Monday, July 23, 2007

You Know You're At SIMC When...

10. The word CCD doesnt mean Coffee, but Charged Coupled Devices

9. The word Weekend means Wednesday Night

8. Round Neck T-Shirts and Sleeveless ones cease to find space in your cupboard

7. You can relate and co-relate almost everything with the word "Convergence". Pronounced as "kn-vr-gens"

6. The Word "Break" comes across as Chocolate Syrup on a Vanilla Scoop

5. You Never know How Near/Far you are from a Warning Letter

4. You reach "home" at 10, and are wondering what you ate or whether you ate any dinner at all

3. You climb up 5 floors and still go to the Gym as a part of "Routine"

2. You start hearing the word MEETING a bit too often

1. You start hearing weird growling noises from your tummy every hour!