Monday, December 01, 2008

November End...

What a month it's been! I cannot possibly count the number of fun times I've suffered.

But I'm gonna try!!

-Getting to all the nukkars of dilli city wid Vindee fer Dodu's gift with my new guitar!!
-Lakshya times...and the wins!!
-Tackling a Witchy Woman who seeks control of creativity
-the UNESCO office!!!
-Taking a Lift
-Taking a lift from a bus!!
-Sarojini on a Saturday
-the plays at Alliance Francais
-The Fashion Show!!
-Al Bake
-My Budday Gifts: a pair of devils horns.. and a chicken burger cup.

Could I want more out of a month?! Naaahhh!!

Happiness for me rests in these small things... and its the best feeling ever!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Social Networking...Bah!!

I have time these days - not that i regret it!! (It feels bloody good to say "I have time")
And i am quite utilizing it..taking some facebook quizzes.. and strangely, they remind me of a lot of things..
for example:

> What Villain are You? : The Joker... heheh.. happens to be one of my most special men.

> What weather are you? : Sunshine...this one cracks me up as I think of Bassam, who referred to Olivia as "Sunshine" and never could escape our sugar-coated teasing words thereafter..

>What Fairytale are you?: Little Red Riding Hood... This one is all about a personal memory. When I was a kid, the influence led me to dress like Lil Red Riding Hood, and off I went to meet my grandmother, who found me so adorable in the costume(not that she dint otherwise), that she treated me to an amazing day...I can never forget the look on her face!

>What if the One you love does not love you? : Your love was True... hahha.. Thaaaaaat, I knew.

>What Your Eyes Say about you: Bubbly... leaves me in splits... in our very famous play, "Panch Pandav Aur Woh", I played the naughty Bubbly, whereas Mytree played Bunty... and the characters stayed with us in real life too, where we derived all the sadistic pleasure of the world by fooling people...!!

>What 2008 song are you? : "4 minutes to save the world"... typical. It indeed has been on my most played list this year.. especially after someone very close to me did promos for it for MTV... hahha..

>What's your personality type? "Sweetness"...hmmm..for someone who is called Sweets.. hehehe.. giggle... and then it says "dont change" ... grr.. that's what my last post was about..!! I will...but when I have to! Ha!

Yaawwnn.. now I'm reallllly the last one:

>What spiritual power do you posess?: Guardian..This is not funny.. its stupid. Like most quizzes..Waste of Time! Grr...

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock...

Delhi has its own charm. And in winters, it leaves a magical effect to every nose that goes red here.
I feel strange... I'm being transported back in time.. and it feels like a moment that had gone missing from the present... a long time back!
I know I may not be making sense, but trust me, I feel like a part of the audience watching this play from outside, and SEEING myself as an actor! And I wonder how I could possibly be a spectator and be involved at the same time!

Its not been long that I've set foot here.. and I feel alive.. like the flowers after a rain!

The first day, I treated myself to Fashion.. the movie...lazed around and smiled loads. Later Mickey Mouse and I met up with the rest of Lakshya - Shaziya and Tanya... and it was as crazy as old times while we told the kiddos about the "seniors"!!
We went to Lajpat and got ourselves pedicures - and I can assure you the woman must've thought we were a bunch of enthusiasts who chose to harass her! We wanted to do everything together.. and we giggled so muchhhhh that the entire L'Oreal got entertained! i mean c'mon it was our first time!!
Now rarely do you get women to massage your feet and treat them like they're the most precious things on earth. Add to that the joy of cold coffee and whoa!! In the words of THE mouse, "Let's pretend we're in Goa!!" Coming from the Mouse, well yeah, thats expected. Its a wonder she didn't talk about the moon and yellow cheese growing on it with elves dancing around!

Coming to the next day... I went back to The Oxford Book Store - with Prakhar.. but it wasn't the same 'coz the place was full. And we've never seen the place so populated. It wasn't half as wonderful.. so off we went to get us tickets for Jis Lahore Ni Dekhya O Janmya Nahi.... one of the plays I've been waiting for! It was my first love- theatre... and there, I fell in loveeee with one of the negative characters. He was just so good!

