Monday, February 27, 2006

ForBidden LinEz!

After recovering from the After-shocks of the disastrous Quake of Lies that shook my worlD, I have bounced bak again! How i hatteeee Lies and Deceptive beings who presume themselves to be Human! Since my blog talks of more dignified stuff than ThiS, i shall declare this Case closed.

Friendz and I went to Elevate (the best Disc in Delhi) last nite! And though the REAL fun started after we left, we did manage to Enjoy! The final 5 of the RJ Hunt were quite pathetic...but in the end it doesnt really matter! The moment i truly "felt" something, was when we all- i mean when Delhi lighted a Candle in memory of Jessica Lal and prayed for Justice. The whole spirit was so...well... i saw Delhi in a truly different Light!

On saturday, Lakshya went for another Street Play competition and it proved to be one of the most hilarious days ever! Before the Street Play event started, we were required to endure a Music Competition. How i wish i had recorded the budding artistes of tomorrow's ..umm... Idols! Ugh! Seriously, if anybody out there has forgotten to Laugh or smile, pls jus give d BVP ppl a maximum of 2 seconds to make u "laugh your lungs out"!!!
[ P.S- 2 ppl were really gud! One girl and One guy...they were gooood out of like 30 ppl!]
And if that wasnt enuf, i guess Its the first time we Won 500/- for an Outstanding, "clear win"-type performance! Damnn! I dont mean to sound to Cheap, but 500??? The normal D.U standard is nothin less than 1500/- at leasttt !!! And to think we spent 200/- in the Auto!!!
The return journey was however much more fUn! In a Maruti 800- 1993 model, mind you, 9 of us crammmmed about makin efforts to set a new guiness Record! As the car dragged on at the speed faster than that of a Bullock Cart, the onlookers had an Amusing time!!! [ we dint really undertsand the joke...but i guess the sight was humorous]

Lakshya, the community itself is one, where there's no room for the Mute or Silent types. The Followin Criteria/ Qualifications are a Must:
> One should be Wild and Crazy
> A one track mind is an Added Bonus
> Ultimate love for Food
> Addiction to Embarassing oneself and those around you
> A looud voice..basically u are supposed to be loud so tht wen u whisper a mean dialogue its pretty much clear to the Victim
> One should also posess the ability to live with a phone with Zero/1 Rupee Balance and thus rely on Someone who has 1p messaging service.
...And one thin very Spl about Lakshya- it allways has a Weird, Crazy Prez, and one that blogs nonsense stuff about the Group is like Nuts in a Chocolate Fudge!

Friday, February 24, 2006

...N a Few MOre LessOnz...

Yesterday was one of the Most Important days of my Life... started with me "wanting" to attend Classes. After a class however, matterz took a different turn. Since my teacher was late, I kinda went towards theStaff Room hoping she was absent...and i bumpd into Our Princi, who left me in the clutches of this female who had come from AIR for an Interview. So once again, along with a few friends o' mine, I prepared to go on air! Fun! N owing to some Confusion, the female complemented me! She said, if i became the college Prez, they wd be very Lucky! HEhheheh! I really dnt know How!

We began with our Farewell Practice. And Life was very happy, until the moment some ppl who cant keep tehir noses outta other ppl's affair, Misinterpreted my statements- general onz, and tagged them as topics for worthy Gossip! Thanks to two ppl i really trusted, I lost one of my most loved and Precious friends! It hurt pretty badly but i guess it was a learning experience...

N some more of my sweet friends decided to bring me out to a whole new world! We went for a Movie today- Taxi No. 9211. It pretty muchh cheered me up, as did Nana Patekar's acting skills. John is as always, a treatt to watch! ;)

" Zindagi ke safar mein guzar jate hain jo makaan
Vo phir nahi aate..Vo phir nahi aate...
Log milte hain, Phool khilte hain..
Patjhar mein jo phool murjha jaate hain,
Vo bahaaron ke aane se khilte nahi..."

