Sunday, April 23, 2006

Of Blogspot Errorzz....

Dear Ppl...

I posted a new Entry..but due to some 'technical' error, the latest entry has been dated "18th April"... So scroll down and read... and njoy my post, Careers 2: talk Show Host!

Zankee All..!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

A LoT LiKe Loveee!

.... I used to laugh when they said that the World bcumz Rosier
....I couldn't stop Grinning when they said its Crazy
......I would smirk when they said its luh-vvv-leee and yet dangerous!
..And now i jus Sighh!!

The World seems Rosierrr
I'm definitely goin Crazy (to be bloggin stuff like THIS) sure feels awesumm...but it Scares me nevertheless

Oh Aphrodite! Illumine me! Illumine me! feels Goooood..Feels like Love... :D

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Careers 2 : Talk Show Host!

I have somehow developed a reputation of being a MEAN BITCH..not that i'm Complaining..but its flattering to imagine that i could turn it into a Successful Career! ..This is jus one of my insane-r Alter Ego's. Please be prepared for anything while reading. I fully acknowledge all kinda laughter at my feel free to put your view(s) (if any) across..U nevvah know- U could be my Next Guest!

"You are invited to a special evening! An intimate evening of Cold smiles and shared Malice... of rekindled memories and recounted experiences... of (un)ashamed tears and Evil laughter. You are invited to a Rendezvous. A Rendezvous with Jerry"

................So Welcome to the Season Finale of yet another Episode of Rendevous with Jerry!
Today, we have a very special Guest..Special,because he has proven to be a Medical Wonder..Living without Brains is certainly a struggle in today's Maniac World.. Presenting before you, Mr. Nefarious Whacko!

NW : thanks
My pleasure

Me : ...its been 23 yrs u've been existin
NW : to be precise Jerry,22
Me : oh! i'm highly apol'gtic..I know it must've hurt you..really...I beg for apology!

Me: (smooth,sympathetic voice) ...tell me..
It must hv been so sad....Being you

NW :(laughs) yeah! according to me sadness is an abstract thing..I cant describe my life as sad

Me : What a simply beautiful thought... its so touching...
Would u rather describe it as Miserable?

NW: 'Miserable' would be an understatement

Me: Oh! really? ...tell me, Oh Loser, wat has ben the most tragic part of yr life? bein born? or continuing to live?

Nw : According to me, Life itself is a disease-a sexually transmitted disease

Me: Wat an intelligent thought- comnng from a 22 yr old- u have amazed me...
So, in these 22 years, how have you wasted yrself?

NW : well I have not wasted anything..I have used every moment of my life to try new things like Vodka to Drugs, Boney M to Bhangra, ...why, do u think it is a waste?

Me : Absoluty not! In fact, i wish every growing boy in india followed yr path to this kind of Ultimate Self-abuse...
do u hv some wrds of wisdom fr them?

NW : yes surely
" Before abstaining from anything, try everything that life offers u coz u wont get a second chance"

Me : i wd appalud that encouragement!
So, how is it like, workin in a germany-based-finance company...? borin is it, i mean

NW : well it is fun actually.....we are allowed to lose a lot of money...thereby making our fellow cousins richer .

Me : I C..And tell me..wat abt yr schooling and college- wer u ver given the privileges of education?

NW : yes college was the terms of lineancy towards attendance
so made full use of it
also close proximity of the coll to a Dance bar gave me an insight into social life of Mumbai

Me: Ah! every boy's dream....!
Do u have any unflfilled wishes?

NW : I dont wish.....I am not a materialistic individual

Me : then are u a non-materialistic-spiritual MPD-infected person?

NW : yeah

Me : sO how many ppl cn we find in you?
Apart from the drug,alcohol-addict, and the trader...?

NW : every person has got more than a face- there is a philanthropist in me also
... but i dont want to talk abt it further

Me: Simply too gud... thats heavy material for our weak-brained Audience...on that account, we take a break...

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Da Nu Face Ov Mah Bloggie!

Da foloowin Post is Dedicattedd to mah dearest Mama...Kittu Mama! - One hu has managed to keep his eyesight intact after keepin regularly in touch wi mah blog!
He once said to moi : " Your shrt frmz are a torture to the eyez.." ... And he's known for lovin my spellings too- for that, the credit whollyyy and solellly goes to mickey mouse, whose attrocious speelings hv had a tremendous impact on my mental faculteez! I wonder wat Kittu mama wd say to her!

Now, the Genius-Mama came up wid this:

- therez this icon kinda thingy below the clown pic on mah bloggie- clik on that to translate my Blog into "Gangsta Rap"- Its Funny! Really it is! In Kittu Mama's words, my translated blog is much more readable than the original one...and more interesting and yea.."gives me a prsonality"!

So all u ppl can try it out..have a great laff..and thank Kittu Mama!
He's available @ da foll add:

House no.6
Hell's Angels' Appartments
SatanBrotherhood City...

[P.S- M wunnering if Mickey Mouse's Blog wd be translatd to normal English afta usin tht Site! hehe.. ]

Sunday, April 09, 2006

To Be Or Not To Be -

Once upon a time, in a Country not so far away, lived Unintelligent Rules. Around him also lived Hardwork, and Merit, who loved each other. As time passed by, somehow,they became quite distant..Merit would seldom accompany Hardwork, and HArdwork slowly started to decline.
As if this were not sad enough, Unintelligent Rules started becoming more and more famous and his friendship with Injustice was blossoming. Due to some unknown factors, he harboured some kind of a malice towards Merit and Hardwork. SO, not-so- surprisingly, he, in alliance with Injustice, decided to kill them, and with little effort,they was rendered Successful. And so, the Country went to the dogs who chewed it up, and lived happily ever after.

