk my way alone,
I know I have to walk on..
With, or without you

I'll always think of you once
Every morning when I wake up.
And even as I know im gonna have to live my day alone,
I know I have to wake up every morning..
With, or without you

Im always gonna breathe for you once
Before I take one for myself.
And even as I know Im not gonna feel ur breath on my skin,
I know I have to breathe..
With, or without you

Im always gonna smile for you
When im sulking or sad.
And even as I know you aren?t smiling back at me,
I know I have to smile..
With, or without you

I'll always be happy for your success
I'll always be sad for your loss.
And even as I know you cant see how much I care,
I know I have to go on..
With, or without you

I'll always dream of you...only you
When I sleep under the beautiful moonlit sky.
And even as I know there is someone else you dream of,
I know I have to keep dreaming..
With, or without you

As I realize how fake my dreams have been
As I realize how worthless my tears were to you.
As I realize how clueless all this time I was,
I simply cant overlook,that i just cant live..
With, or without you

Yeah...and sometimes in life, all the Savlon,Dettol,Band-Aid etc fail to heal certain Wounds... the (Un)Healing Wounds...

Monday, April 03, 2006

MoonShine Of a Spotless Mind!

Last evening i was Jus checking my Orkut account.... And Prakhar had left me this beautiful Scrap...

"i am sittin in my room...orkuttin...n then i suddenly see ouside the window...n wat i see -a breathtakin nite sky...with with no silver specks...jus moon oozin out beauty..."

- I tried imagining it- and well..It was BEAUTIFUL! I wonder how he made the scene look so .. Pure.... with a few simple words...!!!
I have been assured, tht the guy has SOME brainz! *gigglllee*giggle*

" The breathtakin nite sky
all spread out o'er my head
Inspires me...and i realise
That there are moments in life,
That actually make u Fly....

The light breeze
Hugs me tight
And i wish for more nights like these
I know how wild n crazy this sounds
But its a Feelin thts...inexplicably profound!!!

The moon shines right o'er my head
And a starless night jus reminds me
Of the many things i've left Unsaid... "
( This is inspired by those lovely lines that were scrapped to me) :)

- Yea..thats my Super-elevated, Thoughtful, Over-Sensitive, not to mention Hyper Imaginative soul Speakin...
However, the above two lines indicate escalating proficiencies that i'm achieving at bloggin Crapp!

Dear Readers,
since the exam-season is here... my coherent craziness, hand-in-glove with my lucid lampoons are becoming more and more distant, allowing the Queen of Nonsense to take over. kindly Co-operate.

In Distress,
A student of English Lit!!!!!!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Love ComZ Full CiRcle...

I got a call from a friend telling me she's been detained from the Philosophy exam. I was slightly i called this girl who checked teh list- i came to know i am one of the Victims! *sniff*

However, i did not give up hope easily and messaged to some friends:

" jUS in case my worst fears are realized and i die of a sad heart, i want you to know, i love you"

These are teh replies i got from ppl who were awake and have free messaging:

mICKEY Mouse: Always gud to confez bfor goin dwn! gud u told me ur a lesbian..may yr soul rip! may u haunt my life fo-evvah!

Priya:Wah kya Zamana a gaya hai! doosron ko ullu banane waali, ab main apki baton mein fasne nahi waali. I love u too.

Moitreyee:wen u die.. for sure i'll proclaim to d world.. dat i luv toooo, till den.. bettr be an unsaid understandin

Saloni: u wnt swtheart... Nd btw, lv u 2!

Sheena: u gotta be kiddin heaven sake dnt freak me out. if theyr bein dat rigid 2 u in subsies thn wat abt me? i dont even have 45% this time. lord, i am Dead. u tk cr. lu 2!

>>> Rest of the replies, (if any) will be posted later if m not already orbitting teh Earth-like a distressed "aatma"

(Contd)... :

Manzi: hey sweety,gt yr msg..dnt wry me shrt on attndnc too they wont detain utill its below 50%.we also wont let the prezi die so soon love u too muahh
( wateverr hapnd to punctuation??..n ds tht mean u willl let me die by the end of the year?)

