Thursday, March 30, 2006

Love ComZ Full CiRcle...

I got a call from a friend telling me she's been detained from the Philosophy exam. I was slightly i called this girl who checked teh list- i came to know i am one of the Victims! *sniff*

However, i did not give up hope easily and messaged to some friends:

" jUS in case my worst fears are realized and i die of a sad heart, i want you to know, i love you"

These are teh replies i got from ppl who were awake and have free messaging:

mICKEY Mouse: Always gud to confez bfor goin dwn! gud u told me ur a lesbian..may yr soul rip! may u haunt my life fo-evvah!

Priya:Wah kya Zamana a gaya hai! doosron ko ullu banane waali, ab main apki baton mein fasne nahi waali. I love u too.

Moitreyee:wen u die.. for sure i'll proclaim to d world.. dat i luv toooo, till den.. bettr be an unsaid understandin

Saloni: u wnt swtheart... Nd btw, lv u 2!

Sheena: u gotta be kiddin heaven sake dnt freak me out. if theyr bein dat rigid 2 u in subsies thn wat abt me? i dont even have 45% this time. lord, i am Dead. u tk cr. lu 2!

>>> Rest of the replies, (if any) will be posted later if m not already orbitting teh Earth-like a distressed "aatma"

(Contd)... :

Manzi: hey sweety,gt yr msg..dnt wry me shrt on attndnc too they wont detain utill its below 50%.we also wont let the prezi die so soon love u too muahh
( wateverr hapnd to punctuation??..n ds tht mean u willl let me die by the end of the year?)

Choco Buddy:hey..was tht msg fr real?i thot u had cleared yr atndnc wot hapnd? plz try not to gt wrked u. hpfully its js a silly prank. tc n let me know wat hapnz.
( I will rem forevaa choco, tht u dint say teh 3 precious wrds to me in my last moments)

**** P.S- I'm alive! (n kickin!) n not even shortt on attendance.. Silly classmatez!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Careers 1 : Page 3 Journalist

These days, apart from Doin Eng(Hons), am also tryin to get a hang of Journalism(Hons) - all Thanks to my luh-vly Mickey Mouse. As a result of excessive unnecessary influence, I started to think. Sometime ago, while tryin my bestt to understand the Logic behind some concept of Mind-Body mind drifted in al possible directions. One being, a Dream Interview... With none other than Mr. God...

Me: It is said that U created the world in 7 did u manage?
God: Melody khao, khud jaan jao!

Me:...uh..ok..! Isn't it Ironical that it took Satan 7 days to plan the destruction of Paradise?
God: Aisa hai..(melodramatic pause followed by fluttering eyelids), ki Ye jo world hai na world, is mein 2 type ke log hote hai- ...Adam n Eve! (voila!) - The lesser the number of people, the easier it is, to Destroy
( Osama....u hearin?)

Me: So what do u say about the current World order??
God: I'm Lovin It...(laughs)...Dont worrry..chalne do chalta hai Jaisa...

Me: (taken aback) But yr Creation could be Destroyed!
God: Fevicol ka mazboot jor hai..tutega nahi!

Me: Going back to the times of Creation, Is it true that u told Moses about the Secrets?
God: Yo Man!

Me: But it dint remain Secret fr long...a whole Testament was made! Do u feel Betrayed?
God: I forgive... I feeel like God!

Me: That truly proves yr Omnipotence.
God: huh?

Me: Neverr Minddd... Sir,would u tell me what is the secret behind the Number 7??
God: Of Course....Not! Some secrets are not meant to be kept. Besides, u arent Moses.

Me:(gettin impatient) Many believe that u dont Exist. what would u want to say to them?
God:(smiles)..(nods)...(smiles)...(nods)...(smiles)...The Name's God. Mr. God.

Me: (laughs) U have a great sense of humour!
God: How else do u explain your Existence?

Me: (whookaayy)(polite giggle) Speaking of my Existence, Do u think i shall successfully graduate with a degree in English Literature?
God: Hmmm.. Aisa hai... (blinks)... ki yeh jo World hai na World, isme 2 types ke log hote hain, 1, jo pass hote hai, aur 2, jo fail hote hai... tum, 3rd category mein ho.

Me: Huh? But you said 2 types..rem?
God: Gustakh larki! Khamoshh!