And now for the best part... while I was getting back.. I felt the cold breeze... the winter breeze... the mist... and oh my gawd... I had misseddddd Delhi!!!

Now for my theory on change : It's wonderful, as long as it happens to me when I want it to. Hehhe... Jokes apart.. so much has changed.. and yet... so much hasn't... like the friendships.. the warmth and the closeness.. the weather has definitely changed.. and with that, my view on relationships.. They're just so fragile! And some of the strongest ones, exist and grow within us, like they've always been a part of us.. and then yet there are some relationships which grow stronger as you grow away from them...And then there are some relationships, which you believe in, and the world doesn't and those, are the most challenging ones!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Like a Diamond in the Sky...

A lot has been brewing in the hills of Lavale...and this semester has been quite eventful!

Sohini and I, to begin with have entertained a myriad of guests in our fungus-clad room - from Bats to pups..we've served them well. Sohini is a good hostess if I may just add.

Placement season has begun.. and our Superguy Shoeb was the first to take the plunge... The look on Anupam Sir's face is unforgettable.. the happiness within our hearts is tough to describe.. Kunal and I almost felt like it was our own placement..

Someone very close to me taught me the most valuable lessons of life... and set me free into my world - with friends like Vrinda, Sahil, Malini, Tambha, Mrin, Priyo, Nadir, Sohini, Harshad... I daresay I have enjoyed myself - from playing more than 3 songs on the guitar... to late night walks... I did it all.. And finally I know my way around Pune City.

Last night was perhaps one of the best ones I have spent at Lavale...
It all began post dinner... over a cup of coffee.. With Sritama imitating half the world leaving us in splits, we had quite a time away from the rest of the symbi population. It felt like it was just our space! Amidst the cracks, we discovered too many things way back from first sem.. for example:
Sritama: Oh I remember, I had once written a love note to Harshad and signed it, "from Malini"

To that:
Malini : eyes wide open..and the mouth too- that's a typical by the way.
Harshad: That was YOUU?????

Sritama : ...hehehehe
with an oh-so-innocent look!

So with such conversations troubling the hell out of a dedicated Priyo, she decided to pull away and along went Shruti, Sritama, and Malini - to do an assignment. Sheesh.
Harshad, Vrinda and I on the other hand decided to walk it to the edit suite and watch some movies.. ahemm... we did see quite a lot I should say. We walked back to the hostel only to watch Requiem for a Dream.. at 2 in the morning its a perfect treat. It didn't end there... I found myself singing with Mrin and Dala to the tunes of "Yaaron Dosti.." while Nicole gave us the music on the synth... And when the world decided to sleep... Tambha and I chatted away until 4am... So yeah.. it was quite a busy night. Uninteresting post for most.. but this one is just for the record!! Meanwhile, Lavale-ness continues with people laughing, crying, gossiping, working, pretending to work, in search of a little random fling, breaking hearts, joining hearts... It all together forms Life.

P.S: My day had begun with Susan's message which went like:

"In the noisy confusion of Life, keep peace within your heart. With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, its still a beautiful life" - Max Ehrmann, Desiderata

P.P.S: coming soon - the video!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Kuch toh kami hum mein hogi
jo aaj tum paas nahi
Kuch toh khata humse hui hogi
jo aaj tum humein pehchaante nahi

Tumhari ankhon mein woh wafa kahan
joh humse hua karti thi
Tumhari khamoshi mein woh pyaar kahaan
Joh humein sehlati thi

Kuch toh kami hum mein hogi
Jo aaj tum paas nahi
Kuch toh khata humse hui hogi
Jo tumhari nazrein humein dhoondti nahi

Girne se pehle hum darte na the
Yakin tha tum thaam loge
Ab bhi girne se hum darte nahi
Kyunki kuch zakhm ab chubhte nahi

Kuch toh kami hum mein hogi
Jo aaj tum paas nahi
Kuch toh khata humse hui hogi
Jo ab tum humein chahte hee nahi....

- There goes my first, in hindi!

Thursday, October 09, 2008


Bombay is definitely a city of dreams.. the place is special to me...but then this post isn't about me.

Its about a certain boy - who could be anybody...

