Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Careers 4: Poet!

Q: What do you get when you cross Eliot with a demented English literature student?!
A : A spoof on Eliot's famous poem ' The Love song of J.Alfred Prufrock'

Today when i sat in class with my eyes concentrating on every word in the poem, and my heart reaching out to poor Prufrock, who was apparently too low on self confidence- disillusioned and disconnected from the 'self', unable to fall in love and keep up relationships...i decided to play God and give him a life! So here goes :

Let us go then, you and I,
When the stars are spangled all o'er the sky
Like a drug-addict panting upon his bed
Let us go, through certain deserted streets
The silent retreats
Of Passionate nights in one-night 5star hotels
and plush restaurants with Oyster shells
Roads that have no ends..of pleasurable intent
To lead you to a meaningless question,
Oh! Do not ask 'What it is'
Let us jus stop thinking, and Do it!

In the room, men come and go
Talking of Othello!

The Colourless rain that falls on the window pane
The dizzy smog that blinds the clear lanes
Licked its tongue into corers of the potholes
Lingered upon stinking gutters
Let fall upon its back the sticky mud
And seeing that it was a dreary November night,
We stop thinking of the fear..and Do it!!

And indeed there will be a time
For the dizzy smog that blinds clear lanes
There will be time, There will be time
To cleanse and tone my face before we meet
There will be time for you and me
and time yet for a hundred groans and shrieks
Before we wake up for a cup of morning tea.

In the room, men come and go
Talking of Dario Fo.

And indeed there will be time
To wonder 'how was it', 'how was it'?
Time to turn back, and descend into the 'pit'
They will say, " how is she losing so much weight and growing thin?"
My fur coat, my colourful muffler mounting to the chin
There will be time to give out a broad grin,
And think about that Nescafe Muffin
They will say, "Sheesh! Sucha sin!"
How was it- to disturb the peace of the night?

In a minute there is time
For contemplations and confusions which a minute will reverse.
For i have know them all already, known them all-
Red Riding Hood, The Hare, The Tortoise and how Humty dumty had a great fall
I have known the (k)nights, mo(u)rnings and after-noons
I have measured out the number with tea spoons.
I know the voice of the Dark Lord & his calls
Beneath the screams from the nearest (grave)yard.
So Why should i presume?
And i have known the eyes already, known them all
The eyes that are horrible green and stony blue
When i am pined & wriggling against the wall
They penetrate me, while i Catch the flu.
So there's no scope for me to presume.
And I have known the arms already, known them all-
Arms that held mine- brown and bare
Is it the odour from an unwashed dress
That makes me sniff and hinders our progress?
Arms that lie along the pillow, or wrap around the sheet
Should i then presume? and how should i begin?
And would it have been worth it after all
after the cups, mugs, the tea
Among the chinaware, among the talk of you and me
Would it have ben worthwhile
To kiss away your smile
To have blinked my eyes like a Doll?
To say: 'I am Voldemort, come from the dead'
come back to tell you all- I shall tell you all
The secrets of the Bed..
-And that's not all....

No, i am not Rosalind, nor was meant to be
Am the inconstant Rover, one that will do
All u ask me to!
Distressed, horny, and corny
At times indeed, almost Thorny.
I grow old..i grow old...
I shall wear my inners with another fold
shall i streak my hair or apply a bleach
To look even fair?
I have heard the rooster crow
But i do not think it will awaken me
Combing my greying hair
That the wind has blown back
When the Wind blows over the different heads- white and black.

We have lingered in the Chamber of Secrets
Harry and I,
Now that Dumbledore's dead
We weep, sob and cry!

P.S: Dear Mr.Eliot...Love fulfilled feels more humorous than failed love! N if you're turning in your grave..jus make sure you dont crush the worms!

P.P.S: All literature lovers: I really like poetry..this was borne out of the inadequacy to understand a certain kind of love.. and also out of a lot of time that i had at my disposal!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Careers 3: Food Critic!

Today, while roaming around North Campus, i had the opportunity of checking out every College's canteen. It is said, that College life is most remembered for its Canteen life...so today, i wondered about the sad state of a lotta "good" colleges!

To begin with, we entered SRCC...and since i had managed to skip breakfast, i decided to pay a homage to SRCCs canteen. After climbing stairs(which btw, is a tiring excercise for the lazy-likes of me), it was brought to my immense horror, that the Food Court dint serve NonVeg! so there goes! Minus points...gud pao bhaji..but...tsk tsk..tsk..