Me: (ohkkkkk!!) Leavnig aside Academics, wat will become of Lakshya-the Dramsoc?
God: Vahi hoga, jo manzure Khuda hoga..

Me: But u're Khuda...
God: Gustakh larki! Khamoshh!!

Me: (Fineee)! In your Opinion, do College -level Drama Societies help in the makin of an Actor?
God: Hmm..Maybe. Maybe Not. Hmm.. Quite Possible. Maybe not.

Me: Uh..for instance..Mr. Amitabh Bachhan..
God: Ah! The Complete Man! oh yeah! Aaj uske paas gaari hai, bangla hai, biwi hai, beta hai...

Me: Speaking of the beta...the most Eligible guy around...u think he'll marry Aish?
God: Nahiiiiii...Ye sunne se pehle,Dharti phat kyun nahi gayi..aur main usme samaa kyu nahi gayi??
(Readers, note that God is Female over here!)

Me: But why not? (k..guys, i hate her, but wid god, i cant Display Hatred-sinful!)
God: Keh diya na..Bas! Keh diya!

Me: (exasperated..but delighted with the prev thot) So God, u claim to have Supernatural Powers...
God: (laughs) Oh! Ye toh sab janta ki kripa hai...

Me: (confused) huh??
God: Bahut kuch hota hai..tum nahi Samjhogi!

Me: Hehhe...a la-karan johar...reminds me, lets start with our rapid fire round.
What comes to your mind when i First say
Ocean: Titanic
Destruction: The Lost world
Paradise: Pardes
Entertainment: Dirty Dancing
Luck: Lifetime Prepaid with free messaging
Technology: "Apple"
(more Laughter)
John Abraham: Medhavi
Abhishek Bachhan: Medhavi
( do i wannnt moree)

That was a fun round...u'r the Undisputed Winner of our Red Label Tea Hamper
(recorded Applause)

Me: Again, sir, Wat do u feel are the chances of my passing the 2nd year Exams?
God: Aisa hai....(blinks).. Dobara mat puchna!

Me: (genuinely trubbled with black thots). Its been a pleasure chatting up with u, but now i have to go Study.


Sunday, March 26, 2006

Its AnOther TequiLa Sunrise...

"The poetry of the earth is never dead"
-John Keats

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Sense and SeNsibility ??!!

"Tom: I am Sorry
Pirrou: Dont say sorry- that's one word that has lost all meaning in this world. And the times when we really feel Sorry, we cannot bring ourselves to say it. "

That's jus one of the most true-est (if thats a word) things that have been highlighted in the book, Whitethorn. The book is a Journey of this seven year old boy who's caught in the web of racist hatred, but manages to emerge, cleansed in the flames of truth and Justice. Another quote the book uses is:
" To thine own self, be true"...
All i can say is that, it was an amazing Experience!

Speaking of Experience, i guess by now, Lakshya has enough to participate in any event at any Fest- from Acting,to Singing...from Dancing to Walking the Ramp..and the latest feather in the Cap would be- Debating!
Much said and done, we met again in college to witness yet another war or words between Mickey Mouse and Me- n i must admit- Its loaddssaa Fun! I mean, yeah...i DID get bored of us thinking exactly alike! ..uh..ok...not BORED..but it was FREAKY! ( I hope u agree to thaaaat, Vindy)

Its that time of the year when we'v got to stay home and Study- Needless to say, I'm having a tough time! Its practically like...Living Hell! (ohkkk.Exaggeration!!) ... But all i can sincerely do is to Sleep- and its pretty rewarding- cz then i get to stay up the whole night, listening to the silent whispers of the Dark..memories getting pushed back to the Exorcism of Emily Rose!
Its really wondrous as to how i posess the Enuthusiasm and Energy to do Evrything under the Sun thats jus best tagged as "USELESS" ( Thats what my Mom says)!

> This post doesnt really make much sense, but then I was told by Someone today, that my nonsense-posts are much better than the Serious the Jerry Reign is bak i gez!

P.S- Its verrry important, that i shd also mention, that during our Vellapanti sessions, Mickey and I have developed an unusual skill- Predicting futures! Ya..we jus KNOW that by the end of some more months together, I shall start looking like a Burger, and she THINKS she will become a French Fry! ... I couldn't have DISAGREED further!...( Actually, i think i Could...considering the chain of comments on the last post)

Keep Shining, ppl!! :D

Monday, March 20, 2006

ChAinEd ThoughTs...