- Does that make Sense? No? Well..for now, the Ministry of HRD is making no possible sense to me at least!
After some "careful thinking", they have decided to re-instate the provisions of the Mandal Commission recommendations of 1980 of reserving 27% of all seats in institutes of higher education being centrally funded for OBC's. Therefore, this ,alongwith the quota already administered for SC's and ST's raises the quota to a stunning 49.5 %!!!
And this, is supposedly gonna be folllowed up by the IIM's IIT's and Universities such as our very own prestigious "D.U" !!! So basically, if we study, and slog our asses off...we somehow stand a miniscule chance of getting into a proper college/institute! So hardwork dsnt reaaly pay off. What matters is our Caste. Oh! and did i mention that it is being brought about for the sake of " Equality" ?? Bites Me!

As i go into a flashback mode, I find myself and others like me (and some bettr than me)- getting more than 80% (even 90%), struggling to get through a 'good' college. And it remains a struggle owing to the benovelent rules of Reservation.
As i switch to the present mode, I find myslf, and others like me(and some better than me), struggling to get through a 'good' institute for higher studies. And it remains a Struggle, owing to an even more charitable decision made by our worthy Ministry!

This so-called "fair-dealing" is nothing but a bloody farce. Its jus gonna increase the divide amongst various castes- not bring about Equality! And yeah..there ARE moreways of bringing about Equality!
Trust me, where Education is concerened, QUOTAS are NOT required!

If we're gonna do nuthin about this..believe u me, i see A future where we're still gonna struggle and Complain. If we dont stand up fr our rights..yea..we're gonna end up like the Country in my story above. The Choice is entirely ours.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

(Un)Healing, Open Wounds....

Sometimes in life, we are faced with situations we are forced to accept. Sometimes in life, we have to take decisions that hurt us,but is a source of pleasure to someone else. Sometimes in life, we need to do things that we normally wouldn't have.Sometimes in life we need to learn things the hardest way.Sometimes in life, we feel lonely with everybody around us. Sometimes we feel Unloved with pampering comin from all possible sides. Sometimes we need to cry alone. And sometimes...there's No shoulder to cry on.

Dear All...
Am not sad, or -in-of-those moods... Jus that there's a lotta reflexivity goin on... This post means much, and yet nothing to me...this post is perhaps the most Ironical of all...
The following poem might evoke tears...but dont ask me who wrote it and for I wont tell...

I'll always wait for you
At every turning point of my life.
And even as I know im gonna walk my way alone,
I know I have to walk on..
With, or without you

I'll always think of you once
Every morning when I wake up.
And even as I know im gonna have to live my day alone,
I know I have to wake up every morning..
With, or without you

Im always gonna breathe for you once
Before I take one for myself.
And even as I know Im not gonna feel ur breath on my skin,
I know I have to breathe..
With, or without you

Im always gonna smile for you
When im sulking or sad.
And even as I know you aren?t smiling back at me,
I know I have to smile..
With, or without you

I'll always be happy for your success
I'll always be sad for your loss.
And even as I know you cant see how much I care,
I know I have to go on..
With, or without you

I'll always dream of you...only you
When I sleep under the beautiful moonlit sky.
And even as I know there is someone else you dream of,
I know I have to keep dreaming..
With, or without you

As I realize how fake my dreams have been
As I realize how worthless my tears were to you.
As I realize how clueless all this time I was,
I simply cant overlook,that i just cant live..
With, or without you

Yeah...and sometimes in life, all the Savlon,Dettol,Band-Aid etc fail to heal certain Wounds... the (Un)Healing Wounds...

Monday, April 03, 2006

MoonShine Of a Spotless Mind!

Last evening i was Jus checking my Orkut account.... And Prakhar had left me this beautiful Scrap...

"i am sittin in my room...orkuttin...n then i suddenly see ouside the window...n wat i see -a breathtakin nite sky...with with no silver specks...jus moon oozin out beauty..."

- I tried imagining it- and well..It was BEAUTIFUL! I wonder how he made the scene look so .. Pure.... with a few simple words...!!!
I have been assured, tht the guy has SOME brainz! *gigglllee*giggle*

" The breathtakin nite sky
all spread out o'er my head
Inspires me...and i realise
That there are moments in life,
That actually make u Fly....

The light breeze
Hugs me tight
And i wish for more nights like these
I know how wild n crazy this sounds
But its a Feelin thts...inexplicably profound!!!

The moon shines right o'er my head
And a starless night jus reminds me
Of the many things i've left Unsaid... "
( This is inspired by those lovely lines that were scrapped to me) :)

- Yea..thats my Super-elevated, Thoughtful, Over-Sensitive, not to mention Hyper Imaginative soul Speakin...
However, the above two lines indicate escalating proficiencies that i'm achieving at bloggin Crapp!

Dear Readers,
since the exam-season is here... my coherent craziness, hand-in-glove with my lucid lampoons are becoming more and more distant, allowing the Queen of Nonsense to take over. kindly Co-operate.

In Distress,
A student of English Lit!!!!!!