Sunday, April 29, 2007

Top 5 ?!

I have been waiting to let this out. So here goes:

Recenty, "India's No.1 Daily", Hindustan Times, came up with perhaps the most ridiculous page-space-filler. In its Top5 section, the City decided to target 5 ways to get back at your Ex.
Now i wonder why i even bothered to read it, but it sure gave me a reason to the newspaper's idea of printing that.

This is how it goes:
*Name your Pet after your ex-flame. Keep the world guessing!
*Paste his/her picture on a punching bag. Then let loose those blows.
*Indulge in shopping/spa. Show the world how happy you are.
*Drive him or her nuts with non-stop missed calls. You know their routine so keep it at a time when the person is in a meeting/with folks/with a new love
*Plan a break-up of your former loved-one

It is articles and Top5's and 10's like these, that construct society and reflect its image- an image tarnished by the fairy-tale perceptions of yesteryears and of course, by those of entertainment leaflets that label themselves as 'newspaper'!!! In giving out those 5 outrageous suggestions, what message does the journalist try to give out to the youth?!
For Christ's sake and yours, WHO does that?! Its a way of advocating the loss of dignity and the lack of respect for a relationship. Tell you what, the best way to get back at your ex, is to Move on.

I can't help but wonder if anyone tried to follow those 5 tips. Maybe the journalist could try for a personal experience and maybe then I'd like to come up with 5 things to Remember in Journalism, or better still, 5 Things That can mean entertainment minus the crap! Oh wait... how about this one:
5 Ways to treat such Journalists:
> Make them go back to elementary school where they would get a dose of better entertainment
> Make them undergo the whole test of journalism all over again
>Make them go through the dictionary and look for the term "Research"
>Make them go about verifying the credibility of what they write before they print it.
>Lastly and most importantly, make them READ their own work. Would be enough torture on the sensibilities if at all they exist.

Its because of such mindless waste of paper-space and printing ink that the media is often targetted and accused of glamourizing themselves. If it is an entertainment segment we're targetting, knowing that it does have effects on the subconscious mind of the forever looking-for-news and blindly-believing petty minded herd of non-thinking brains we collectively call society, we should perhaps come up with 5 more ways to tickle the brain...Hight Time we did!

As some "leading dailies" profess, LET THERE BE LIGHT.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Coleridge, Gray and Me...Holy Trinity?

The following post, coming from me a day before my exam, is a validation of the fact that I am jobless. In case you like my work, do hope the poets do not avenge me for spoofing their work.

This fragment, very much recoverable, composed, in a sort of dreaminess, brought on by a night of wakefulness, in my own room, a quarter of a kilometre away from PVRSaket in the fall of the Month of April, 2007.

Ode To the Death of a Hateful Mosquito

Murdered by Human Hands

It hover’d left to right
Singing to my ears all night
Its melody irritating me
Floating gently in my ears
It enlivened the night’s darkest fears
Only if it's Death it could foresee

Its conscious bite its buzzing declared
‘Only blood’ was all he cared
The sharpness of its sting
The menacing eyes
Its only Vice
Was satisfied when it saw me Sitting

Wandered and observed skilfully
He scrutinized each part of my body
The air-borne creature
Was thirsty for some more
Wanted to rejoice, leaving me sore
Unaware he was of my ‘evil’ feature.

The hapless nymph with wonder saw
Sat on my knee and checked for a spot, raw
With many an ardent wish
It comfortably rested on me
Turned on it was, after all a ‘he’
Relishing a female, as if a dish.

Presumptuous Mosqui!
Pierced through me
Malignant Fate sat by and smiled
A hand came on to Slap thee.

Called for help; none came
'Twas but a shame
To see the warrior dead
Leaving on my hand, a stain of red.

From hence, ye Mosqui’s, undeceived
Know, one greedy step can lead ye to bleed
And be with caution bold.
Not all that tempts your wandering eyes
And heedless hearts are apple pies
Nor all human hands have a weak hold.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Love in Lahore!

Sometimes in a foreign land, people loose their minds...

The following video is a clip of Mansi, trying her best to can figure it out for yourself. Crazy Corner hereby introduces its newest Tag, "F.R.I.E.N.D.S" under which, all the crazy activities of my dear friends (and those who choose to include me in their lives), will feature.

So keep coming back for more! Loads in store!

P.S: Kindly concentrate SOLELY on Mansi's dialogue

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Who Human? How Human?

