Saturday, April 19, 2008

Yet another One!!

Its crazy...but this friend of mine, Nitin is damn lucky. Each year, he gets a birthday gift via my blog! Sheesh! All he said was, " I haven't heard you in a long while"... voila! I'm podcasting now! So all you people out there.. Jerry Squeals is what it takes to hear me roar... Please try to buffer it before listening... :)

The first podcast, an Introduction to this new section goes somewhat like this :

"I hv been witnessing human suffering fer quite sometime nw. Each day, I have seen people die for a non-vadapao breakfast, i have seen them using their little breath to run up six floors of a lift-sanctioned building, i have also seen them bearing with chimp-looking talkative people for 2-2 hours. It pained me to see people being cruelly treated for bunking a torturous seminar as much as it hurt me to see them die for one free day. With Their pockets filled with chewing gum wrappers, usb drives, uncapped pens, and jingling coins just enuf to fund a smoke, they walk the corridors of warning letters and dissertations. Their sleep-deprived eyes haunt me, their brain, blobbing with deadlines grosses me, not to mention the lack of internships throbbing their soul, and thus making them, in my eyes, the Disturbed lot. It is then that i decided, that what the World needs is a little bit of Jerryism.

The spark of mindless mischief, juvinile pranks and sadistic laughs seeks to transform the uncomfortably numb.
Welcome to Jerry Squeals. A point where evil gets unleashed in as many ways as you can count.
Beware. Crazy Corner just got crazier. "

P.S: I posted this, ONLY because this is the first time. Otherwise, what you hear is what you get.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Someday, We're Gonna Rise Up On The Hills... Oh yeah!!

Has it ever happened that you signed up for something and the reward came way later when you least expected it? Well.. some months ago, I opted for an internship in Himachal... away from the dust of Pune... from the Delhi heat and well... felt bad not opting for Bombay...but am I glad or what!

This weekend was long...with a Saturday, Sunday, Ram Navami and Himachal Day, it couldn't have been a better time for Susan to land up here in Solan!

She reached late on our only option was to walk for the love of Chicken...and walk back, for the love of movies and sleep. We woke up on Sunday to the thought of visiting Kasauli...

So off we were, post paranthas and dahi to the Bypass...for as cheap as 4 bucks! The bus reached us bang on time to run for a bus to Dharampur, from where we again ran to the bus for Kasauli and "just made it". The lack of public loos is what struck me the most during the journey- Himachal being a tourist destination!! And well, I'm sure Susan wouldn't want to be reminded about the Loo Hunt!

The bus stopped at the Wet Canteen in Kasauli (all pun intended).... however, susan and I decided on a different treat. Post which, we opted for ice creams. Here I should mention, Lonely Planet doesn't give the most aunthentic information. Susan had learnt that Manki Point (Monkey point) in Kasauli unlike the one in Simla is devoid of any monkeys. Hell yeah! My ice cream was snatched from me. Nobody has ever managed that. Not even the hungry bullies in school!!!

Even though there was just a bite left, it felt like I didn't have an ice cream at all. But too bad, we were already on our way to this temple...which never came. After walking 3kms up, it never came! Sadly enough I wasn't in the best of conditions to trek another 2 kms upwards! Downhill sounded a better idea! And the ice cream shop at the end of the walk was a more thrilling thought.
A little away from the Kasauli Market is a Church... Inside, the glass painting of Jesus is a brilliant piece of art.
The market is well.. mini Janpath... not the greatest place to visit in kasauli, barring the momo place which wont fail to satiate anybody!

The 5.30 bus from Kasauli to Solan is a hectic 2 hour ride back since the bus stops at Dharampur for long and the crowd just keeps growing! From the by-pass, there's no bus post 6, so well, a rickshaw- Special needs to be hired for some 25 bucks... Why Special? because the local autos operate at costs as low as Rs.3/-.

The next morning, Susan and I were out at 5.30 to catch the 630 train to Simla... In the absence of any autos or buses, we hitch-hiked it! A kind monk let us off at the station after expressing his regret of not having being able to wash the car-seat covers!! (Really!) And then we had an one-to-one about where we belong, what we do, etc... Proud to say, we were only PARTIALLY honest.

The station office hadnt opened, so we had to wait almost 20 mins to get tickets! For 18 bucks, we were offff to Simla! We gave up our seats to lean out of the door - not the most intelligent thing to do, but definitely the fun-est! Now there was a moment of realization - I had left the camera batteries on charge! So all we had was ummm... my nokia!

In 3 hours, we were at Simla! The porters at Simla were surprised at our refusal for a room for as low as 300 bucks but they didn't know we were without a plan and continued coaxing us! We walked up to Mall road... and wasted two hours. A friend of mine made us wait and while we did, we saw the Himachal Day rehearsal.... with women officers parading too!! Go Feminism!
As the wait grew on us, Susan and I decided on the next bus to Chail. While some said it was 4 hours away, others said it was 2 hours away... but time is hardly a constraint when you know you;re a traveller.
The buses from Chail leave from the Lakkar bazaar stop. Which from the Simla Church is quite a steep trek down! Uh...and slippery too. After we crossed Lakkar bazaar, we realized we were again "on time" for the 2.5 hour journey.

The bus was via Kufri... so we went higher and higher...until we could see the snow capped mountains on the chinese side! Absolut Scenery! Kufri is a little smelly since there are loads of horses and donkeys to take you around.. oh... and white and black coloured Yaks too!!
On way, we also saw Apple Blossoms..probably not the most exciting thing, but well, I hadnt seen any before, so yeah!

Chail was a ride downhill... where furniture shops sell everything from Beds to "Dying Tables".... Chail is famous for the highest Cricket ground.. around 4 kms away from where the bus leaves you. And there's a temple-trek again...4kms uphill. Steep climb. The Palace Hotel is one of the attractions but they charge you 100 bucks to go in as against the zero investment for other places.
Chail to Solan via Kandaghat is exactly 2 hours and 40 bucks.
Solan is so conveniently located. 2 hours away from everything that constitutes Himachal tourism! Back home, we walked around the Mall Road, looked for a Black Currant Softy that was out of stock and Ciders too.

Back home, Sleep is all one needs. And some food too.
Susan left early morning today. Its surprising how post this experience with her, the suffix to her name, "Ma'am" has disappeared with such ease.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Top Gear

Life's not always a bitch. Sometimes she cuddles up to you and gets cute. Atrociously cute!
Here's why I said this :

On Holi, I was somewhat low... Now its a well known fact that there's nothing like "chicken burger with lots of mayonnaise" that makes my senses soar. And coupled with a best friend who shares the madness you're famous for... well.. cherry on the cake! So what started as a long drive to cure my boredom, ended up with Chikki shopping in Lonavla...all thanks to Mayur who drove at top speed in the rains on the Pune-Mumbai Expressway!! Nothing in the whole semester made me as happy as that drive. Complete Rejenuvation. :) The SIMC schedule the following day was of course a cracker!

Then these horrid pranks life plays on u (Exams) came up. N then the thought that I will flunk them. (I dont know whichhhh is worse)!!
Shoeb, the God of Mean Things couldn't have been a greater support at those crucial moments when i was stricken with temporary dyslexia!

And all bad things also come to an end. So did March... and how! Leaving Atholi's hostel was a blessing. The thought of never having infected mess food...thrilling!

March 31st wasn't just the end of the financial year... it was a new feeling.. a cocktail... intoxicating... and I know I will never be a Romantic.... ever.

P.S: its weird the way I end my posts with the fairytale word "ever"