Wednesday, March 12, 2008


With every passing experience, I seem to become like a stone-like creature. Earlier it was difficult to believe someone who said the three not-so-holy words. Now, I'd probably laugh in the face. Really hard. Insulting? Well, damn right, that IS my intention.
In the next month, we are to intern at NGO's. And then at corporate houses. Haha. Very amusing. No, Really!
I see things in a different perspective now - maybe because I have been endowed with an extra pair of eyes. Not that it has changed my perception or anything - but just the add ons. Things are clearer.
One of the best things about falling sick with only friends around is the fact that they took me to a Child Specialist. And its a great feeling - apart from me, a lot of other people also know that i do not wish to kill the kid in me. Ever.