"My life's a Bed of Roses"
"Thank you so much God"
" I feel gud abt life- am luckky".....blah blah....

- No, I havent really won a lottery- those are jus some thoughts that cross my mind instinctively when i come across "creatures" ...uh...thts way they're labelled by our so-called sane and dignified society. Eununchs. Yeah..i have been thinkin...and somehow i cant manage to shut my eyes to the humiliation that theyr facing for the past so many years...not to mention the indispensable cruelty that our " Society" afflicts upon them! We claim so much, and yet deliver so little- Its Sad! Jus very sad!

Why cant we jus broaden our Perspectives?? Its not asking for too much- is it? India,after all is a land of why do we take so long to accept something that's a lil away frm "normal"!
And yeah...i would so wanna know how "normal" is defined. More so, WHO defines it? All i know that they have a problem with their sexual organs. They have the same emotions as us, and i know some who have adopted kids as well!

I had an online argument with Lakshya- some members- they somehow feel that making society aware of the condition of Eununchs through a Street Play isn't a gud enuf idea. How else do we, as citizens contribute?? I be honest...someone as sensible as Mickey Mouse thinks they're a dangerous lot- thats the kinda misconception I want Us to get out of. And being girls doesnt stop me from going out and doing the least i can. I know, the audience will probably find much reason to mock us, but then THINK- a group of people face the humiliation every minute of their lives..and we, dont have the courage to bear it for a maximum of 20 minutes??? Sad.

I know, one post or one implausible street play will not change the way they're treated..but i know, if I can drill some emotions and sense(in the right mix) into at least one person, i will bring about .1% relief to a Eununch. That one person will perhaps, personally let go of the urge to mistrust, or ill-treat a sane "creature"..Eununchs, i know, u will say are not Innocent themselves...but wat has made them like that?? maybe its their inherent nature, maybe its the rejection they've faced..AND maybe..its their Rebel against "abnormal" ppl like us. What makes us abnomal? Is that what you wonder? Well.. the answer is: The Incapacity to Feel.

However, I understand that some members of the Eununch Community misuse their stand, and thus, are rendered deceptive. And nowadays, this kind is a majority- and they do give enough reasons for doubt and maybe even fear to grow...but then, awareness and open mindedness is the need of the hour!

In Conclusion, Every Coin has two sides...

Saturday, March 18, 2006

The WeeK that Was...

Rang De Pink, YEllow n Green(ok..Basanti sounds better)
Had a Holi celebration in college- I tried not to get tooo coloured cz i had to meet a friend in the afternoon- but who cares, anyway! Sonakshi was perhaps, the best sight. Ah! wat i forgot to mention was that, two teachers, who i totally look up to, also Coloured me- that was Fun! N while on my way to meet my friend, i amused people around me with the yellow-pink-green face that i haddd! (Of course, i cleaned up before i finally went).
Note fr the Day: Costa Coffee serves the best Hot Chocolate, ever.

Tuesday- Wednesday:

- Two days of Sleep. Feels like Heaven. Karteek and Tanvi came over on Wednesday, n wat happened is History.
Btw, the sudden Monsoon-outbreak felt upliftting! Romantic is the word. And I spent it with Mr. Sleep- could there have beeen a Deadlier combo??

Met Ritika- old friend from school. Anything thats "old" makes you feel comfortable and Good. Some things, good, or bad, never Change. Since life cannot be all happy without meeting a Lakshya member thruout da day, i decided to go to college. Neha n Vrinda were there- 2 Lakshya members is a treat when its sposed to be "no college". We kept up to our traditions of "vellapanti" by scooting off to Janpath. When i returned home at 8:30...i was tired! (yea, its surprisin that fr an Alien-in-human-form, i was low on Energy)! However, fighting against the clouds of slumber, i managed to keep up till abt 2 a.m cz Religion doesnt allow me to sleep without being online and on-the-phoneline!

