Monday, January 30, 2006

Di's BiG Fat Bong WeddinG!!

What a Trip! Never knew that Kolkata cd seem so Beautiful! My sister's Weddin was one Blast for us- her sisters,brothers and their frenz...It was perhaps, one of the most learning experience of my life...i mean, i've never really been a part of a thru n thru Bong Wedding...I wouldnt even try to describe the whole Week in words, cz I'm sure, i'd fail miserably at that!Here goes:

24th Jan:
I reach Kolkata after a ridiculous flight. Had to be seated in between 2 ppl with my luggage in front of me. Ugh! Neways, While on my Way home, i call Mashi..she insists i come straight to the Guest House...thats not possible, so i promise my arrival the next morning asap.

25th Jan:
The guest house Welcomes me pretty warmly...i mean...Mashi, mesho etc..all are gladd to c me...I get introduced to some ppl i dint know- Bhai's Friends and some long distant brothers... I choose to Ignore the series of "relationships" and decide its simpler as "bhai". ;) Its Lunch time..Spinster's Lunch i Bong its called, EyeBro Bhaat
Its like the Last SUpper... Ironically, the parents of the girl are not supposed to Witness that. Bhai and I exchange silly dialogues, trying to take each others case. We miss Kittu mama terribly. Suparna Di and I Miss Maima more... After the Lunch, its time for Di's Parlour Appointment. since we're already late, we go to another Parlour. I realise that one more thing can never really change- Kolkata roads and the traffic! Saurabh Da( bhai's friend) amazes us with his awesome sense of direction. One day in Kolkata, and he knew the ways! Anyway, I sit through the Parlour session n it took forevverrr....I cd've treated myself to two movies in the meantime! But the Parlour woman surely was entertained- I sang for her! Then owing to a lotta Confusion, Di and i waited for someone to come n pick us up, and as expected, all the three cars were at service. Talk about Bridal Importance! We reach home, and try n prepare fr the next day. Di's not supposed to eat...
One of the rooms get locked- with the key inside. 2 of my bro's and i try our level best with inputs from all else, to break the lock! We arent rendered Successful!
In the meantime, my mom arrives- after a muchh delayed flight. Mashi, mesho, my mom, mama and I wake up the Sleepin Guest House. surprisingly, they welcome the "Awakening"! Lotsa Laughter and Exchange of current Updates in each otehrs's Life.
2 more of Bhai's frends- Ashish and Harsh Bhaiyya Arrive. No sooner thatn that, they leave to look fr an eating joint. In the meantime, Saurabh Da, Madhurima(bubul), Bhai and I rack our brains over Entertainment Issues for the next night( Baa-shor-ghaur). We come up with a Brilliant script for a Musical play.... more than Brilliant, its funny! We retire on one Bed...Later bhai somehow manages to escort me upto Di's room. I fall asleep at 4 am- when everybody else is preparing to wake up for Di's "early breakfast".

26th Jan:
Firstly, Happy Republic Day to all....
The day, for me, begins at A cold water shower completes my requirements for a "Bad COld". Thankfully, i'm lucky enuf to get breakfast! I realise, that i've lost my suitcase keys! The key-smith is there, trying to open tht i buy his help and satisfy myself witha duplicate key!
Time for the Haldi ceremony- "guy-ho-loodh"- Its a fun ceremony. First the bride is put in the center and usin the haldi n water tht the guy's family has sent, all elders bless her. Then we play Holi with the Haldi... :D .... Its already 1.30pm. The marriage is scheduled for 5.30pm...
Then Di rushes for a quick bath, after which i accompany her to one of her Bua's place who dolls her up. I fall asleep fr a hour and by the time i get up and get ready, its latee....around 4.30! In the car, at the red lights, i apply nail paint for Di and myself! We reach after gettin frantic calls from Bhai, and Mesho. Once we reach, i complete my task by painting the rest of the nails ;)
Mashi announces Jiju's arrival and i need to rush! Madhurima and I wait at the gate with a plate full of flowers. He walks down a Path of Roses...
The Wedding starts: the first ceremony is that of Shubho Drishti: The brothers carry her on tehir shoulders and revolve around Jiju. She of course, has her face covered with Paan ke patte.. There's a chaadar held over the heads of the Bride and Groom after they come face to face. Then she removes the Leaves and reveals her face to him. Then the brothers and Jijus bro's compete as to who can lift who higher...ok...confusin...Its like Di is lifted high, and so is jiju...and Our di was Lifted Higher!!! Time for Jai-Mala...
...They proceed towards the Mandap...
Crucial Timezzz: Joota Chori...we fail at that! ah...But not so Easy...Not so Soon...
Ishaan- Jiju's brother.challengs me..I accept. After Much Ado, the shoes are hidden "safely" in the car. We, however, dont give up. A driver helps us, and we manage to Open the car and take the shoes away into safer hidespots.. :D
The shoes are separated and kept in the Handicam Case and bag containing my Clothes... Hehehhahhahhahhahehehehhahaha *Wickeddd*
The look on Ishaan's face when they discover the missiing shoes : Pricelessss! He asks Madhurima- " Where are the Shoess?"
Expectedly, i Burst out laffing....!!!