Choco Buddy:hey..was tht msg fr real?i thot u had cleared yr atndnc wot hapnd? plz try not to gt wrked u. hpfully its js a silly prank. tc n let me know wat hapnz.
( I will rem forevaa choco, tht u dint say teh 3 precious wrds to me in my last moments)

**** P.S- I'm alive! (n kickin!) n not even shortt on attendance.. Silly classmatez!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Careers 1 : Page 3 Journalist

These days, apart from Doin Eng(Hons), am also tryin to get a hang of Journalism(Hons) - all Thanks to my luh-vly Mickey Mouse. As a result of excessive unnecessary influence, I started to think. Sometime ago, while tryin my bestt to understand the Logic behind some concept of Mind-Body mind drifted in al possible directions. One being, a Dream Interview... With none other than Mr. God...

Me: It is said that U created the world in 7 did u manage?
God: Melody khao, khud jaan jao!

Me:...uh..ok..! Isn't it Ironical that it took Satan 7 days to plan the destruction of Paradise?
God: Aisa hai..(melodramatic pause followed by fluttering eyelids), ki Ye jo world hai na world, is mein 2 type ke log hote hai- ...Adam n Eve! (voila!) - The lesser the number of people, the easier it is, to Destroy
( Osama....u hearin?)

Me: So what do u say about the current World order??
God: I'm Lovin It...(laughs)...Dont worrry..chalne do chalta hai Jaisa...

Me: (taken aback) But yr Creation could be Destroyed!
God: Fevicol ka mazboot jor hai..tutega nahi!

Me: Going back to the times of Creation, Is it true that u told Moses about the Secrets?
God: Yo Man!

Me: But it dint remain Secret fr long...a whole Testament was made! Do u feel Betrayed?
God: I forgive... I feeel like God!

Me: That truly proves yr Omnipotence.
God: huh?

Me: Neverr Minddd... Sir,would u tell me what is the secret behind the Number 7??
God: Of Course....Not! Some secrets are not meant to be kept. Besides, u arent Moses.

Me:(gettin impatient) Many believe that u dont Exist. what would u want to say to them?
God:(smiles)..(nods)...(smiles)...(nods)...(smiles)...The Name's God. Mr. God.

Me: (laughs) U have a great sense of humour!
God: How else do u explain your Existence?

Me: (whookaayy)(polite giggle) Speaking of my Existence, Do u think i shall successfully graduate with a degree in English Literature?
God: Hmmm.. Aisa hai... (blinks)... ki yeh jo World hai na World, isme 2 types ke log hote hain, 1, jo pass hote hai, aur 2, jo fail hote hai... tum, 3rd category mein ho.

Me: Huh? But you said 2 types..rem?
God: Gustakh larki! Khamoshh!

Me: (ohkkkkk!!) Leavnig aside Academics, wat will become of Lakshya-the Dramsoc?
God: Vahi hoga, jo manzure Khuda hoga..

Me: But u're Khuda...
God: Gustakh larki! Khamoshh!!

Me: (Fineee)! In your Opinion, do College -level Drama Societies help in the makin of an Actor?
God: Hmm..Maybe. Maybe Not. Hmm.. Quite Possible. Maybe not.

Me: Uh..for instance..Mr. Amitabh Bachhan..
God: Ah! The Complete Man! oh yeah! Aaj uske paas gaari hai, bangla hai, biwi hai, beta hai...

Me: Speaking of the beta...the most Eligible guy around...u think he'll marry Aish?
God: Nahiiiiii...Ye sunne se pehle,Dharti phat kyun nahi gayi..aur main usme samaa kyu nahi gayi??
(Readers, note that God is Female over here!)

Me: But why not? (k..guys, i hate her, but wid god, i cant Display Hatred-sinful!)
God: Keh diya na..Bas! Keh diya!

Me: (exasperated..but delighted with the prev thot) So God, u claim to have Supernatural Powers...
God: (laughs) Oh! Ye toh sab janta ki kripa hai...

Me: (confused) huh??
God: Bahut kuch hota hai..tum nahi Samjhogi!