Memoirs of School days
Was SUPPOSED to attend class. And this Audition for a YashRaj Movie which wants girls playin hockey. No points for guessin what i attended! I never knew our National Game was so much fun! Of course, i dint get selected(tanya n mansi did!) - but it was Worrrthh it! Since my school was nearby, I took Neha along with me. Visiting School refreshed soo many memories!! I met all my teachers and my Principal and talking to them, needless to say, brought out the True Spirt in me. You probably wd think I'm exaggerating and all...but only a Springdalian knows wat it means to be one. In so mch time, i havent felt thaaat gud abt myself as i did when i Went bak to school!
However, in due time, reached college and Mickey MoUse came over fr a nite stay. The day couldn't have gotten bettr! One realization: we can anythinngg! And yeah, "blow" money too! ;) [ fortunately or unfortunately, only Mickey mouse will get the joke. With Two movies and lottsa was quite a day!!
Note Fr the Day: Sometimes, Goin bak in time makes u feel mch ahead of yrself.

Well...woke up and rushed.... to watch Chronicles of Narnia! A great STart to a seemingly boring day. We returned home, only to watch Pride and Prejudice! Since she left, i was bored enuf to finally Blog and Illumine the ones who're dwelling in the dark...

Note fr the Week: Life's faster than Lightening!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

One more Page from the Book Of Life

My last Entry was Indeed a very Special one. To quote one reason, it was my 50th Post! Yayy! And then, it was a Lakshya-speacial! hehehe! Anyways...Finally, my racing mind has come to a screeching halt. There are no more pending assignments, and i guess attendance has been managed as well cz i dint c my name in the "short atendance" list. *Reliieeff*

There's a book i've been reading- Whitethorn. Truly beautiful. Actually quite touching. About an English boy who learns to survive in an African orpahange-amongst all the hatred they harbour(towards him), he finds love- all around him. Since the narration is thru the Perspective of a 7-yr jus becumz all the more moving... The innocence that describes the brutality of the surroundings is what makes the book so different from all the others that i have come across till date.

However, there have been certain unspeakable(and unwritable) instances in my life, that have, i guess changed me forever. Dunno if its for the better or worse, but i guess Something positive eventually comz out of the worst of situations. I hardly care about the Past(which somehow allways cumz bak to haunt me) and I give a S*** about the future..The present is in the moments i am living and Thats wat matters.

"Thank you God, for giving me another day to live". Amen.

Friday, March 10, 2006

LiGhts, CaMera, Actionnnn!!

I guess a lotta Hyper tension and a fussy-ness for 'Perfection' is kinda Irritatin...but All's well that Ends Well! The farewell play was a hugeee success! A super-duper hit, if u ask me! Yea, lottsa modesty, i know..but cant help feelin proudd of my team! Without each person who was involved... it wouldnt have been half as good! From Lightings to Props, from Acting to Background music... jus Everything was Perfect! Jus the way i had imagined it to be!

The butterfly-in-the-stomach Feelin was natural i guess, but i can assure you, initially, it feels Weeiirrrrddd! When i was Dancing like jus dint feel as though i had been Nervous some time ago! Yeah, durin all the Nervousness and Best- of -Luck-hugs, i did miss my ex-best friend a lot(duno if i shd say "best friend" at all).... !

On-stage, we had a Blasstt! Off-stage, hhehehe...I'd rather NOT give details about the Green-Room antics!

Here's my take on my team, Lakshya

Mansi: I nevrrrr cd imagine the Eng-Hons kiddo to take up "Yudhishthir" , and the shudh-hindi-speakin character...And she shocked me, by not Fumbling! :D

Tanya: Our G.Sec has been obsessed with Cricket since the day i'v known her. The rest is upto your Imagination(mind u, the wild onz)

Saloni: One of the Most Adooorrable characters, and her style, her attitude, jus made the role seem "tailor-made" for her. Actually, it was! And the Boots- they really made her feel bettr i guess! The "Eggjacctly" character, has found much fame!

Vrinda: One of the gay bro's..heheh...that was a Natural i guess!!! :D lolzz! But damnn Cute!

Shazia: The other gay bro. Wannabe rokstarz.. i hope Linkin Park doesnt sue us fr ruining their song! Again, like Mansi, she played a role, contradictory to her Character!