Time for Bashorghaur...We take Di and Jiju home wid us...we'r supposed to keep them up the Whole nightt....!!!! Hehahhehhahaha! Fun! We set up the environment and no sooner as we get into Comfy attires, the guy party arrives- with a guitar n al... They have gud singers! The night moves on, with music and Dancing and Singin....Very quietly, Harsh Bhaiyya and Shubojeet Da escape...I wake them up and get them bak in2 action! We have a dancing session, after which, i'm too tired to move on...I lie down, n yea, i get tht "how-can-u-sleep" look from Shubhojeet Da...Hehehe....yea...n my laughter continues for another half hour-nonstoppp!
The negotiations start...I take lil interest in Money matters...The Bro's handle that...
towards the end, My mom, Bhai, Jeet, Mashurima, are the only onz fullly awake!
After the exchange- shoes for 5000/-....we let them go...

27th Jan:
At 5, i was all cold and so, with a lawaaris pullover, i dozed off at 5...only to open my eyes at around 8...I couldnt really control on the comfy couch , i tuk a flight to Dreamland again, return scheduled for 12.00pm!! By the time i get dressed and all...Breakfast is Past. I desperately wait fr Lunch. Jiju's Boss comes over fr Lunch...Di has to get into the Jewellery-Heavy Saari Mode again. Needless to say, we're all pretty tired. We take a Nap again..I dont...I dont let Di take one, either. Jiju, however, doesnt become the target of my silly rants. Later, i wander into the Vicinity of the Elders and fulfill Song requests. Shubhojeet Da provides muzik by whistling...The time for the Vidai nears. Jeet Da is given responsibility for taking us out that night. Di doesnt want tears, so we dont give them to her- at least not on the face.
Soon the environment goes thru a change with the plan fr Rang De Basanti and a trip to Tantra- a hip disc in Kolkata. However, in due course, energy levels jus permit one fr the night, so we opt for Rang De Basanti- a night show. We take the Cab and rush. Right on time. The movie- Amaaaazzinnnngggggg. Absolutely fab! Mind-Blowing...We return and stay up, jus to tease Ishan(our brother who shares his name wid Jiju's brotehr) . We take his case reaallllll bad. My laughter - the nonstop one, gains status as a recording in Jeet's cell...At 4.30 in the morning, we cal it "a day". I, obviously, fail to get up at 5.30 for a visit to teh temple...Ah...yeah...i also get reminded of the 4.30am Pact made by bhai- "We meet at 8.30 at the Breakfast Table and then we move to Victoria Memorial and The new Howrah Bridge fr a Drive...Bah!Humbug! *wink wink wink*...Dreamz Unlimitedd i tell u!

28th Jan:
Anyway, as a result of so many delays, we get delayed in taking the "tautto"....basically gifts for jiju's family... We manage it by 5 pm..rush bak home..and get ready for the Reception! Plan is that we'll hit Tantra after the Reception. My mom soo disrupts i need to take a flight bak to del, early morning...and she's familiar with my sleeping habits!
Everybody tried convincing her...She's firm! Its time fr me to leave- and there are huge tears in my eyes. Everybody- Bhai,Harsh,Ashish,Shubojeet,Jeet, Saurabh Da...all of us exchange nbrs and promise to stay in touch...*hugs*hugs*....

Until we meet next time...
These Memories will make me Smile
The nonstop laughter
Shall Echo...till Days after.....


Tuesday, January 24, 2006

jUS In TiMe...

