Saturday, December 08, 2007

Life's Like That....!

Its been six months...six months since I left Delhi. But I guess, tonight, is the first time, I find myself torn between two cities.


As I realize, that it's easy to spot the change, and pleasurable to feel it, I can't help but smile at the idiosyncrasies I once prided myself over.


Sometimes, its best to just let yourself free... and dance with the wind that blows across your face.


Its all about being at the right place, at the right time... opportunities find you before you find them....


Its extremely difficult to KNOW people.


Some friends, you just can't let go off. Even if they annoy the heart out of you.


Being crazy is better than being emotionally overcharged.


"To Thine Own Self, be true"


and this is something SIMC taught me : Nothing is worth getting flustered over.


Monday, July 23, 2007

You Know You're At SIMC When...

10. The word CCD doesnt mean Coffee, but Charged Coupled Devices

9. The word Weekend means Wednesday Night

8. Round Neck T-Shirts and Sleeveless ones cease to find space in your cupboard

7. You can relate and co-relate almost everything with the word "Convergence". Pronounced as "kn-vr-gens"

6. The Word "Break" comes across as Chocolate Syrup on a Vanilla Scoop

5. You Never know How Near/Far you are from a Warning Letter

4. You reach "home" at 10, and are wondering what you ate or whether you ate any dinner at all

3. You climb up 5 floors and still go to the Gym as a part of "Routine"

2. You start hearing the word MEETING a bit too often

1. You start hearing weird growling noises from your tummy every hour!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Malaysia...Truly Asia...!!!

This happens to be my 100th post. And also, the Longest. A family trip after 6 years! meaning 3 people!

Destination: Malaysia

Date of Departure: 17th May.

Duration of Stay: 8 days

Nature of Visit: Pleasure

Nature of Experience: A Visual Delight.

You know you're about to land in Malaysia, when you spot a lot of GREEN from the airplane window. Once you land, A huge airport welcomes you... with signs all over which read, 'Celebrating 50 years of Nationhood', 'Visit Malaysia Year'...vibrant tourism-campaigning!!! The amazing Arrival Hall (which has an equally amazing Starbucks outlet famous for its Frappuccino, duty free shops, The Body Shop, etc) connects to the Departure Hall via an orange and white train- yes, the airport is unimaginably huge and provides you with one helluva walking experience. Always wear flats/ comfortable walking shoes. I was glad i did. It takes around 40 minutes easily to wade your way out of the airport!