- That song has been one of my all time faves..Its not surprisin how it makes sense right now!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Its YuMM!! ;)

" Life's a dish...and has lottsa flavours, and to know wat each one tastes like, we gotta savour the dish..not devour it!" - Thats an original, btw! It comes from Experience!
In the past few days, I've seen so much, understood, and gone through practically every emotion!
To begin with, I became the President of the Dramsoc..Got thru the Final 10 on the Rj hunt(cz of which i will be on air for the rest of teh week...nt like an RJ, but still...)
One more dimension to my "happy" life is the discovery of a DVD store near my plc! So finalllly i can treat myself to Everything i'v missed! :D
For the other emotions, well..there have been realizations abt whoz a true frend n whoz not..abt how ppl never understand what they mean to u and come up with teh most hideous interpretations... I was also made to feel really loved and important by some very special ppl... :)
N yea..i know am gonna sound liek a "typical girl"..but i Went shoppinnngg! Yayy! ( has been a reaaal long time i pampered myself) *grinnn*
On the 18th of Feb, we had the Cast Party(Dramsoc affair) at my place...and it was humungous Fun!!! It was one of the best Days i think...
N today, i went for this NGO thingy.. RAHI- it wrks for sexully abused children and issues of Incest. Their Presentation was jus so moving that i kinda realised yet another thing- that how Unaware and Incapicitate we are about our own surroundings..Incapicitate cz we cant really do anything!okay, Contradiction, We can...we can do a lotta things...but how many of us Do it? We can jus crib and Complain! Idiots that we are! So i decided to opt out of the Idiot Category and Contribute...! I mean, if i can WAste time on so many otehr things..i can literally USE it, to do something GOOD!
There's so much to do... Firstly, Lakshya- the Dramsoc, is huge responsibility..Secondly, CAT coaching Needs Importance, Thirdly, Contribution to SOciety spells responsibility as a Citizen... Theres jus so much to do...
" Dear Mr Time, plz Stay with mE..." . Amen.

Monday, February 13, 2006

AgainSt All Odds...

Monday Mornings can be really beautiful- only if one realizes tht they have a class at 12, and should therefore NOT wake up at 7.30 am n rush to college!!!!
But then a Free Morning with Priya goin on n on without thinking, reading out personal letters and then of course, her (un)intended puns! Lolzz...!
Mickey Mouse is down with a badd cold...and her Minnie Mouse arrived today...and her excitement was well...heheheh...Hilariousssssss!!!
Miss Bunty, alias the herself persuaded by teh Satanic Mickey Mouse to not come along to DAIICT, Gandhinagar, fr the Fest...Grrr...But she shall be convinced otherwise now.... *Grin*
Today, i realised tht God jus dint Design me to "listen". Actually, in this particular class, this particular teacher went onnnn abt this particular play...n basically i cdnt..i jus cdnnnt pay attention..I can one listen for soooo longg!!?!!! However, i dont ..I DONT sympathise with MY now theyr jus used to It! It doesnt make sense..but then, i never make Sense!
Today, i also realised, that my face jus gives out an "i-know-all" expression or something... I was standing outside College and at least 3-4 ppl asked me for Directions to various places...then again at the Bus Stop, some ppl approached me fr Directionzz... Hmm...its not a big deal..i mean nothing to Blog about, except taht evrytime someone came to me...i almost Smiled Loudlly..dont ask my why...but i jus did...( A loud smile is a Soft Giggle, in case u're wondering..)
Today, i realised that Solitude is Beautiful...I walked through crowds today- Alone...and the best part is that i dint Feel lonely! N thats wen i felt the happiest- knowin that i am Soo complete in my own self! (ok...yea...lotssa modesty...but am jus bein Honest)
Its Valentine's i went my Own Self! Got this really beautiful silver ring-a band, that is...its beauty lies in its Simplicity...its jus soo...Cute??!Naah....will hit the thesaurus soon...U c, am so not used to giving compliments on the Face!
Today,Sonakshi told me this story, she claims its true:
Once, a guy and his girl went fr a drive...they were a lot in love with each other. But they had an Accident and in the process, the guy lost his eyes... The girl survived, but her love dint...she couldn't bring herself to accept a Blind lover. So conveniently, she left him. After a year of suffering from Depression, the guy died. After some months or so, the girl went to visit the grave and she found a note that said "For You"..she read it... it said: " Take care of my Eyes...I love You". Apparently, the Guy had DONATED his eyes to her.
So moral of the story: Love can make u do anything
Moral 2: Love hurts. Real Bad.

