Sunday, March 04, 2007


For all those who ask me " How was Pune?"

Lesson 1: a good InFlight Meal leads to a good trip
Lesson 2: Delhi isn't the most polluted city
Lesson 3: Some of the cutest guys are hiding in Pune
Lesson 4: There are some places where entry is prohibited for 30 and above.
Lesson 5: Smile while others are tensed.Releases the tension.
Lesson 6: Never Expect the same airline to serve the same in-flight delicious meal while you return.
Lesson 7: Autowallah's have a universal character.

It has to Hurt, For It was Love

Its beautiful when you hold my hand
When you look into my eyes and
See paradise
- Or that's what you claimed sometime ago

Its comfortable when you put me to sleep
And kiss away my tears when i weep
You offer yourself for me to keep
- Or that was just a temporary phase

Tonight you leave me miserable
With my heart breaking into a zillion pieces
Even the tears refuse to leave me
and through the crystal clarity of your emotions, i fail to see.

A yard of broken dreams
False promises
Salty tears
- Is that what love offers?
Maybe you DO need
To bleed just to know you're alive

Paradox becomes the essence of all emotions
Its confusing coz its difficult to draw the line
Between love and hate
Disgust and Compromise
Acceptance and Moving On
They say after the Night comes Dawn
Don't know if to believe them
Don't know if to believe myself
Dont know if to believe him

What would be the point
If with the rainbow we din't get the rain?
Love doesn't keep you sane
Its packaged and sealed with pain
But it has to hurt for it was Love
Fate has been decided above
If its meant to be, it will be
But it has to hurt
for it was Love.