From the airport, the nearest points are Cyberjaya and Putrajaya(the soon-going to be Capital) and are most preferred for their silence. The city is far from these areas, but well connected with excellent bus services( quite reasonable too) and metros( which are very fast)!! Taking the car/cab into the city, is not a wise option whatsoever.
This is the place, where you find KL at its greenest best. The imitations of the London Bridge, Sydney Bridge, make the Putrajaya-Cyberjaya worth seeing!! Also, Shopping at Alamanda here, is much cheaper than the city, as some citizens claim.
In case you take the bus to KL city, you gotta make your way to the Putrajaya bus station and catch the E1 5 ringets for a ticket which works as a return ticket as well. If its a one-way trip you're considering, its 3 ringets per head.
[ 1 ringet= 13 rupees]***
At the KL Sentral, the main station for buses and metros, you can also, find youself indulging in shopping. Sandals sell at a smart 20ringets and a plethora of fruits with exotic names greet you at a price very affordable. A must have is the Durio, and the sweet Papaya.
From the KL Sentral, aboard the colourful metro trains, one can reach Masjid Jamek for a good shopping treat. The train also gives a view of the twin towers, the Petronas, which include shopping centres as well, all branded showrooms and expensive on the pocket. The style is chic though.
From Masjid Jamek, the Royal Selangor Club, one of the oldest ones(since 1884), is a 15 minute walk, which allows you to catch the High Court and a spectacular Railway Station.
The club however should not surprise you if it serves warm Neembu Paani. Its healthy according to them. Vegetarians need to remember to specify their pedigree and request an eggless meal. Since its not India, your request would be granted with a smile, and at no extra charge. We were told by a lot of people, that in Malaysia, you get whatever you want to eat. You just got to ask for it. However, non vegetarian food looks tempting enough.
Within the first two days, i learnt all that.
The next 2-3 days were spent travelling and visiting Genting Highlands and Langkawi.
Genting Highlands is a La Appu Ghar/Essel World. Only more pleasant! Situated atop the hill, the amusement park offers a variety of rides. And very scary ones. Not recommended for weak hearted people including the likes of my mother!!
Getting there is simple. Once again, you reach the KL Sentral and go to the second floor where ticket reservation for Genting is done. 24.90 ringets per head is the deal, up and down, including the Cable Car fare. Its a package deal. you need to ask for it. The bus goes every hour, from 9.30 in the morning till evening. One whole day is enough out there, if you dont want to take ALL the rides, which is what i did.
It takes an hour to reach Genting, and the cable car is another 15-20 minute procedure. As you move up, you shall feel you're about to touch the clouds. If you're lucky, you might! And well, we were amongst the luckier slot, i would like to believe. Unlike the city, for obvious reasons, Genting is cold...a light sweater would do... it would especially leave you cosy when you're trying to touch the clouds..
Upon arrival, you have chances of getting lost. Do not be like a man, and ASK for directions. There's the choice of an Indoor Theme Park ( casinos and luck games) and the Outdoor Theme Park( car racing, roller coasters, Free falls..). Food-joints are plenty including our very own Pizza Hut! However, its to be noted that they serve strange looking French Fries at exorbidant prices.
Going back freaked my mother. She cannot tolerate the thought of missing a bus/train. What one needs to know is, that the next one will eventually arrive. do NOT panic.
We finally made it on time to the KL Sentral where the bus for Putrajaya makes you wait for 30 minutes. to be exact. At Chinatown, it stops for eternity. However, there's a Saviour called Banana Leaf( also in Delhi now) which serves GOOD vadas. Once the driver gets back in motion its a speed to more than 100km/h that we ride on. From Putrajaya to Cyberjaya( where we put up) is 10ringets in a cab. Reasonable eh?
The same night we travelled to Langkawi. Paradise in other words. Again,its last train is at 11.30 pm. So you cant be late. The other option is to PANIC. However, the bus comes in late. From the KL Sentral, Puduraya aint far. Puduraya is the bus station from where you get luxury buses for Langkawi, Singapore and other places. The double-decker Konsortium buses(36 ringet per head) are a pleasure ride. Its a six-hour journey which cradles you like a baby to sleep... From the Kuala Perlis bus station, the Ferry Station is a 5 minute walk and at 15 ringets per head, a star cruiser takes you to the main Island of Langkawi which is something no one should miss.
Once there, Cenang beach is the place to Lodge. Best Star resort offers Family Chalets at a 120 ringet enough to accomadate 4 people. It overlooks the beach..precisely the Andaman Sea.
The most important thing you NEED to do there is go Island hopping. 35 ringets per person and an almost 4 hour activity. The motorboats speed you to the islands Langkawi boasts of including that of the Sleeping Maiden. The island is shaped like a sleeping pregnant maiden rumoured to me grievened by the loss of her mortal lover which led her to drown her new born into the lake. They say the infertile can benefit from taking a dip in the very lake. The myth surely sells.
Eagle Feeding is another showtime watch. somehow the eagles can sense a motorboat with passengers and agree to a 3 minute performance. Not more.
The beach is the last resort. Full of natural pumic stones, the sand is great for cracked heels and the water is trasparent enough to catch a shoal of the smallest of fishes scuttling there way through swimming human bodies. The monkeys in the area are clever enough to unzip your bag and scrounge through valuables.In india, this phenonmenon is famously printed across busy markets and public transport as "Beware of Pickpockets" [ I'm guessing Darwin's Evolution Theory is true]
Food options range from Thai, Indian,Chinese, Malay Sea-Food across the Cenang Beach's Main street. Not too much of a walk. Just the right amount for digestion.
For 70 ringets per 3 hours, you can tour around the island in a cab. No bargaining is possible since they all have the same rate. No cheating therefore. A cable car ride for the island view is a must. The ride is steep and there are 2 stations. The one in the middle is for a great scenic view, and if you want yourself a wax model of your hand. Interesting eh?
The final stop is 705 metres above sea level and allows you to have a view of Thailand. Once again, you get to touch the clouds if you can climb and walk around a lot. The complex has tourist kiosks where souveniers are available at reasonable prices.
The Crocodile Farm is filled wih sleeping crocodiles. The best time to visit is 11.30am and 2.30 pm, for those are show timings where the croco's teeth are brushed and several antics performed. You can catch the kind of stuff on Ripley's Believe It or Not. [Entry Fee: 5 ringets per head, 1 ringet for the camera/handicam]
The waterfall is great...loads of watch out!
Later that day, we took the 5.30 ferry and waited at the Kuala Perlis bus station till about 10. A long wait, which didnt seem like one. The bus however arrived at 11.30 and played music loud enough to not let you sleep.
We were amused by a great singer-cab driver at Puduraya upon arrival. Irritated by my suggestion of switching off the radio, he decided to introduce me to Live singing. I never giggled that loud. However, it was the irony i was laughing at, and not his talent, like my ever-assuming mom thinks.
The next day was spent shopping.
I didnt quite realise how time...and 8 days flew.
p.s: If you have a weak bladder, be sure to carry enough change in your pockets. Its 30cents per visit, no matter WHERE you go.
p.p.s: The place can give you some amazing friends like the Bandhopadhyas who were a treat to be with.