Priya: The most lovable member! Kunti Maa ki Jaiii! Even the Mahabhrata dint make Kunti as interesting as Priya did! Her ex-janam ka Mujra training reallly helped! Our dear Krishna Bhaiiya( canteen guy) is a huge fan of hers now! Like Saloni, This babe has been center of All complimentz! N a point to be kept in mind: She was the only person i continuoslly kept shouting at! (yea..ok..her off stage antics irritated me n i hate to admit, tehy made me laugh as well, tho secretly)! Luurrvveee u darlin :D

Me: played Draupadi. For the first time, spoke in Taporui language, Another "experience" among the herd thats been comin my way off-late.

Namita, Shilpi, Alphy: Those guys wer too the Qawallli sequence..! Mann! if i dint have to rob ARjun of his gun, i wd definnittly marry them!! :D

Moitreyi: The most favourite member o'mine! (sorry for the bias, guys). She lost her phone today, but it dint come in the way of her performnce. Now since she played my dad and Ravan...amd finally Bunty(k..i knw, confusin..but thts wats funny) ...basically we make fools outta everybdy... Our dance nbr jus was too much Fun! Love u lotts and Lotts!

And our Backstage members did an outsatndingggg job- Shivika(music), Richa(lights), Priyam, Deepika...and Everyyybdyy.....A hugeeeee..reallly Huge HUGGG from me...!!


Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Passion of The ChrisT!!!!

Last day of submitting all asignments(around 4-5) : Friday
Last day of getting attendance rectified : Friday
Last day of submittin article for Newspaper : Friday
Last day of..basically Farewell(the play) : Friday
Have to get my phone repaired by.. : Friday
(software gt corrupted u c, so i hv no "contacts")

Rightfully, they call it Good Friday!
But Jerry, like the Christ, shall rise by Sunday! How i wish sunday wd come Fassst....!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Cocktailsss...And MockTailss!

Jus some more Days and some o' my closest frends will be waving G'bye...Yeah..its Farewell time for my 'seniors'! Two years of College have literally flown by and somehow i jus dint realize it! Maybe i was too busy Performin! :P Speaking of performances, we had our last one today..the last one fr this session, i mean! N it was a veryyy memorable one!
We went to JIMS, much against circumstances(without even 9 members, without 2 kurtas and a pair o jeans,...etc)! For the first time, i laughed during a very serious scene(its sposed to be MY scene) but thankfully my back was towards the Judge. We were also faced with majr Competition today- no, am not talkin about SRCC, or hansraj, or even Kirorimal for that matter. Am talkin about plays tht were a Cut-Copy-Paste job of the above mentiond 3 colleges! Frankly, for the first time, we missed those guys! I would've personally loved to see their faces when they saw a Ditto copy- a mirror image of their own play! Dayal Singh College wd've been a better sight, since the JIMS team copied da name of their Theatre Society as well! Phewww!!!

I attended 1 whole class today. And realised i have 3 pending actually 4. But u're not interested in i shall digress into some oter Topic! Tomorrow we girls might jus hit janpath..Damn! Thats not interestin enuf..okk..yeah.. I jus called in fr the DVD of ' Exorcism of Emily Rose'. Friday nites fr me, are now usualy movie nites. And Mickey Mouse is one Person i will want to discuss it with- shes seen the movie and shes scaredd majjrlly nowadays! Shes scared to the xtent tht now i have to acompany her to places which are jus not meant to be fr 2 ppl!!! ;)

My much-awaited trip to Hong Kong has got cancelled and nobodddyy could realise more tahn me that jus when u think things are goin your way..Wham! u hit across a huge wall or smthn... Basically, not Cancelled but "postponed"! It makes me Sad...but i guess wateva happenz is fr the Good. Mayb i really neeed to start studyin! Life's moving at a fasstt pace rite now and too mcuh happens too suddenly and doesnt leave me with the Capacity to Blog! But am tryng harrdd....

P.S- I'm kinda irritated rite now...dunno y...maybe its the flaming sun thats heated up my senses...and today Mickey Mouse n i were interrupteeedd in the middle of a VellaPanti Session by my Momma! Ufff! But we'll make it upp..... :| (hopefully soon)!
Good times ahead. College ppl screenin Pride and Prejudice and Iqbal- two movies i havent watched and thus, shall get to watch! with friends! yayyeee! * Irritation Vanishes...Whoooshhh*