I'm sure most of us have heard the song 'Yahoo..chaahe koi mujhe junglee kahe..'.
Have you ever wondered where the song finds its origin? It may be traced right back to Gullivers Travels, Jonathan Swift's most widely-read satire. Its interesting how the book finds place in child-fiction and final year literature courses. While the first three voyages of Gulliver are pure satire on society and politics, the fourth voyage is somewhat thought-provoking. When Gulliver encounters the Houyhnhnms, one can't stop but think of what exactly Swift is trying to say. With Gulliver's growing affinity with horses and disgust wid Yahoos(mankind), its natural to question the very evolution of man. Has man actually evolved? Is man worse than animals? Is man an animal itself? Or if his rationality(read emotions) distinguishes him from brutes, is it 'human' to be malicious, selfish, passionate, et al?
Finally, what is the point in judging everything that Man does? He's a flawed individual. So? Why does Gulliver have to snigger about it? As humans, maybe we're degenerating in terms of values...maybe we've stopped caring for the other, but again, if we didn't wage wars against each other, and if we didn't put ourselves on top priority, and if we weren't passionate to the extreme point, would we be human?!
Frankly, it doesn't matter. For every bit of human that exists in a man, there's a bit of an animal somewhere hiding in him. And what's wrong in letting that animal out at times?
The Lilliputians, The Brobdingnagians, Laputans, Houyhnhnms, Yahoos- all of them, together constitute man. No matter how different they are. Personally i couldn't even bring myself to sympathise with Gulliver when he submits to the Houyhnhnms and feels disgusted with his own species. And that's only because, no matter what/who you are, you are you. And that is perhaps the only truth of existence which needs to be, and must be respected.
If Swift ever thought of writing a sequel, I'm sure it would find Gulliver in a much reduced stage, wanting to release himself of his pseudo-trapped horse-respect, wondering if Yahoo's were better, or the dwarf-giant situation was more attractive.

"Once the game is over, the King and the Pawn go back into the same box" (Being Cyrus,2005)
and so the Gullivers of the world, differentiating between the ideal and the real,comparing cities, and people, looking for the 'perfect' fairy-tale existence, should just go back to Child-Fiction and perhaps scrutinize the lives of goblins, fairies et al...or wait, would that be a 'kiddish' entrapping??

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Quote Unquote-1

" Either you can be me. Or you can be Wrong. "

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

What Will The Neighbour Say?!

In case you're wondering why i haven't blogged sensible stuff in a long time, its because i've been thinking...ok, unusual, but true.

After a recent track of events, I wonder WHAT or WHO is society! we make the society, dont we? Then why does it construct us? who decides what is normal and what isnt? Maybe a majority of people have a particular preferance. So a minority which doesnt have that preference has whatsoever got no privilege to be tagged as 'not normal'!!
We all agree that each individual is different- so why not just let people be what they are and not hold it against them? Who in the world are we to categorize Virtue?
If Miss Julie falls for her Valet and desires to have a relationship with him, why is she forced by Society to suicide? Isnt her emotion something very private and not open to public comment?
Why isn't it normal to still desire the one who has broken your heart?
Why isnt it normal to not cry for someone who died?
Why isnt it normal to not move on happily after a break-up?

I dont care about what our two-faced society has to say. If being straight forward, and truthful to you own self means inviting 'advice' from others, I'd rather not have it.

Maybe we live amongst people who are truly jobless. Either that, or maybe we'r among people who have a lot of capacity for thought. And to provoke thought by their mindless ramblings.

At the end of the day its our decision that matters. So what if its a wrong one? Who suffers? we! So what's the tickle in your tummy?!

- Ohk! now that my anger has been unleashed, I feel much lighter!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

If it Wasn't for Poetry...

A leaf fell from a Tree. The following are some reactions the incident evoked.

Wordsworth: Oh what a sight! In my childhood doth thee fell...and nowits a memory!

Keats: The leaf, a part of the tree..a thing of such beauty...eventhough it fell it will remain immortal...ah! make a Leaf-Juice, n ishall be under the influence of it to write An Ode to a Leaf...aleaffell..maybe autumn is approaching, so can Winter be far behind..ohwinter...death...drying up...eessshh!!Negative Capability!

Shelley: Its sad how the leaf fell...but one day another leaf day more life will be generated on the very tree it in reality that the leaf fell?? Was it a part ofimagination??

Coleridge: In my dream, i dreamt of a Leaf...the Leaf had a vision offalling...n thus continues 150 lines fused wid Fancy and Imagination.

Byron: The leaf fell. Anything that rises high does have a fall..muchlike Napoleon..sucha great man...Its gud that the leaf fell..Up abovethe tree it wouldnt have been much happy with society in anycase.

Me: a leaf fell. *zonked out*