My sister's Weddin is rightt here! And so is the moment i'd Waited for... Am scheduled to leave in another hour...and i still havent completed Packing...Instead, i choose to Blog! Talk abt realizing Priorities! Life's gonna be as buzy as i want it to be- Will be bak on the 29th(so u guys better Miss me) and report straight for a Dramatics performance!!! Yayy! (ok..its a grt feelin meetin the Dramsoc after remaining away fr like a Week!).N then there's a lot happenin on the Academic front- n i so need to pay a lil wee bit attention to that.
Yesterday, Nikhil, Neha's friend, told me that i'm Sensible and Mature! Whoa! thats one thing nobody has ever said to Me...Things are changin again..and this time, i can feel the change..and it sure feels Gud! One thing that cant change( i hope it doesnt) is the amt of time Mickey Mouse and I can Waste together!!!!
Guess yesterday i had the "time of my life" in college. Took my guitar, played it, and ppl actually Appreciated! I mean, frenz sayn "u'r gud" is vastly different frm strangers sayin the same! :D
One Realization: Life's the way u look at it. I can see like so many people who'r around me, who genuinely care...and love me... U'd say that One person moving away wont quite make a difference... but it does. After sometime maybe it'll stop mattering. It still doesnt realy "matter", but then, u do miss that person best wishes with that person....
Phew! feel lighter now!
Jus too excited to put my brain to WOrk!! ;)
Will Blog details of the Eventful Week laterzzz.... :D

Thursday, January 19, 2006

...And as I MoVe On...

"When a person loses a friend, he consoles himself with the many other friends about him, and if he loses his gold, he meditates for a while and casts misfortune from his mind, especially when he finds himself healthy and still laden with ambition. But when a man loses the ease of his heart, where can he find comfort, and with what can he replace it? What mind can master it? When death strikes close by, you will suffer. But when the day and the night pass, you will feel the smooth touch of the soft fingers of Life; then you will smile and rejoice.

"Destiny comes suddenly, bringing concern; she stares at you with horrible eyes and clutches you at the throat with sharp fingers and hurls you to the ground and tramples upon you with ironclad feet; then she laughs and walks away, but later regrets her actions and asks you through good fortune to forgive her. She stretches her silky hand and lifts you high and sings to you the Song of Hope and causes you to lose your cares. She creates in you a new zest for confidence and ambition. If your lot in life is a beautiful bird that you love dearly, you gladly feed to him the seeds of your inner self, and make your heart his cage and your soul his nest. But while you are affectionately admiring him and looking upon him with the eyes of love, he escapes from your hands and flies very high; then he descends and enters into another cage and never comes back to you. What can you do? Where can you find patience and condolence? How can you revive your hopes and dreams? What power can still your turbulent heart?"
- Kahlil Gibran

.....And thats a Perfect beginning to the start of an entry thats gonna invoke sadness with a pinch of optimism... An apt blend of reality and emotions.... There are so many questions that are left unanswered, and sometimz its betr that way...

Yesterday i met Kanika, Kajal and Anand...had some Fun! Nothing has really changed.... At fooD court, LajpatNagar, we guys "celebrated" anand's bday! Some celebration- i was the Only one eating - the rest were drinking.. Iced Tea! Anand finally heard my guitar and said "i am proud of u"!!! yayy!!! ( Thats goood comin frm someone who tagged me as hopeless") ;)
After the usual leg-pulling session, bound by the limits of Time, we decided to leave, makin a plan fr the weekend! yea..i guess i dont need to write it- its pretty evident- Cant Wait for that now! I miss them so much! :|

Officially college starts tomorrow...unofficially it started today( Grrr...)! But i guez its ok, cz one of my fave teachers called for it to discuss one o my fave books- Paradise Lost! Sleep is all that i can think fr almost 3 hrssss.....!!!!

......Anyway, decided to keep myself busy- in the distractful sense...I mean, keepin busy always serves very important purposes, two of them bein:
1. u dont get time to think much about useless stuff..
2. it helps u professionally at least!

Life's ok at this point of time...Loadsa Fun and Good Timz in i said earlier, "Cant Wait"!!

Friday, January 13, 2006

7 HabiTs of Highly "Effectiv" PeoPle!

Ways to Royally Screw Your Exam!

1. Do not study the entire year. on the contrary, illumine yourself on everything else thats not in your course of studieS...

2. Dedicate a lotta time online. if there's nothing much to do, Google for your own name instead of lookin for notes on yr course study.