At about 4 in the morning, with a few friends outside the Airport, i witnessed something we just read about. The peace of our silent discussion was interrupted by this crowd trying to run behind a boy... they finally managed and what followed brought back little truths of life... and the stupidity of desirous tendencies we have towards it.
A wailing mother, an angry father... a confused boy. That's a usual family scenario I guess. When I spoke to his mom she said he had run away with her jewellery and gone shopping with the money. He apparently had bought tickets for Benaras and was running away from home.
When she opened the newly purchased suitcase, what I saw didn't amuse me as much as it affected her - some 4 or 5 Tantra T-shirts..VIP underclothes..branded stuff basically. They had already informed the police who in my opinion totally love all this. While the police spoke to the father, I tried telling the mother not to involve the police... In her defence, this was the second time he was doing so. My friend interrupted and told her that it was psychological help that the 17-year old boy needed. He belongs to a usual middle class family... and obviously wanted to be seen at par with his richer friends. Last time he stole around 3Lakhs.. and it shocks the mother that he has started to smoke.
The boy said he was running to fulfill some dreams...
In conversation with the Airport authorities guy, I realized, this happens everyday - either at the Arrival/Departures... its strange how the world functions.

While coming back to Pune..I thought about the boy.. his side of the story... aren't we all chasing dreams? Aren't we all runing away from something to get somewhere?
Maybe the journey is different for all of us.. but then if this is reality, what is fiction?

If you travel along the expressway, you'd see a zillion dreams - i saw about five or six of them while returning - atop each hill, a little house with no fences... : Not many would understand the dream...and for the ones who would, I would ask them just one question.... " Would you still fund them? "

The answer I know would make me smile.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Frankenstein Anyone?!

When the world shouts
I drown in my silence
The bird flies across the setting sun
Its silhouette is beautiful
Unlike my shadow that doesn't go away
The chains cling to me tight
My wrists bleed
But I love the red of it
The waves, I love
But they don't reciprocate
Comfort they offer - but at intervals
Glasses sing, pens scream, nails shout - too much noise
I like the silence within
The dead.
Beautiful graveyards, emancipated souls, hungry spirits
The innocence of a baby
The sadism of its tears
That's how the world is
I love the crowd
It hides me
Too much noise
But it camouflages the hurt...the pain...and the horror
The horror of being me.


Koi yeh kaise bataaye ki woh tanha kyun hai...woh joh apna tha kabhi aur kisi ka kyun hai?
Yahi duniya hai toh phir aisi yeh duniya kyun hai?!
Yahi hota hai toh aakhir, yahi hota kyun hai?!


Haath chootey bhi toh rishtey nahi choota karte
Waqt ki shaakh se lamha nahi toota karte



Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Quote Unquote (2)

Sept 29, 2008: Hyacinth Arya to the PR Batch 2009: You can't wait for the perfect person to come along. Neither can you expect someone to be perfect. The only thing you CAN do, is to make yourself perfect.

point taken well. very well.

Sept 30, 2008: Raghav to Me : "Nice man at heart is a paradoxical phrase"

Humility eh?! *giggle*

Friday, September 26, 2008

Kabhi Kabhi...

"i love this girl who i never see
cause she is not beyond 4 feet
amazing talent in her soul
she carries with her various roles
from funny to class to a best friend
In difficulty a hand she lends
most amazing smile she carries too
Hey Bunny I love you."

I found this poem... a very close friend had written it for me long time back. We used to be really close- talk for hours...about anything and everything. And shared the deepest secrets with such ease.
If there was something that made me cry - he'd know before the tear fell.
If there was something he could not talk about - I'd be the first to know.

Our bond was special.. really really special. We were each other's 4am friends.. Came together when both of us were hurting.. Spent sleepless nights talking to each other... trying to solve mysteries which I guess should've remained unsolved.

Somewhere...we lost each other.. and it fucking hurts.

I can never replace this friendship by another. I don't know if he has. I don't know if he can.

I know that I'd be healed in a second if the friendship along with the love just hugged me once..

But I guess sometimes Life doesn't give us a second chance. We only get what we deserve. And maybe, I don't deserve this chance.