Me: Hehhe...a la-karan johar...reminds me, lets start with our rapid fire round.
What comes to your mind when i First say
Ocean: Titanic
Destruction: The Lost world
Paradise: Pardes
Entertainment: Dirty Dancing
Luck: Lifetime Prepaid with free messaging
Technology: "Apple"
(more Laughter)
John Abraham: Medhavi
Abhishek Bachhan: Medhavi
( do i wannnt moree)

That was a fun round...u'r the Undisputed Winner of our Red Label Tea Hamper
(recorded Applause)

Me: Again, sir, Wat do u feel are the chances of my passing the 2nd year Exams?
God: Aisa hai....(blinks).. Dobara mat puchna!

Me: (genuinely trubbled with black thots). Its been a pleasure chatting up with u, but now i have to go Study.


Sunday, March 26, 2006

Its AnOther TequiLa Sunrise...

"The poetry of the earth is never dead"
-John Keats

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Sense and SeNsibility ??!!

"Tom: I am Sorry
Pirrou: Dont say sorry- that's one word that has lost all meaning in this world. And the times when we really feel Sorry, we cannot bring ourselves to say it. "

That's jus one of the most true-est (if thats a word) things that have been highlighted in the book, Whitethorn. The book is a Journey of this seven year old boy who's caught in the web of racist hatred, but manages to emerge, cleansed in the flames of truth and Justice. Another quote the book uses is:
" To thine own self, be true"...
All i can say is that, it was an amazing Experience!

Speaking of Experience, i guess by now, Lakshya has enough to participate in any event at any Fest- from Acting,to Singing...from Dancing to Walking the Ramp..and the latest feather in the Cap would be- Debating!
Much said and done, we met again in college to witness yet another war or words between Mickey Mouse and Me- n i must admit- Its loaddssaa Fun! I mean, yeah...i DID get bored of us thinking exactly alike! ..uh..ok...not BORED..but it was FREAKY! ( I hope u agree to thaaaat, Vindy)

Its that time of the year when we'v got to stay home and Study- Needless to say, I'm having a tough time! Its practically like...Living Hell! (ohkkk.Exaggeration!!) ... But all i can sincerely do is to Sleep- and its pretty rewarding- cz then i get to stay up the whole night, listening to the silent whispers of the Dark..memories getting pushed back to the Exorcism of Emily Rose!
Its really wondrous as to how i posess the Enuthusiasm and Energy to do Evrything under the Sun thats jus best tagged as "USELESS" ( Thats what my Mom says)!

> This post doesnt really make much sense, but then I was told by Someone today, that my nonsense-posts are much better than the Serious the Jerry Reign is bak i gez!

P.S- Its verrry important, that i shd also mention, that during our Vellapanti sessions, Mickey and I have developed an unusual skill- Predicting futures! Ya..we jus KNOW that by the end of some more months together, I shall start looking like a Burger, and she THINKS she will become a French Fry! ... I couldn't have DISAGREED further!...( Actually, i think i Could...considering the chain of comments on the last post)

Keep Shining, ppl!! :D

Monday, March 20, 2006

ChAinEd ThoughTs...

"My life's a Bed of Roses"
"Thank you so much God"
" I feel gud abt life- am luckky".....blah blah....

- No, I havent really won a lottery- those are jus some thoughts that cross my mind instinctively when i come across "creatures" ...uh...thts way they're labelled by our so-called sane and dignified society. Eununchs. Yeah..i have been thinkin...and somehow i cant manage to shut my eyes to the humiliation that theyr facing for the past so many years...not to mention the indispensable cruelty that our " Society" afflicts upon them! We claim so much, and yet deliver so little- Its Sad! Jus very sad!

Why cant we jus broaden our Perspectives?? Its not asking for too much- is it? India,after all is a land of why do we take so long to accept something that's a lil away frm "normal"!
And yeah...i would so wanna know how "normal" is defined. More so, WHO defines it? All i know that they have a problem with their sexual organs. They have the same emotions as us, and i know some who have adopted kids as well!