You know you're about to land in India, when you spot a lot of BROWN from the airplane window. Once you land, A huge,chaotic mess they call the Airport, welcomes you...

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Top 5 ?!

I have been waiting to let this out. So here goes:

Recenty, "India's No.1 Daily", Hindustan Times, came up with perhaps the most ridiculous page-space-filler. In its Top5 section, the City decided to target 5 ways to get back at your Ex.
Now i wonder why i even bothered to read it, but it sure gave me a reason to the newspaper's idea of printing that.

This is how it goes:
*Name your Pet after your ex-flame. Keep the world guessing!
*Paste his/her picture on a punching bag. Then let loose those blows.
*Indulge in shopping/spa. Show the world how happy you are.
*Drive him or her nuts with non-stop missed calls. You know their routine so keep it at a time when the person is in a meeting/with folks/with a new love
*Plan a break-up of your former loved-one

It is articles and Top5's and 10's like these, that construct society and reflect its image- an image tarnished by the fairy-tale perceptions of yesteryears and of course, by those of entertainment leaflets that label themselves as 'newspaper'!!! In giving out those 5 outrageous suggestions, what message does the journalist try to give out to the youth?!
For Christ's sake and yours, WHO does that?! Its a way of advocating the loss of dignity and the lack of respect for a relationship. Tell you what, the best way to get back at your ex, is to Move on.

I can't help but wonder if anyone tried to follow those 5 tips. Maybe the journalist could try for a personal experience and maybe then I'd like to come up with 5 things to Remember in Journalism, or better still, 5 Things That can mean entertainment minus the crap! Oh wait... how about this one:
5 Ways to treat such Journalists:
> Make them go back to elementary school where they would get a dose of better entertainment
> Make them undergo the whole test of journalism all over again
>Make them go through the dictionary and look for the term "Research"
>Make them go about verifying the credibility of what they write before they print it.
>Lastly and most importantly, make them READ their own work. Would be enough torture on the sensibilities if at all they exist.

Its because of such mindless waste of paper-space and printing ink that the media is often targetted and accused of glamourizing themselves. If it is an entertainment segment we're targetting, knowing that it does have effects on the subconscious mind of the forever looking-for-news and blindly-believing petty minded herd of non-thinking brains we collectively call society, we should perhaps come up with 5 more ways to tickle the brain...Hight Time we did!

As some "leading dailies" profess, LET THERE BE LIGHT.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Coleridge, Gray and Me...Holy Trinity?

The following post, coming from me a day before my exam, is a validation of the fact that I am jobless. In case you like my work, do hope the poets do not avenge me for spoofing their work.