My take: Love is a verry Powerful Emotion...and if we can gather the courage to Love, we might as well have enuf courage to deal with the hurt.

Sometime ago, i received a Dedication- a Very touching Song...and since its left me all Emotional n al.. I shal leave u guys out there on a Senti note...
" Never Waste an Opportunity to Say ' I love you'
to someone you really Love....
'Coz its not everyday that u Meet a Person
Who has the Magic to let you Fall in Love..."

HAppy ValenTinZ to All.....*HUgggggssss*.....Keep Loving..... :D

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Rosy MemOrieS

Two whole years have passed- since he last hugged me! But the memories are still so Fresh! Near BUkhara, i saw him come from the Back Entrance...i went up to him...n he gave me a hug after which i simply fell in love with his perfume. I still dont know which one it was...
It was Rose Day...and I remember this lil kid coming to us with a Rose... We clicked a Pic togetehr- and Damn! i dont even have a Copy. Memories are all i have...
We spent the whole evening together...of course, not alone, but with quite a number of people...However, i dint really mind..Jus looking at him....*siiigghhhh*
I still have that Card with his name and his silly handwriting, trying his best to spelll my Name!
Its been a long time...N this Rose Day has been slightly disheartening...coz he's here...nearby...but not close enuf...
Two whole years have passed - since Bryan Adams' Concert in Delhi...! But the Memories are still so Fresh!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

BloOming In AutuMn...

Life's back to being "normal"... My sis's Wedding provided the much needed break- i feel so rejenuvated... and so different! I look into the mirror and i see someone totally New! Someone i think i simply adore. There are no shackles anymore...nothing really matters... I've started exerting my grey cells a lil there have been jus too many Realizations in a surprisingly small time.
Nothing, and yet everything seems Changed! And i can somehow feel the Beauty of Life... When someone said " I feel like flying..."- it seemed tough to imagine...i was a funny pic... And now...I actually feel like flyin...dont ask me why..! Just Like that!!!
I so believe that Everything happens fr a Reason..and a Good one too. I'm sure, after some years I'm gonna think bak...and Smile at the most ridiculosly embarassing moments of my Life! I'd probably even Laugh! Non stop ;) [ thats one disease i'v caught- laughing half an hour at least!!]
Its one of those rare days that i have thought much and Silently Observed. A lot of Things. And Learnt. A lot of things. Each day has its lessons- its jus upto us if we catch on... The Changed Me is sometimes this female, i feel, i'v known Forever. If i cd rechristen myself, I would, as- Happiness! :D
One momentary happiness is the Mock Exam Result.. I could kiss myself fr not studyin the entire year and leaving everything fr the last day- cz the Results are shockingly Satisfying ;) In fact, my teachers had a few gud words to say about me! *blushhhhh*
Suddenly i feel like i'm living in a whole new World. Guess Mr. Monotony has decided to dump me! * yayyy*
The other night, i was Staring up at the the Stars....n theres somethin about them, that calls me to touch them...jus once...
There's this strange desire- of being under the Quilt of Stars with a loved one and endlessly search fr each star in his Eyes... Love is, but a small letter word, but the most difficult One in the whole Universe. Abstract feelings grab me and I gladly surrender. This time, i dont wanna fight it. I wanna Face it. Right in the Eye.
Gosh! The Valentine's Effect! thats Wat it is! [yea..ok...i wont play the blame game]!
.........The Gift of Life, Is Life Itself!

Don't let the setting sun with it's golden hues...
Stir dark memories of the night in your heart,
'Coz a dusk here means a dawn somewhere too...

And that, My Friend, is the Mantra of a Happy Life....