3. Listen to music 24x7. If possible, put on your earphones while sleepin even!

4. In your place of study, join any society or club that will ensure your absence from class. It may also cause shortage of attendance- Ah! Cherry on teh caKe!

5. Be on the phone as much as u can. Communication always helps in bringing about Distraction.

6. Some days before the exams, have a bath at night especially when its freezing at 0.2degrees. Also, try and Shampoo your head. This will leave you with a bad cold and cause your mind to stop working at the Last hour!

7. Lastly, if there's any time left to do the Unthinkable(read Study), use it to closely examine your Syllabus and the List of books. Do a lil bit of everything. That ways, u'll be Confused.

....And thats why they say that the number "7" holds much significance! i hope this manual of instructions reaches all of u out there to your Ultimate Goal with much Success.
Also note, the above given steps are to be followed with much Caution and at your Personal Risk. The Author of this Blog will not be responsible for any Mishaps that follow. Resemblance to any Self Destructive Procedures is unintended and purely coincidental.

(p.s- I am Bakkkk...yea...Succeeded in my Wicked Intentions... *Devilishhh Smile* )

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

***18:02 hrs...***

At 18:02 hrs, my net connection is scheduled to expire. And my World shall come to a Crashing halt. I got a call from the Sify ppl in the morning today, asking for renewal- and of course, i jumped at the idea! However, my mom thinks otherwise(v hardly agree on anything). Since she thinks the net distracts me and my addiction to it is gonna prove fatal...wateva that means...and so I'm gonna be back only after my Exams...*snif*sniff*Sniff*
My sisters Wedding is around the corner..end of January and so i guess i will be going to Calcutta(Humppphhhhh)..i mean she lives in mumbai- y cant she get married there??? But thats not the point...the point is, my date with the net mite get postponed to the month of Feb!
On second thoughts, considering my powers of convincing...i might cause mom n dad to bliv tht i have to study online and soooo....*devilish grin*
Its 5:47pm...jus some more moments. This is the time when i can totallly relate to Doctor Faustus- the way he wanted time to go back a day, or jus come to a stop when he was left with jus an hour to be damned perpetually! Ugh! Bad comparison! my Situation isnt thaat bad...
Neway...hope u ppl miss me(as much as i will) !!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

'Coz Life's Meant 2b HAppY

Woke up in the morning-for the first time in weeks. It was Freezzzinnn frick'in cold!
....An appropriate morning for an Exam day...

Its strange n for the first time i fail miserably when i dig for words to describe the Morning...
Was admiring myslf in the mirror while brushing my teeth- it was jus the perfect image- dishevelled hair, without-kajal eyes(read scary), pale complexion,etc..."Freakin cold", i muttered..
Drooped down to wash my face..looked into the Mirror...and lo!!!!
(no silly...dint get a beauty makeover)

I saw the Sunshine!!! peeping right through the window!
Gave my exam and yeah...Managed to finish it within time..n it wasnt bad at all...
For wat i'd studied(hehehe), i did decent satisfied...
n the over exerted literature-freak mind of mine divulged in a thought- i mean, it sounds crazy, but the significance of the Sunshine thru the Fog...Me finally managing to jump o'er examination does sound crazy, so i'll go no further!

Got back home in a great mood- left some sribbles on Jerry's Lounge(cant call it a poem) re-energised now... will study for the next Exam...Pheww!

Monday, January 09, 2006

ConfessionS Of a *BeaUtiful* Mind

As the clock ticks by, I feel closer towards impending Doom(read Exams). Only, that i fail to understand my own self at this point of time. I've never known Myself to be so Casual about something that sounds as terrorising as the word "Exams". The fear of letting down the Expectations that people have, is the only aspect that bothers my already cluttered brain.
Why i'm so Disinterested in this course of study is something i dont need to Ponder upon. Thats one Question i can answer without any kinda hesitation. Its simple. I jus Dont seem to Agree with Whatever i'm Reading and hence realise my incapacity to prove my "worth".
Now, Doctor Faustus was given many Chances to repent. And at the beginning of the last Act, he does- in fact, somewhere in between he calls for Christ, only to find Lucifer, Beezlebub and Mephistophilis giving him the much-unwanted visit. Why, oh, whyy is he not forgiven? yea...U must be wondering what his Sin was- seeking knowledge that was much beyond him. So wats so wrong about that, i wonder!! i Mean...I am a verry curious person, and as far as i remember the text, Curiosity isnt one of the Seven Deadly Sins....
Thats jus one Example. I dont want my readers to go to thru the same torture as me...or i would've quoted Calvin(John Calvin) and his rants on PreDestination and Free Will... (its a Verrry debatable topic..trussttt me)
Also, this Blog has distracted me to an extent that outta 24 hours, i study for only about 4 hours! Tragedy is, after 11th, i wont be Online. (unless i Predestined!!)