I had an online argument with Lakshya- some members- they somehow feel that making society aware of the condition of Eununchs through a Street Play isn't a gud enuf idea. How else do we, as citizens contribute?? I be honest...someone as sensible as Mickey Mouse thinks they're a dangerous lot- thats the kinda misconception I want Us to get out of. And being girls doesnt stop me from going out and doing the least i can. I know, the audience will probably find much reason to mock us, but then THINK- a group of people face the humiliation every minute of their lives..and we, dont have the courage to bear it for a maximum of 20 minutes??? Sad.

I know, one post or one implausible street play will not change the way they're treated..but i know, if I can drill some emotions and sense(in the right mix) into at least one person, i will bring about .1% relief to a Eununch. That one person will perhaps, personally let go of the urge to mistrust, or ill-treat a sane "creature"..Eununchs, i know, u will say are not Innocent themselves...but wat has made them like that?? maybe its their inherent nature, maybe its the rejection they've faced..AND maybe..its their Rebel against "abnormal" ppl like us. What makes us abnomal? Is that what you wonder? Well.. the answer is: The Incapacity to Feel.

However, I understand that some members of the Eununch Community misuse their stand, and thus, are rendered deceptive. And nowadays, this kind is a majority- and they do give enough reasons for doubt and maybe even fear to grow...but then, awareness and open mindedness is the need of the hour!

In Conclusion, Every Coin has two sides...

Saturday, March 18, 2006

The WeeK that Was...

Rang De Pink, YEllow n Green(ok..Basanti sounds better)
Had a Holi celebration in college- I tried not to get tooo coloured cz i had to meet a friend in the afternoon- but who cares, anyway! Sonakshi was perhaps, the best sight. Ah! wat i forgot to mention was that, two teachers, who i totally look up to, also Coloured me- that was Fun! N while on my way to meet my friend, i amused people around me with the yellow-pink-green face that i haddd! (Of course, i cleaned up before i finally went).
Note fr the Day: Costa Coffee serves the best Hot Chocolate, ever.

Tuesday- Wednesday:

- Two days of Sleep. Feels like Heaven. Karteek and Tanvi came over on Wednesday, n wat happened is History.
Btw, the sudden Monsoon-outbreak felt upliftting! Romantic is the word. And I spent it with Mr. Sleep- could there have beeen a Deadlier combo??

Met Ritika- old friend from school. Anything thats "old" makes you feel comfortable and Good. Some things, good, or bad, never Change. Since life cannot be all happy without meeting a Lakshya member thruout da day, i decided to go to college. Neha n Vrinda were there- 2 Lakshya members is a treat when its sposed to be "no college". We kept up to our traditions of "vellapanti" by scooting off to Janpath. When i returned home at 8:30...i was tired! (yea, its surprisin that fr an Alien-in-human-form, i was low on Energy)! However, fighting against the clouds of slumber, i managed to keep up till abt 2 a.m cz Religion doesnt allow me to sleep without being online and on-the-phoneline!

Memoirs of School days
Was SUPPOSED to attend class. And this Audition for a YashRaj Movie which wants girls playin hockey. No points for guessin what i attended! I never knew our National Game was so much fun! Of course, i dint get selected(tanya n mansi did!) - but it was Worrrthh it! Since my school was nearby, I took Neha along with me. Visiting School refreshed soo many memories!! I met all my teachers and my Principal and talking to them, needless to say, brought out the True Spirt in me. You probably wd think I'm exaggerating and all...but only a Springdalian knows wat it means to be one. In so mch time, i havent felt thaaat gud abt myself as i did when i Went bak to school!
However, in due time, reached college and Mickey MoUse came over fr a nite stay. The day couldn't have gotten bettr! One realization: we can anythinngg! And yeah, "blow" money too! ;) [ fortunately or unfortunately, only Mickey mouse will get the joke. With Two movies and lottsa was quite a day!!
Note Fr the Day: Sometimes, Goin bak in time makes u feel mch ahead of yrself.

Well...woke up and rushed.... to watch Chronicles of Narnia! A great STart to a seemingly boring day. We returned home, only to watch Pride and Prejudice! Since she left, i was bored enuf to finally Blog and Illumine the ones who're dwelling in the dark...

Note fr the Week: Life's faster than Lightening!