Sunday, August 31, 2008


I hold the raindrops in my palms
They form a puddle of mud
I try holding the sand too
but it just looks unmagical.....


Why does change come in when you least WANT it to?
Why does the star shoot past the sky just when you turned away?
Why do we find ourselves unable to let go..and then feel detached with all strings intact?
Why the hell does hell appear so blissful sometimes?!
Why do we wish there was someone to love us....and yet, sometimes wish that we had never known the emotion at all?


Its amazing how one 31st differs from another...and yet....from another.


My nightmares don't come true... so there is no reason dreams would, either.


I wish a lot of things right now. Like it would how it would be slightly sunny after the rain... like how someone could take Woof out in the rain without feeling scared.... like how 'No Trespassing' would be just another sign.

Monday, August 11, 2008

But it Rained...

Well does life get any bettermore yesterday than today
How I thought the sun would shine tommorow
But it rained...

The one thing that keeps anyone going is hope. And a little love.

Meanwhile in Lavale, most people are fighting out. I'm not sure why the AV batch isn't making a Survivorz episode out of it. There's no electricity .. no water... the food sucks... the rain doesn't wish to stop..There's no access to the citylife... Not like we're paying for this only with our patience levels...

Life's definitely not a fairytale. And so this time I can't end the post with "ever".

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Wishlist- 1

1. strong rain... a long drive
2. creamy candy
3. spicy chicken rolls
4. warm coffee
5. Tides...Waves
6. Unknown streets
7. Random people
8. Distant slips
9. cosy sleep
10. "Home"
11. One Warm Hug
12. ONE friend.