This fragment, very much recoverable, composed, in a sort of dreaminess, brought on by a night of wakefulness, in my own room, a quarter of a kilometre away from PVRSaket in the fall of the Month of April, 2007.

Ode To the Death of a Hateful Mosquito

Murdered by Human Hands

It hover’d left to right
Singing to my ears all night
Its melody irritating me
Floating gently in my ears
It enlivened the night’s darkest fears
Only if it's Death it could foresee

Its conscious bite its buzzing declared
‘Only blood’ was all he cared
The sharpness of its sting
The menacing eyes
Its only Vice
Was satisfied when it saw me Sitting

Wandered and observed skilfully
He scrutinized each part of my body
The air-borne creature
Was thirsty for some more
Wanted to rejoice, leaving me sore
Unaware he was of my ‘evil’ feature.

The hapless nymph with wonder saw
Sat on my knee and checked for a spot, raw
With many an ardent wish
It comfortably rested on me
Turned on it was, after all a ‘he’
Relishing a female, as if a dish.

Presumptuous Mosqui!
Pierced through me
Malignant Fate sat by and smiled
A hand came on to Slap thee.

Called for help; none came
'Twas but a shame
To see the warrior dead
Leaving on my hand, a stain of red.

From hence, ye Mosqui’s, undeceived
Know, one greedy step can lead ye to bleed
And be with caution bold.
Not all that tempts your wandering eyes
And heedless hearts are apple pies
Nor all human hands have a weak hold.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Love in Lahore!

Sometimes in a foreign land, people loose their minds...

The following video is a clip of Mansi, trying her best to can figure it out for yourself. Crazy Corner hereby introduces its newest Tag, "F.R.I.E.N.D.S" under which, all the crazy activities of my dear friends (and those who choose to include me in their lives), will feature.

So keep coming back for more! Loads in store!

P.S: Kindly concentrate SOLELY on Mansi's dialogue

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Who Human? How Human?

I'm sure most of us have heard the song 'Yahoo..chaahe koi mujhe junglee kahe..'.
Have you ever wondered where the song finds its origin? It may be traced right back to Gullivers Travels, Jonathan Swift's most widely-read satire. Its interesting how the book finds place in child-fiction and final year literature courses. While the first three voyages of Gulliver are pure satire on society and politics, the fourth voyage is somewhat thought-provoking. When Gulliver encounters the Houyhnhnms, one can't stop but think of what exactly Swift is trying to say. With Gulliver's growing affinity with horses and disgust wid Yahoos(mankind), its natural to question the very evolution of man. Has man actually evolved? Is man worse than animals? Is man an animal itself? Or if his rationality(read emotions) distinguishes him from brutes, is it 'human' to be malicious, selfish, passionate, et al?
Finally, what is the point in judging everything that Man does? He's a flawed individual. So? Why does Gulliver have to snigger about it? As humans, maybe we're degenerating in terms of values...maybe we've stopped caring for the other, but again, if we didn't wage wars against each other, and if we didn't put ourselves on top priority, and if we weren't passionate to the extreme point, would we be human?!
Frankly, it doesn't matter. For every bit of human that exists in a man, there's a bit of an animal somewhere hiding in him. And what's wrong in letting that animal out at times?
The Lilliputians, The Brobdingnagians, Laputans, Houyhnhnms, Yahoos- all of them, together constitute man. No matter how different they are. Personally i couldn't even bring myself to sympathise with Gulliver when he submits to the Houyhnhnms and feels disgusted with his own species. And that's only because, no matter what/who you are, you are you. And that is perhaps the only truth of existence which needs to be, and must be respected.
If Swift ever thought of writing a sequel, I'm sure it would find Gulliver in a much reduced stage, wanting to release himself of his pseudo-trapped horse-respect, wondering if Yahoo's were better, or the dwarf-giant situation was more attractive.

"Once the game is over, the King and the Pawn go back into the same box" (Being Cyrus,2005)
and so the Gullivers of the world, differentiating between the ideal and the real,comparing cities, and people, looking for the 'perfect' fairy-tale existence, should just go back to Child-Fiction and perhaps scrutinize the lives of goblins, fairies et al...or wait, would that be a 'kiddish' entrapping??