The next stop was MH..Miranda House..loadsa girls! So the only excitement in their life HAD to be the Canteen..well..it was tooooo dark to go in there..n i wasnt particualrly wanting to treat myself to the appearances of cockroaches and their social circle. Basically..no points at all.

Like life, i had to move on. Especially coz the Call of the TasteBuds was beckoning.. KiroriMal was perhaps the saddest..Their Canteen doesn't serve Chocolate. I have nothing to write further on. Not worth the precious sarcasm.

Hansraj and i share a special relationship...thanks to their "efficient" union last year- but thats a different story... More than their Canteen, their Nescafe Counter flabbergasted me! They apparently, do NOT sell Muffins!!!!!! So the whole point of havin a Nescafe...well..Neverrrr Mindddd!

But they say, all's well that ends well..Before i could take the huge fall and plunge into Depression, Hindu offered me the treatttt- with its irresistible Kabab Rolls! It jus made the whole North Campus trip soo worthwhile!! It was like being reborn!!..ok...a lil melodramatic..but that's the effect of the Kababs!

So now..anybody who reads this post, will hopefully know what to avoid, and what to look out for, if they ever go hopping to North Campus!

Points to Also Remember: Al-Bake,NFC, serves the best shawarmas ever. EVER. No One Can Have Just One!
Eatopia, IHC: One of the best places to eat-out at! (esp if u have Discount coupons) *wink wink*

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Where Is Toba Tek Singh??? ....... The Search Goes On....

Cost of 13 Jhablas: 1300
cost of 13 dupattas: 1100
The look on Bhavin's face when he saw the 'lunatics' on stage : Priceless

Two months ago, the English Department collaborated with Lakshya, the Theatre Society and got Mr Bhavin Gosain to handle a bunch of dyslexic dodos...His very first words were, "Call me Bhavin", and with that began our 'tryst with destiny'..uh..Acting! The span of two months went by in a jiffy..and till date i do not know who troubled whom more...With our punctuality, i am sure we made Bhavin a patient man..and with his generosity i guess we became more pampered. Of course every eventful love story starts with hatred, and ours with Bhavin was no different. His constant criticisms, and petulant flattery being the order of the day, drove us mad..to an extent that we didn't have to act much for the role of lunatics! But he was sure that someday we'd create magic!
Amongst the dreary practice schedules and numerous compromises...we pulled a rabbit outta the hat!! And the day came, when Bhavin declared he was going home a happy man- yeah..we finally created Magic! The Magic didnt really end there. We got selected for a performance at the IHC as a part of the Old World Theatre Festival..a huge affair..!! We went on to perform at Antaragni- the IIT-Kanpur Fest...and managed to spread the Magic...
Our play, based on Manto's story Toba Tek Singh was made famous by the thematic question of the play.. "Where is Toba Tek Singh?".... The delhites never really got the question (and a lady actually advised us about a bus that goes to Toba Tek Singh)..well..Kanpur got the Question, the Answer and the Prizes!!! When a group of guys accosted us within the cAmpus, we replied with an impromptu "Where is Toba Tek Singh"..however, they did their homework and got back to us with the location and area(in sq kms) of Toba Tek Singh! This is when i realised that my asservation that Magic was created had come too soon! Two days later, i bumped into a colourful poster in the Girls Hostel of IIT-K. It read:
"Last night our correspondents came across a bunch of half-deranged girls on the prowl who interrogated them as to Where is Toba Tek Singh.. Now IIT'ians may not know a lotta things..but they do have a 24x7 internet connection and a site called google.com. So we searched and got back to them with the answers..
However, after this interesting round of Interview, antaragni opens a new competition "Where is Toba Tek Singh?"- the most innovative answers will get prizes!!! "

LOL!!! I cant imagine the look on Bhavin's face when he sees what heights of fame his production has achieved! Well..after two months of missing classes,eating free samosas, availing free treats from Bhavin, having a picnic with him..it seems like he's going to be missed a lot..After all..Good things dont last forever...oh..But Madness sure does!! So Kudos to Bhavin, the English Department and well..the Lunatics for being themselves!!!!

Cost of Production: 6000/-
Cost of the Kanpur Trip: 8000/-
The look on people's faces when they heard the Question 'Where is Toba Tek singh' : Priceless