Monday, January 21, 2008

The Wind that Blew...

My grandmom passed away today. Like most people say, probably it was a release for her soul from all the suffering. Somehow, I can't accept it. I know I'm a hard nut, but its impossible to believe someone wouldn't be there, waiting for me to come home...someone wouldn't be fretting over my eating habits...someone wouldn't be waiting endlessly for me...that someone who loved me completely, isnt there anymore.

What hurts most is, in that last moment of her life, I wasn't with her. Not even for the rites. Maybe I was destined to see, and remember her like I last saw her.

Talking to a friend I realized, she would live as long as my memories. She would live as the cute old granny who wore monkey caps in winters and shuttled from one room to the other. As the one who would always complain to my friends as to how many ailments she had. As the one, who's happiness came from a "full house".

To my nani : If someone ever asks me to define truth, I will refer to our relationship.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Games People Play...

My roommate and I played T.T today. Atleast we tried to. I realized, that there are some things that I have just not inherited from my dad. My T.T Skills would definitely reach me to the finals of an international Badminton tournament.

What is good about my way of playing is that the opponent has much scope for losing weight. I dont believe in "service". My theory is just to hit the ball. No matter where it goes. I guess its Fest'O'Comm -inspired.. according to them, "the rules of the game are changing". You bet they are. In my case, I change my self-made rules as I please. And the one playing with me, is most often reduced to chasing the ball... When its my turn to chase, I cant help but think of my childhood, when I never stopped running.... never...oh the freedom!

However, my roomie was patient... so much so, that I'm alive to be posting this. When she reads this, my future will be a bit uncertain.

In conclusion, "Its fun to make trouble. That's why God gives us roomies."

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Un-Adult-e-Rated Sadism

For and 8am class today, I woke up at 7:45. Somehow trekked it to class though. I call it a trek because the lifts don't function at that heavenly hour, and it hurts attendance to miss class. When you run up 6 floors and find the door shutting on your face, the brain immediately receives a four-letter indignation from one of the organs. This phenomenon I realize, multiplies three times over when the teacher labels the class as museum pieces. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best phrases used to describe the Batch of 2009.


A design test today simply got me muddled up. A Cartoon sitting in a car in two hours. Whoa! For someone who just got introduced to Corel. Sheesh!


I have started to love troubling other people. The look on their faces just makes it all so worthwhile. And my seniors are my favourite target. Though one of them is being a spoilsport these days...


We have a "break" coming up. No classes, but yeah, Fest'O'Comm, DigiTall Movement, and 12 projects to be completed within 14 days. Earlier there was a choice between classes and projects. Now the war is between fun and projects.


Finally I think I know why we do NGO internships : its our only chance to be useful. And know that we can be human.

This post is pointless. Blah. So is my mind right now.