Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Romancing The Lonely Night!

Its probably one of teh most beautiful rains ever... Its 3.30 n am wide awake ! The scene outside makes me wish i got lost in the night somewhere...never to return to dis animal kingdom!


Nothing...jus felt like Blogging! .... n now i shall Go Dance in the rain..!

Friday, May 19, 2006

BittErSweet Symphony!

Current song Playin : Annie's Song

Once again, I am hopelessly in love...only this time, the guy is a national rage! Uh...i mean..each person in my sane circle has been enraged by his activities! His voice can put Elvis Presley to shame!
U guessed it! I am talkin abt "The Himesh Reshammiya"! India's very own Nasal-Music chart-buster! the amazing music he composes..if i may call that music at all... The same tunes in every song makes me jump with joy for i have never known Such Consistency! I always thought life was about innovation...but he has clearly changed my views n opinions! I have been influenced by his trendy ways in such a ridiculously terrible fashion that i loathe anybody with a cap n an unsporty stubble!
If ur wondering if i actually love him or no..stop being silly! I do! He's jus everywhere around me. Like the very popular dialogue in hindi movies, "har jagah bas wohi hai..ankhen band karlu, toh bhi wahi hai.."...yeah..any Radio Channel, any music Channel...Evrything contains Himesh Darling! (an now Even my blog, does! )! - oh...and if all that wasnt enuf, his songs hv strted to feature in advertisements as well! I have never been so proud of him- he has actually managed to win all the heartfelt curses of all loverz of Music!

Nobody has managed to capture my attenshun like he has..except of course, lizards n slimeballs
Nobody can ever replace him in my memoreez...except of course, Worse Music
Nobody can go about setting "bold" style statements like him...except ofcourse the actors of the Evil Dead!

Since i can't stop gushing over my new-found admiration fr him...I will stop here and go back to having musical Nightmares..

I hope u all out there love him too..maybe not as much as me..maybe more than me...And if neither's the case, well... TOO bad fr u!

P.S: A trivia fr u: Spot at least 3 Differences amongst the followin:
>Ashiq banaya aapne
>Naam hai tera
>Jhalak Dikhlajaaaaaaaa

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Sands Of Time!

Because i am adept in the skill of talking endlessly and digressing in the process, i think i will make a great Granny! Jokes apart... the other day, while talking to an old friend, i realised ..and was surprised at how many things i remembered- of course, pertaining to childhood...something that i'll probably never get over with!
An ideal life it was- waking up earrrly morning..accompanying my nana to his morning walks..and on my way, wishing even the dog sleepin under the car, a good morning! Sometimes, i jus cant stop smiling when i look back on the brat that i was! I would successfully ruin the peace of the house with my presence! It would take me 3 hours,some tv, walking down the whole neighbourhood to eat jus ONE meal! I actually distorted da lovely blue eyes of my doll cz my mom had cuddled HER since she “ate peacefully n dint give trubble like me”
Like most kids, I liked playing teacher-teacher, n kitchen set! N of course, I would bathe my now-blind-doll with Pears soap in the drawing room! Since I hated bathing(but loved oil massages)…I used to play “hide n seek”- only if I was discovered sitting under the dining table, wd I agree to bathe! Hehhehe! Once while running after me, my nani literally slipped over the oil…
It was a routine fr me to “pretend to sleep” after lunch and wake up at the sound of “gubbare le lohhh”, ensuring me one balloon,each day apart from other goodies.
Like me, my hair has always been short. “False hair braids” satisfied my desires of havin longg hair! What was amazing was, my ability to convince people that my hair had a magical quality of growin during the day and shrinking in the evenings! I cant understand how I actually believeeed that!
In the evenings, I would swing in the park…play with other taller kids of my age…and then accompany my maid to buy milk and vegetables. Oh… n she was also made to carry me (cz I was too royal to walk) and my doll and the vegetable basket and the milk can! (yeah.. she was human, and still loved me)!
And thus, in much luxury and pampered-ness ended the first 3 years of my glorifying existence … However.. since m livin with my grandparents again.. My second childhood’s back! N frankly, not much has changed!
An ideal life this is- waking up at noon…having breakfast when nana-nani have lunch…
It takes me jus some Tv to eat my food… and eating is something I do veryyy religiously! so basically, I have improved.
About my doll- she’s long dead, since a very cruel dog ate up one of her plastic legs! After all, beauty dsnt live long…
I don’t play teacher-teacher now( instead I avoid meeting mine!) and I’m not much of a cook! Tho I can cook horrible half-boiled macaroni!
I bathe during the night and I hate Pears and have practically no time to waste on oil massages- tho an interesting masseur would excite me! I am as naughty as ever.
I don’t sleep after lunch… I sleep ALL the time! And I wake up only with the sound of my phone! My daily goodies include Maggi and Chocolates! *yumm….Sluurrrppp*
Like me, my hair is still short. But m trying to grow them…they look ok. Jus that I’m still as much obsessed with them as I used to be.
In the evenings, I try my best to go for a walk. I don’t know who gets milk n veggi’s now. I think the vendor delivers them. My maid is always overworked bcoz of me… I don’t know if she loves me yet coz she’s a new one!
And thus, in much luxury and pampered-ness continue 3 years of my glorifying experience of College life…
Not much has changed…REALLY!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Lets Get CreaTivE !

After a Week of hibernation..uh..Lambiiiiii Judaiiii from my beloved Computer, i have resurrected! yayee! Guess it was one of my worstt nightmares come true! However, i wish my former CPU speedy recovery Coz i still miss my music files!
The Blog...has started to wither...in other words..it needs an update! And since i'm still recovering..or at least tryin to recover the grey chunk of my seemingly empty head, i thought i'd let my readers decide the future of this particular Post, bcoz some of them complain of me sitting on a "moral highground" most of the times.... The following, has emerged as a result of the spark produced by the not-so-effortless rubbing of 2 scarce brain cells that i proudly claim as mine. Also, these days i've been reading a lot about Harvard copycats and plagiarisms...so i guess i should give credits to protect myself against the Dark world!
Last nite, my-tree and mickey mouse got me into an interesting conversation regarding Patriotism and Humanity. Thinking of a Human chain, i hit upon the idea of a Crazy Chain!
Oh..and yea..its also inspired by this Theatre game we once played...

The idea is to link your thoughts to mine...I'll blog my thoughts...and u could jus continue from where i stopped...And that way I'd probably get to see ONE picture made of a variety of colours! This IS NOT jus for the Lakshya Monkeys..but also for all the other Inhabitants of the Jungle out there... Jus care NOT to digress into something Meaningless...

So here goes:

" Its Amazin what some water droplets falling from above can do...
Las evening, it finally rained! The pleasant breeze blowing across my face..through my hair- n not to mention the fragrance of wet sand! -It was jus so utterly romantic, and uplifting! With the loudd thunder echoing above my head, i wished there would be some more rainy evenings and nights! Believe me, its highly rejenuvating! ...And teamed with hot Coffee..u'v got yrself into Heaven! The scene around me was Exhilirating- trees swaying, leaves falling...