It doesn't stop me from missing my best friend, my companion, my mate... It leaves me empty, hollow...wounded.. craving for a little love.

It is precisely times like these when the only thing I could wish for, is the lap of my Grandmother. A place, where peace was in abundance.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Theres nothing wrong with dreaming. As long as we know its just that - dreams. Finding neverland was never that easy, and never will be.
Remember those mails we got long back which said "someone somewhere is thinking of u" - after years of laughing at those, I finally realize it is true! Today, when I was just taking some quiet time off...a friend called and told me he had been thinking of me a lot lately... in a strange way, it feels good, that someone on this planet misses you... umm...apart from your mom and dad that is!
Sometimes, it is best to smile at nothing rather than cry for a zillion other things...
The song on my player : Phir Dekhiye

Ankhon mein jiski, koi toh khwab hai
Khush hai wohi jo, thora betaab hai
Zindagi mein koi aarzoo kijiye... Phir Dekhiye...!!

And behold my dear one!! "If you want something bad enuf, the universe will conspire so that you get it"!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

You Wanna Make a Memory?!

Its kinda simple to make one... and then without any external help (or even your own desires), you'd go on making them..
To add to the effect, I must give in a testimonial : They're delicious!!

1. First... you musttttt have a clean - absolutely spotless mind. That way, you've ensured there are no germs that may/may not interfere!

2. Add some fun moments - like unintended crazy shots of humour, some innocent pranks, a rush to the centre of the heart coupled with a dash of tenderness and some colours of togetherness... These colours don't fade, so there's not much of a worry there!

3. Mix all of that with some melody - preferably, with your song. Every one has a personal song. Not a song they share with anyone...

4. Steal some time off the shelf and grind it with the mixture you just prepared!!

5. Stir the above well and not for too long. Memories are delicate - you can't stretch them too long or they become cumbersome and difficult to digest.

6. Lastly, garnish it with the best smile ever - it just adds to all the beauty you just concocted!

Now for some preservatives:

>>Never ever ever get into the Dil Chahta Hai mode and associate any replica ingredient with the memory you've created. Ruins it. Like makes it stink. So refrain.

>> Each time the memory is opened for use, shut it with a smile - or else, it remain open and can be stolen. You don't want that.

>> Never try to dispose a Memory - they come back, in some form or the other - thaaaaat, you might not like. So don't bother risking it!

Some of my favorite memories would include :

The One With Vrinda after she forgot her phone at Barista at 11pm, PVR Saket
The One With Moitreyee when we travelled all around CP trying to spend quality time...
The One With Mansi and Priya in the auto with the famous "ek raat ka 1500" dialogue
The One With US at the Reliance Shoot....
The One With Namita - at the Friends Club
The One With Tanya and Shaziya - lunch with Kababs and crank calls to Sahil
The One with Neha - all the Jerryisms during practice , and her Fast Track shades-shopping!
The One With Prakhar- Holi and Costa Coffee; with leaves falling all over GK M Block-N Block
The One With Ankita - when I gave my Ice Cream away
The One with Sohini - singin in the rain on her bday and the dinner at most shady place ever!
The One with Nadir, Harshad, and Mitin : a JAM, followed by Chak De...followed by Khoya Khoya Chand, and a sleepy Harshad
The One with Sohini and Ritambhara: The Shoot!!!
The One with Priyo: 3 am "photoshop" tutorials which still continue
The One with Vaishali: Panchgani gyaan
The One with Ruhi: Mujra at 4am!! Love Thy Neighbourzzz...sighh!
The One with Malini: Bombay Times... Randomness!!
The One with Kunal- all the tickly moments in class besides the fact we called up a Call girl!!
The One with Shoeb- Metro Times and Paharganj : ummm.. looking for Chillums
The One with Mayur- the series of fights...Christmas..Powaii..The random drive to Lonavla, the last day of exams!
The One with Sahil, Mansi and Moitreyee - CP and a lunch - a half an hour random drive in circles!!! Inner circle!!
The One with Bhavin: "Brilliant Brilliant - you just fucked it up"
The One with Sana: "Where is Toba Tek Singh" - to all the random people out there
The One with Lakshya: All the friggin time!!!
The One with Vivek: Kathi Rolls and Essay writing
The One with Prakhar and Vrinda: New Year's and THE bonfire..!!
The One with Nitin: Linkin Road...Kotak Mahindra and Power gym : Its "official"
The One With Suneera and Sahiba: Group study..! oh and Al Bake!!!!
The One with Susan: Solan...on way to Kasauli...buildings and all!
The One with Anand: Terrace...the guitar... and some songs
The One with Nick: Of Ice creams, no phones and the last metro in Prague
The One with Parents: The last time i had dinner with them
The One with Grandparents: When I learnt how to place my feet on the surface of earth!

