Saturday, December 09, 2006

Its a love not meant to be
Do i blame my eyes for they can see?
Do i blame my heart 'coz it can feel?
OR do i jus blame myself...for being Me!?!

The sadness doesn't penetrate
Neither does the 'passion'
When you see the castle break
How do you prevent it?
When you see the waves coming,
How do you face it?
When you see the Smile vanishing
And sad numbness taking over
How do you resurrect?

You know your world is falling apart
But all you can do is Watch
And Feel the pain
Like the rain washing away habitation
Like the storm blowing away trees that were once firmly rooted.

The ingredients are intact
But the dish is tasteless
Something's gone amiss
I know, maybe by the time
I realise what
It would have become stale.

Monday, December 04, 2006

WhAt if God Was One of US?!

Firstly, i'd like to apologise for the misleading title. This post has whatsoever got nothing to do with God or Spirituality or any kind of introspection. Secondly, i'd like to apologise for the torture i'm going to put you through in the next few lines..or paragraphs(whichever my mind shall be capable of)!

To begin with,It wasnt a sunny,bright day...literally and metaphorically. N then, quite miraculously, i lost my phone on the bus to college...right before getting off. I term it as a miracle cz the damned thing jus vanished. It was in my hand a minute ago..and the next i was off the bus minus my most prized posession! Some loser guy must've pounced upon it and attended my call jus to say "mujhe phone mila hai" [ "I have found a phone"]..he then switched it off! My parents were obviously very concerned about my condition n so they did their bit- of reprimanding me,that is. That's all i needed u c. As if i 'donated' my phone away!

However, a zillion thanks to some of my friends..especially Moitreyee..we went to the 'nearest' police station who made me write a complaint..and then woke up to the fact that it wasn't their "area of jurisdiction"!
Point to Note: If u are ever robbed, or raped or murdered...make sure its in the jurisdiction area of the nearest police station.Else u might have to run to a Station kilometres away jus to lodge a complaint! It doesnt matter to the Delhi Police that the crime has been committed in Delhi!
The cute sub-inspector at the other station was surprisingly very helpful and kinda assured me that my phone would be tracked down.
Point to Note: Cute this case Policemen are NOT to be trusted..but well, we gotta gamble it through,right?!

So here i am typin this with crossed fingers.

"Kindly make all your friends read this post. For every read, Blogspot has decided to give me 25p.Someday i might be able to buy myself a new phone"...(if u dont take this seriously, u will lose your phone- take my example)

...Fine! Stop frowning! i will never Delete anyyy of those junk mails..uh... heart-wrenchin,luck-bringing mails again. If i ever need Luck, its NOW!!! Someone, HELP (in cash or kind..anything is welcome)!