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Quote Unquote-1

" Either you can be me. Or you can be Wrong. "

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

What Will The Neighbour Say?!

In case you're wondering why i haven't blogged sensible stuff in a long time, its because i've been thinking...ok, unusual, but true.

After a recent track of events, I wonder WHAT or WHO is society! we make the society, dont we? Then why does it construct us? who decides what is normal and what isnt? Maybe a majority of people have a particular preferance. So a minority which doesnt have that preference has whatsoever got no privilege to be tagged as 'not normal'!!
We all agree that each individual is different- so why not just let people be what they are and not hold it against them? Who in the world are we to categorize Virtue?
If Miss Julie falls for her Valet and desires to have a relationship with him, why is she forced by Society to suicide? Isnt her emotion something very private and not open to public comment?
Why isn't it normal to still desire the one who has broken your heart?
Why isnt it normal to not cry for someone who died?
Why isnt it normal to not move on happily after a break-up?

I dont care about what our two-faced society has to say. If being straight forward, and truthful to you own self means inviting 'advice' from others, I'd rather not have it.

Maybe we live amongst people who are truly jobless. Either that, or maybe we'r among people who have a lot of capacity for thought. And to provoke thought by their mindless ramblings.

At the end of the day its our decision that matters. So what if its a wrong one? Who suffers? we! So what's the tickle in your tummy?!

- Ohk! now that my anger has been unleashed, I feel much lighter!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

If it Wasn't for Poetry...

A leaf fell from a Tree. The following are some reactions the incident evoked.

Wordsworth: Oh what a sight! In my childhood doth thee fell...and nowits a memory!

Keats: The leaf, a part of the tree..a thing of such beauty...eventhough it fell it will remain immortal...ah! make a Leaf-Juice, n ishall be under the influence of it to write An Ode to a Leaf...aleaffell..maybe autumn is approaching, so can Winter be far behind..ohwinter...death...drying up...eessshh!!Negative Capability!

Shelley: Its sad how the leaf fell...but one day another leaf day more life will be generated on the very tree it in reality that the leaf fell?? Was it a part ofimagination??

Coleridge: In my dream, i dreamt of a Leaf...the Leaf had a vision offalling...n thus continues 150 lines fused wid Fancy and Imagination.

Byron: The leaf fell. Anything that rises high does have a fall..muchlike Napoleon..sucha great man...Its gud that the leaf fell..Up abovethe tree it wouldnt have been much happy with society in anycase.

Me: a leaf fell. *zonked out*

Sunday, March 04, 2007


For all those who ask me " How was Pune?"

Lesson 1: a good InFlight Meal leads to a good trip
Lesson 2: Delhi isn't the most polluted city
Lesson 3: Some of the cutest guys are hiding in Pune
Lesson 4: There are some places where entry is prohibited for 30 and above.
Lesson 5: Smile while others are tensed.Releases the tension.
Lesson 6: Never Expect the same airline to serve the same in-flight delicious meal while you return.
Lesson 7: Autowallah's have a universal character.

It has to Hurt, For It was Love

Its beautiful when you hold my hand
When you look into my eyes and
See paradise
- Or that's what you claimed sometime ago

Its comfortable when you put me to sleep
And kiss away my tears when i weep
You offer yourself for me to keep
- Or that was just a temporary phase

Tonight you leave me miserable
With my heart breaking into a zillion pieces
Even the tears refuse to leave me
and through the crystal clarity of your emotions, i fail to see.

A yard of broken dreams
False promises
Salty tears
- Is that what love offers?
Maybe you DO need
To bleed just to know you're alive

Paradox becomes the essence of all emotions
Its confusing coz its difficult to draw the line
Between love and hate
Disgust and Compromise
Acceptance and Moving On
They say after the Night comes Dawn
Don't know if to believe them
Don't know if to believe myself
Dont know if to believe him

What would be the point
If with the rainbow we din't get the rain?
Love doesn't keep you sane
Its packaged and sealed with pain
But it has to hurt for it was Love
Fate has been decided above
If its meant to be, it will be
But it has to hurt
for it was Love.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Laugh Out- Loud!!!