The Exams start on 10th...and Heaven&Lucifer alone, know what I'm about to be faced with.
Am not scared, nt nervous, not confident, jus...Casual!

I wanna go off someplace far. There's this Vision of vacationing in the Woods..with a camp fire and my guitar...and yea..some friends without who, life seems verry Dull! ( and My Discman of course...)

And jus when i open my book, i can imagine us- the Dramsoc practising for the Farewell Play... Suddenly a lotta ideas start cramming my mind- at the end, i'm left with no specefic ground to ponder upon...

Yeah, my mind is constantly revolving around 2 words: Tequila Sunrise... I downloaded this Eagles number today, and since, i havent been able to get it outta my head.. Tequila sunrise- sounds Beautiful me the Picture of a hued sky...the sun, rising, its rays,slowly bringing in specks of light into the darkened sky...This confluence of the deadening night, and the beam of one sunray- "Dawn" is suchhha boring term!

Lastly, there's another Category of my ABD(Addiction to Blogging Disorder)- Jerry's Lounge. Access to it can be gained through the Links column...
As now its visible that i have started to lose my mind, I declare the end of this entry which isnt making any sense to me....

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Thats Me!

Medhavi Highway
Study Hall8
County Jail16
Confusion Lane134
Tower of Commitment282
Please Drive Carefully

Where are you on the highway of life?


p.s- Where's the milestone Of "vellapanti"???

Thursday, January 05, 2006

....Like a Puzzle!

"Love is like a Sudoku Puzzle"- i've finally found the answer to The Big Question, after much thought!
Like a Sudoku Puzzle, it keeps you addicted
Like a Sudoku Puzzle,its COmplicated
Like a Sudoku Puzzle, u never know u went wrong somewhere till the Very end...
Like a Sudoku Puzzle, u cant rectify your mistakes unless u're verryy tactful
Like a Sudoku Puzzle, u need Brains for it, not a heart!
Like a Sudoku Puzzle,intuitions seldom work-logic works everytime!
Like a Sudoku Puzzle, u keep wanting to do more....

Love's jus like the Toughest Sudoku Puzzle..if u cant solve one, u're bound to try another!!!! Lolzz!

Watsay you??

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

In LovE??!!

I was jus thinking...(something i do quite often now)...about Love(something i dont do very often)....

Its so weird...
Its like u wanna be wid someone alll the time and you still dont get bored
U can go on talkIng for hours and hours and dont realise the time
u Cant concentrate on anythingg! And yet, u Dont think its Messing up your Life
U think about that Person and start Smiling in the middle of the road makin ppl think u're mad!
U dont tire of the Person...U jus dont seem to realise..
U miss that Person, n yet feel that theyr right beside you...
U seem to accept watever that Person is about....
U seem to be able to do anything for that One person
U seem to jus be soo...Addicted to them...

*sigh*.... Its the most wOnderful, yet the Most Insensible thing Ever...
I can never understand it,yet i Want to undertand it...Verrryy COnfusiing....Its screws my Mind more than the ToughEst SudOku puzzle!!

(p.s- if i flunk my Exams...its gonna be alll Because my head isnt on my Shoulderss anymore!)
God Bless Me!!! Pleaaaasseee!!!!

****p.s- if Someone Knows wat this Highly Addictive and Fatal Substance(read Love) is all about, for Christ's Sake and mine, do lemme know!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A New Year Has CoMe!

I hoPE u HAd the TIme Of YouR LifE...HAppy 2006 to all of u out there. This is a dedication from me to Everyyyyboodddyy!

Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road.
Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go.
So make the best of this test, and don't ask why.
It's not a question, but a lesson learned in time.

It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right.
I hope you had the time of your life.

So take the photographs, and still frames in your mind.
Hang it on a shelf in good health and good time.
Tattoos of memories and dead skin on trial.
For what it's worth, it was worth all the while.

It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right.
I hope you had the time of your life.

It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right.
I hope you had the time of your life.

It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right.
I hope you had the time of your life.

Keep Smiling...n Enjoy Life till it Lasts..!