Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Laugh Out- Loud!!!

A Night ago,
You had the sweetest dream
N tonight, ur too scared to sleep-
Isn't that funny?

You wait a lifetime for the sun
But when it shines out,
You wish it'd rain-
Isnt it a lil too funny?

You Walk the Road
But realise it leads nowhere
You've gone too far, ur lost
n Its hard to come back
- U bet its funny!

You make the World laugh
But can't find the Joy within
You promise someone the World
And yours comes crashing down
- Yeah, its damn funny

You love "Yellow"
But have a colourless life
and isnt it funny?

You break free from the mind
But your heart's tied up
And nothing could be funnier!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Inscrutable IntentionZ!

Pierce me through
And i will smile
Crush me down
N i will remain strong
Tear me apart
N i will become Complete
Kill me
And Watch me Survive...

Sometimes, you want something so bad, that its best to let it go.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Unquestioned, Unanswered...

There's a reason why you shouldn't travel in buses. As i got pushed and pulled in every possible direction, i couldn't help but notice a very sympathetic, understanding, i-wish-i-could-make-u-sit look on this guy's face. At the next red light, the driver nearly killed a street kid. And this very guy gave it to the driver,for good. Now of course, guilt is a very rare kind of emotion,scarcely found within rash drivers..so this one was no exception. My ears were flowered with all kinds of abusive words in the hindi language..the driver and the passenger came down to a physical fight- but none of the others dared to say a word. They sat as if nothing had happened. After sometime, they raised their voices- against the human passenger! They pressed the driver to continue with his daily job... and that disgusted me.
The feeling that i could'nt raise my voice, disgusted me. The fact that i witnessed injustice- and the fact that i'm someone who apparently performs street plays to protest against these very issues and bearing these 'facts' in mind, i preferred silence- that disgusted me.

Have we all lost humanity?? Would we have remained silent if someone we loved was the victim?? Or would we have preferred the masses to remain silent when we, ourselves, were in trouble?
I know these questions will remain unanswered..maybe we arent even LOOKING for answers...