Memories, anyone?!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Free Falling?!

Has it ever happened that you loved someone a lot...admired them..were proud of them but then they did something that completely put a question to your understanding of them? And then you gave them a second chance only to be embittered by the experience... and then to top it all they did all the things that would make you lose respect for them?

Its easy to stop loving someone... or to detach... to move on... but whoa.. to lose respect for someone severs all the strings attached!

Recently, this guy I had dated found the most ludicrous reasons to break-up... should have laughed at it, but it sorta well.. let's say in an old fashioned way, made me cry. If that was not enough he said the most immature things ever - one being asked me to grow up and get out of my Peter Pan syndrome! Whatever THAAAAT means!

Isnt the distinction between being immature and possessing the Peter Pan syndrome quite evident? I well, just feel sad for those who can't figure it out. Peter Pan is associated with the vibrant youth.. the whole thing of keeping the kid alive in you - always!
Immaturity is, " you took my chocolate away, so now I'll take yours so you know how it feels" - wait, is that called being vengeful? Whatever it is, its weird to have such thoughts harbour around your otherwise peaceful, simple existence!

On the other hand... I have this friend who I grew apart from... for reasons unknown to either of us... and well, though he has always succeeded in disappointing me, the things he does... the things he says... just makes my respect go higher each day...

Its all relative i guess... or maybe it isnt. Its all about Probability these days.

"The summer's flower is to the summer sweet,
Though to itself it only live and die,
But if that flower with base infection meet,
The basest weed outbraves his dignity:
For sweetest things turn sourest by their deeds;
Lilies that fester smell far worse than weeds."

- Shakespeare

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Bring it On... Oh Yeah Right!

Thought for the Day : Its expect to be on a break WHEN on a break!

All these alumni nights said it loud and clear : SIMC never leaves u... haunts u... tracks u down and finds a way of getting back in touch!

I decided in a moment of flurry that i needed a break...desperately - from the dissertation readings..from the self study's...from the lemon-sucked faces of some people..yikes! Took a flight and Delhi hugged me again...put me to a peaceful 12-hour sleep...

Only to be awakened to another project.

What's good is... I like doing this to myself now. Promise myself a break, and then break the promise itself. That way, I learn NOT to take every promise for granted. Every dream for reality. I learn to expect the worst. Sounds cynical, does it? Oh no... for this was the time i wanted to pamper my own self.

Sunday, August 31, 2008


I hold the raindrops in my palms
They form a puddle of mud
I try holding the sand too
but it just looks unmagical.....


Why does change come in when you least WANT it to?
Why does the star shoot past the sky just when you turned away?
Why do we find ourselves unable to let go..and then feel detached with all strings intact?
Why the hell does hell appear so blissful sometimes?!
Why do we wish there was someone to love us....and yet, sometimes wish that we had never known the emotion at all?


Its amazing how one 31st differs from another...and yet....from another.


My nightmares don't come true... so there is no reason dreams would, either.


I wish a lot of things right now. Like it would how it would be slightly sunny after the rain... like how someone could take Woof out in the rain without feeling scared.... like how 'No Trespassing' would be just another sign.

Monday, August 11, 2008

But it Rained...

Well does life get any bettermore yesterday than today
How I thought the sun would shine tommorow
But it rained...

The one thing that keeps anyone going is hope. And a little love.

Meanwhile in Lavale, most people are fighting out. I'm not sure why the AV batch isn't making a Survivorz episode out of it. There's no electricity .. no water... the food sucks... the rain doesn't wish to stop..There's no access to the citylife... Not like we're paying for this only with our patience levels...

