Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Like a Diamond in the Sky...

A lot has been brewing in the hills of Lavale...and this semester has been quite eventful!

Sohini and I, to begin with have entertained a myriad of guests in our fungus-clad room - from Bats to pups..we've served them well. Sohini is a good hostess if I may just add.

Placement season has begun.. and our Superguy Shoeb was the first to take the plunge... The look on Anupam Sir's face is unforgettable.. the happiness within our hearts is tough to describe.. Kunal and I almost felt like it was our own placement..

Someone very close to me taught me the most valuable lessons of life... and set me free into my world - with friends like Vrinda, Sahil, Malini, Tambha, Mrin, Priyo, Nadir, Sohini, Harshad... I daresay I have enjoyed myself - from playing more than 3 songs on the guitar... to late night walks... I did it all.. And finally I know my way around Pune City.

Last night was perhaps one of the best ones I have spent at Lavale...
It all began post dinner... over a cup of coffee.. With Sritama imitating half the world leaving us in splits, we had quite a time away from the rest of the symbi population. It felt like it was just our space! Amidst the cracks, we discovered too many things way back from first sem.. for example:
Sritama: Oh I remember, I had once written a love note to Harshad and signed it, "from Malini"

To that:
Malini : eyes wide open..and the mouth too- that's a typical by the way.
Harshad: That was YOUU?????

Sritama : ...hehehehe
with an oh-so-innocent look!

So with such conversations troubling the hell out of a dedicated Priyo, she decided to pull away and along went Shruti, Sritama, and Malini - to do an assignment. Sheesh.
Harshad, Vrinda and I on the other hand decided to walk it to the edit suite and watch some movies.. ahemm... we did see quite a lot I should say. We walked back to the hostel only to watch Requiem for a Dream.. at 2 in the morning its a perfect treat. It didn't end there... I found myself singing with Mrin and Dala to the tunes of "Yaaron Dosti.." while Nicole gave us the music on the synth... And when the world decided to sleep... Tambha and I chatted away until 4am... So yeah.. it was quite a busy night. Uninteresting post for most.. but this one is just for the record!! Meanwhile, Lavale-ness continues with people laughing, crying, gossiping, working, pretending to work, in search of a little random fling, breaking hearts, joining hearts... It all together forms Life.

P.S: My day had begun with Susan's message which went like:

"In the noisy confusion of Life, keep peace within your heart. With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, its still a beautiful life" - Max Ehrmann, Desiderata

P.P.S: coming soon - the video!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Kuch toh kami hum mein hogi
jo aaj tum paas nahi
Kuch toh khata humse hui hogi
jo aaj tum humein pehchaante nahi

Tumhari ankhon mein woh wafa kahan
joh humse hua karti thi
Tumhari khamoshi mein woh pyaar kahaan
Joh humein sehlati thi

Kuch toh kami hum mein hogi
Jo aaj tum paas nahi
Kuch toh khata humse hui hogi
Jo tumhari nazrein humein dhoondti nahi

Girne se pehle hum darte na the
Yakin tha tum thaam loge
Ab bhi girne se hum darte nahi
Kyunki kuch zakhm ab chubhte nahi

Kuch toh kami hum mein hogi
Jo aaj tum paas nahi
Kuch toh khata humse hui hogi
Jo ab tum humein chahte hee nahi....

- There goes my first, in hindi!

Thursday, October 09, 2008


Bombay is definitely a city of dreams.. the place is special to me...but then this post isn't about me.

Its about a certain boy - who could be anybody...

At about 4 in the morning, with a few friends outside the Airport, i witnessed something we just read about. The peace of our silent discussion was interrupted by this crowd trying to run behind a boy... they finally managed and what followed brought back little truths of life... and the stupidity of desirous tendencies we have towards it.
A wailing mother, an angry father... a confused boy. That's a usual family scenario I guess. When I spoke to his mom she said he had run away with her jewellery and gone shopping with the money. He apparently had bought tickets for Benaras and was running away from home.
When she opened the newly purchased suitcase, what I saw didn't amuse me as much as it affected her - some 4 or 5 Tantra T-shirts..VIP underclothes..branded stuff basically. They had already informed the police who in my opinion totally love all this. While the police spoke to the father, I tried telling the mother not to involve the police... In her defence, this was the second time he was doing so. My friend interrupted and told her that it was psychological help that the 17-year old boy needed. He belongs to a usual middle class family... and obviously wanted to be seen at par with his richer friends. Last time he stole around 3Lakhs.. and it shocks the mother that he has started to smoke.
The boy said he was running to fulfill some dreams...
In conversation with the Airport authorities guy, I realized, this happens everyday - either at the Arrival/Departures... its strange how the world functions.

While coming back to Pune..I thought about the boy.. his side of the story... aren't we all chasing dreams? Aren't we all runing away from something to get somewhere?
Maybe the journey is different for all of us.. but then if this is reality, what is fiction?

If you travel along the expressway, you'd see a zillion dreams - i saw about five or six of them while returning - atop each hill, a little house with no fences... : Not many would understand the dream...and for the ones who would, I would ask them just one question.... " Would you still fund them? "

The answer I know would make me smile.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Frankenstein Anyone?!

When the world shouts
I drown in my silence
The bird flies across the setting sun
Its silhouette is beautiful
Unlike my shadow that doesn't go away
The chains cling to me tight
My wrists bleed
But I love the red of it
The waves, I love
But they don't reciprocate
Comfort they offer - but at intervals
Glasses sing, pens scream, nails shout - too much noise
I like the silence within
The dead.
Beautiful graveyards, emancipated souls, hungry spirits
The innocence of a baby
The sadism of its tears
That's how the world is
I love the crowd
It hides me
Too much noise
But it camouflages the hurt...the pain...and the horror
The horror of being me.


Koi yeh kaise bataaye ki woh tanha kyun hai...woh joh apna tha kabhi aur kisi ka kyun hai?
Yahi duniya hai toh phir aisi yeh duniya kyun hai?!
Yahi hota hai toh aakhir, yahi hota kyun hai?!


Haath chootey bhi toh rishtey nahi choota karte
Waqt ki shaakh se lamha nahi toota karte



Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Quote Unquote (2)

Sept 29, 2008: Hyacinth Arya to the PR Batch 2009: You can't wait for the perfect person to come along. Neither can you expect someone to be perfect. The only thing you CAN do, is to make yourself perfect.

point taken well. very well.

Sept 30, 2008: Raghav to Me : "Nice man at heart is a paradoxical phrase"

Humility eh?! *giggle*