A Night ago,
You had the sweetest dream
N tonight, ur too scared to sleep-
Isn't that funny?

You wait a lifetime for the sun
But when it shines out,
You wish it'd rain-
Isnt it a lil too funny?

You Walk the Road
But realise it leads nowhere
You've gone too far, ur lost
n Its hard to come back
- U bet its funny!

You make the World laugh
But can't find the Joy within
You promise someone the World
And yours comes crashing down
- Yeah, its damn funny

You love "Yellow"
But have a colourless life
and isnt it funny?

You break free from the mind
But your heart's tied up
And nothing could be funnier!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Inscrutable IntentionZ!

Pierce me through
And i will smile
Crush me down
N i will remain strong
Tear me apart
N i will become Complete
Kill me
And Watch me Survive...

Sometimes, you want something so bad, that its best to let it go.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Unquestioned, Unanswered...

There's a reason why you shouldn't travel in buses. As i got pushed and pulled in every possible direction, i couldn't help but notice a very sympathetic, understanding, i-wish-i-could-make-u-sit look on this guy's face. At the next red light, the driver nearly killed a street kid. And this very guy gave it to the driver,for good. Now of course, guilt is a very rare kind of emotion,scarcely found within rash this one was no exception. My ears were flowered with all kinds of abusive words in the hindi language..the driver and the passenger came down to a physical fight- but none of the others dared to say a word. They sat as if nothing had happened. After sometime, they raised their voices- against the human passenger! They pressed the driver to continue with his daily job... and that disgusted me.
The feeling that i could'nt raise my voice, disgusted me. The fact that i witnessed injustice- and the fact that i'm someone who apparently performs street plays to protest against these very issues and bearing these 'facts' in mind, i preferred silence- that disgusted me.

Have we all lost humanity?? Would we have remained silent if someone we loved was the victim?? Or would we have preferred the masses to remain silent when we, ourselves, were in trouble?
I know these questions will remain unanswered..maybe we arent even LOOKING for answers...

Friday, January 05, 2007

Nothing Lasts forever...Even Cold November Rain...

When I look into your eyes
I can see a love restrained
But darlin' when I hold you
Don't you know I feel the same
'Cause nothin' lasts forever
And we both know hearts can change
And it's hard to hold a candle
In the cold November rain

My heart cant stop thinking about you

And yours, cant start to.

My eyes cant stop searching for you

And yours dont want to.

My hand aches to hold yours

But yours dont want to.

My head wants to rest

But your shoulders dont want it to.

I want to love you

But you dont want to.

..And its hard to hold a candle in the cold November Rain...


" Its something unpredictable but in the end its right..I hope you had the time of your life!"
- Green Day

Another year has gone by...and once again..its left behind a lottaaaa memories!

Songs That Got me Addicted:
Runaway- The Corrs
You and Me- Lifehouse
a lot of ColdPlay
and Maula- Anwar

Books That Left me Wanting More
Lahore-City of Sins and Splendour
Black Margins
Chronicle of a Death Foretold
n PG Wodehouse

The One Element of Survival

Places where I loved Hanging out
College (auditorium n the Chaupal)
PVR,Saket (with Sana)
AND Al-Bake, nfc! (for obvious reasons)!

Movies That i watched(and liked) :
Lage Raho Munnabhai

Movies That i watched(and wish i hadn't):
Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna
The Break-Up

One Resolution i Kept up to:
Being true to myself

One Resolution I can never Keep up to:
Not inviting trouble, knowingly.

One Resolution i intend to keep upto:
Being true to myself

Things That Changed:
I could see much more clearly
The world around, was much cleaner..n very pure

Things That Haven't Changed a Bit:
My love for food
Mother's Love
And my career objective(thank heavens for that!)

Four Friends who stood by me:

Three People i am thankful to:

Two People who kept me Goin:
Susan mam

Two more ppl who entered my life and Added the Sparkle:

One Person who made my year:
The team of Lakshya!