Life's definitely not a fairytale. And so this time I can't end the post with "ever".

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Wishlist- 1

1. strong rain... a long drive
2. creamy candy
3. spicy chicken rolls
4. warm coffee
5. Tides...Waves
6. Unknown streets
7. Random people
8. Distant slips
9. cosy sleep
10. "Home"
11. One Warm Hug
12. ONE friend.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Purple Lenses

This post, as usual, has nothing to do with the title. That is, on the superficial level.
I'm blogging after exactly three months - which is quite a small period of disconnection from the world.
Surprisingly, I have started to love these phases of solitude, and complete abandonment. Its perhaps the most Absolut part of my life.


I just saw the above lines in a Draft post. It humours me. Quite a lot. Feels like someone else wrote them. But then i can borrow the love of solitude from them... works for me. Perfecto.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Yet another One!!

Its crazy...but this friend of mine, Nitin is damn lucky. Each year, he gets a birthday gift via my blog! Sheesh! All he said was, " I haven't heard you in a long while"... voila! I'm podcasting now! So all you people out there.. Jerry Squeals is what it takes to hear me roar... Please try to buffer it before listening... :)

The first podcast, an Introduction to this new section goes somewhat like this :

"I hv been witnessing human suffering fer quite sometime nw. Each day, I have seen people die for a non-vadapao breakfast, i have seen them using their little breath to run up six floors of a lift-sanctioned building, i have also seen them bearing with chimp-looking talkative people for 2-2 hours. It pained me to see people being cruelly treated for bunking a torturous seminar as much as it hurt me to see them die for one free day. With Their pockets filled with chewing gum wrappers, usb drives, uncapped pens, and jingling coins just enuf to fund a smoke, they walk the corridors of warning letters and dissertations. Their sleep-deprived eyes haunt me, their brain, blobbing with deadlines grosses me, not to mention the lack of internships throbbing their soul, and thus making them, in my eyes, the Disturbed lot. It is then that i decided, that what the World needs is a little bit of Jerryism.

The spark of mindless mischief, juvinile pranks and sadistic laughs seeks to transform the uncomfortably numb.
Welcome to Jerry Squeals. A point where evil gets unleashed in as many ways as you can count.
Beware. Crazy Corner just got crazier. "

P.S: I posted this, ONLY because this is the first time. Otherwise, what you hear is what you get.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Someday, We're Gonna Rise Up On The Hills... Oh yeah!!

Has it ever happened that you signed up for something and the reward came way later when you least expected it? Well.. some months ago, I opted for an internship in Himachal... away from the dust of Pune... from the Delhi heat and well... felt bad not opting for Bombay...but am I glad or what!

This weekend was long...with a Saturday, Sunday, Ram Navami and Himachal Day, it couldn't have been a better time for Susan to land up here in Solan!

She reached late on our only option was to walk for the love of Chicken...and walk back, for the love of movies and sleep. We woke up on Sunday to the thought of visiting Kasauli...

So off we were, post paranthas and dahi to the Bypass...for as cheap as 4 bucks! The bus reached us bang on time to run for a bus to Dharampur, from where we again ran to the bus for Kasauli and "just made it". The lack of public loos is what struck me the most during the journey- Himachal being a tourist destination!! And well, I'm sure Susan wouldn't want to be reminded about the Loo Hunt!

The bus stopped at the Wet Canteen in Kasauli (all pun intended).... however, susan and I decided on a different treat. Post which, we opted for ice creams. Here I should mention, Lonely Planet doesn't give the most aunthentic information. Susan had learnt that Manki Point (Monkey point) in Kasauli unlike the one in Simla is devoid of any monkeys. Hell yeah! My ice cream was snatched from me. Nobody has ever managed that. Not even the hungry bullies in school!!!

Even though there was just a bite left, it felt like I didn't have an ice cream at all. But too bad, we were already on our way to this temple...which never came. After walking 3kms up, it never came! Sadly enough I wasn't in the best of conditions to trek another 2 kms upwards! Downhill sounded a better idea! And the ice cream shop at the end of the walk was a more thrilling thought.
A little away from the Kasauli Market is a Church... Inside, the glass painting of Jesus is a brilliant piece of art.
The market is well.. mini Janpath... not the greatest place to visit in kasauli, barring the momo place which wont fail to satiate anybody!

The 5.30 bus from Kasauli to Solan is a hectic 2 hour ride back since the bus stops at Dharampur for long and the crowd just keeps growing! From the by-pass, there's no bus post 6, so well, a rickshaw- Special needs to be hired for some 25 bucks... Why Special? because the local autos operate at costs as low as Rs.3/-.

The next morning, Susan and I were out at 5.30 to catch the 630 train to Simla... In the absence of any autos or buses, we hitch-hiked it! A kind monk let us off at the station after expressing his regret of not having being able to wash the car-seat covers!! (Really!) And then we had an one-to-one about where we belong, what we do, etc... Proud to say, we were only PARTIALLY honest.

The station office hadnt opened, so we had to wait almost 20 mins to get tickets! For 18 bucks, we were offff to Simla! We gave up our seats to lean out of the door - not the most intelligent thing to do, but definitely the fun-est! Now there was a moment of realization - I had left the camera batteries on charge! So all we had was ummm... my nokia!

In 3 hours, we were at Simla! The porters at Simla were surprised at our refusal for a room for as low as 300 bucks but they didn't know we were without a plan and continued coaxing us! We walked up to Mall road... and wasted two hours. A friend of mine made us wait and while we did, we saw the Himachal Day rehearsal.... with women officers parading too!! Go Feminism!
As the wait grew on us, Susan and I decided on the next bus to Chail. While some said it was 4 hours away, others said it was 2 hours away... but time is hardly a constraint when you know you;re a traveller.
The buses from Chail leave from the Lakkar bazaar stop. Which from the Simla Church is quite a steep trek down! Uh...and slippery too. After we crossed Lakkar bazaar, we realized we were again "on time" for the 2.5 hour journey.

The bus was via Kufri... so we went higher and higher...until we could see the snow capped mountains on the chinese side! Absolut Scenery! Kufri is a little smelly since there are loads of horses and donkeys to take you around.. oh... and white and black coloured Yaks too!!
On way, we also saw Apple Blossoms..probably not the most exciting thing, but well, I hadnt seen any before, so yeah!

Chail was a ride downhill... where furniture shops sell everything from Beds to "Dying Tables".... Chail is famous for the highest Cricket ground.. around 4 kms away from where the bus leaves you. And there's a temple-trek again...4kms uphill. Steep climb. The Palace Hotel is one of the attractions but they charge you 100 bucks to go in as against the zero investment for other places.
Chail to Solan via Kandaghat is exactly 2 hours and 40 bucks.
Solan is so conveniently located. 2 hours away from everything that constitutes Himachal tourism! Back home, we walked around the Mall Road, looked for a Black Currant Softy that was out of stock and Ciders too.

Back home, Sleep is all one needs. And some food too.
Susan left early morning today. Its surprising how post this experience with her, the suffix to her name, "Ma'am" has disappeared with such ease.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Top Gear

Life's not always a bitch. Sometimes she cuddles up to you and gets cute. Atrociously cute!
Here's why I said this :

On Holi, I was somewhat low... Now its a well known fact that there's nothing like "chicken burger with lots of mayonnaise" that makes my senses soar. And coupled with a best friend who shares the madness you're famous for... well.. cherry on the cake! So what started as a long drive to cure my boredom, ended up with Chikki shopping in Lonavla...all thanks to Mayur who drove at top speed in the rains on the Pune-Mumbai Expressway!! Nothing in the whole semester made me as happy as that drive. Complete Rejenuvation. :) The SIMC schedule the following day was of course a cracker!

Then these horrid pranks life plays on u (Exams) came up. N then the thought that I will flunk them. (I dont know whichhhh is worse)!!
Shoeb, the God of Mean Things couldn't have been a greater support at those crucial moments when i was stricken with temporary dyslexia!

And all bad things also come to an end. So did March... and how! Leaving Atholi's hostel was a blessing. The thought of never having infected mess food...thrilling!

March 31st wasn't just the end of the financial year... it was a new feeling.. a cocktail... intoxicating... and I know I will never be a Romantic.... ever.

P.S: its weird the way I end my posts with the fairytale word "ever"

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


With every passing experience, I seem to become like a stone-like creature. Earlier it was difficult to believe someone who said the three not-so-holy words. Now, I'd probably laugh in the face. Really hard. Insulting? Well, damn right, that IS my intention.
In the next month, we are to intern at NGO's. And then at corporate houses. Haha. Very amusing. No, Really!
I see things in a different perspective now - maybe because I have been endowed with an extra pair of eyes. Not that it has changed my perception or anything - but just the add ons. Things are clearer.
One of the best things about falling sick with only friends around is the fact that they took me to a Child Specialist. And its a great feeling - apart from me, a lot of other people also know that i do not wish to kill the kid in me. Ever.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

De-Mystifying Oz

It's always good to run to college thinking you're late but discovering a surprise screening of a movie like "Wizard of Oz".

What is not good is, a post-screening discussion on how Oz is an important Management lesson! Sheesh! The whole point of shutting yourself from the dreary industry-bred culture of the organization and running away into a land of "no trouble" was totally blackened by the thought of Dorothy being a good leader!

Its good to make the mind work and all that jazz...but i will not critique this movie. I daresay i will not Capitulate. Ha!

Monday, January 21, 2008

The Wind that Blew...

My grandmom passed away today. Like most people say, probably it was a release for her soul from all the suffering. Somehow, I can't accept it. I know I'm a hard nut, but its impossible to believe someone wouldn't be there, waiting for me to come home...someone wouldn't be fretting over my eating habits...someone wouldn't be waiting endlessly for me...that someone who loved me completely, isnt there anymore.

What hurts most is, in that last moment of her life, I wasn't with her. Not even for the rites. Maybe I was destined to see, and remember her like I last saw her.

Talking to a friend I realized, she would live as long as my memories. She would live as the cute old granny who wore monkey caps in winters and shuttled from one room to the other. As the one who would always complain to my friends as to how many ailments she had. As the one, who's happiness came from a "full house".

To my nani : If someone ever asks me to define truth, I will refer to our relationship.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Games People Play...

My roommate and I played T.T today. Atleast we tried to. I realized, that there are some things that I have just not inherited from my dad. My T.T Skills would definitely reach me to the finals of an international Badminton tournament.

What is good about my way of playing is that the opponent has much scope for losing weight. I dont believe in "service". My theory is just to hit the ball. No matter where it goes. I guess its Fest'O'Comm -inspired.. according to them, "the rules of the game are changing". You bet they are. In my case, I change my self-made rules as I please. And the one playing with me, is most often reduced to chasing the ball... When its my turn to chase, I cant help but think of my childhood, when I never stopped running.... never...oh the freedom!

However, my roomie was patient... so much so, that I'm alive to be posting this. When she reads this, my future will be a bit uncertain.

In conclusion, "Its fun to make trouble. That's why God gives us roomies."

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Un-Adult-e-Rated Sadism

For and 8am class today, I woke up at 7:45. Somehow trekked it to class though. I call it a trek because the lifts don't function at that heavenly hour, and it hurts attendance to miss class. When you run up 6 floors and find the door shutting on your face, the brain immediately receives a four-letter indignation from one of the organs. This phenomenon I realize, multiplies three times over when the teacher labels the class as museum pieces. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best phrases used to describe the Batch of 2009.


A design test today simply got me muddled up. A Cartoon sitting in a car in two hours. Whoa! For someone who just got introduced to Corel. Sheesh!


I have started to love troubling other people. The look on their faces just makes it all so worthwhile. And my seniors are my favourite target. Though one of them is being a spoilsport these days...


We have a "break" coming up. No classes, but yeah, Fest'O'Comm, DigiTall Movement, and 12 projects to be completed within 14 days. Earlier there was a choice between classes and projects. Now the war is between fun and projects.


Finally I think I know why we do NGO internships : its our only chance to be useful. And know that we can be human.

This post is pointless. Blah. So is my mind right now.