Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Social Networking...Bah!!

I have time these days - not that i regret it!! (It feels bloody good to say "I have time")
And i am quite utilizing it..taking some facebook quizzes.. and strangely, they remind me of a lot of things..
for example:

> What Villain are You? : The Joker... heheh.. happens to be one of my most special men.

> What weather are you? : Sunshine...this one cracks me up as I think of Bassam, who referred to Olivia as "Sunshine" and never could escape our sugar-coated teasing words thereafter..

>What Fairytale are you?: Little Red Riding Hood... This one is all about a personal memory. When I was a kid, the influence led me to dress like Lil Red Riding Hood, and off I went to meet my grandmother, who found me so adorable in the costume(not that she dint otherwise), that she treated me to an amazing day...I can never forget the look on her face!

>What if the One you love does not love you? : Your love was True... hahha.. Thaaaaaat, I knew.

>What Your Eyes Say about you: Bubbly... leaves me in splits... in our very famous play, "Panch Pandav Aur Woh", I played the naughty Bubbly, whereas Mytree played Bunty... and the characters stayed with us in real life too, where we derived all the sadistic pleasure of the world by fooling people...!!

>What 2008 song are you? : "4 minutes to save the world"... typical. It indeed has been on my most played list this year.. especially after someone very close to me did promos for it for MTV... hahha..

>What's your personality type? "Sweetness"...hmmm..for someone who is called Sweets.. hehehe.. giggle... and then it says "dont change" ... grr.. that's what my last post was about..!! I will...but when I have to! Ha!

Yaawwnn.. now I'm reallllly bored..so the last one:

>What spiritual power do you posess?: Guardian..This is not funny.. its stupid. Like most quizzes..Waste of Time! Grr...

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock...

Delhi has its own charm. And in winters, it leaves a magical effect to every nose that goes red here.
I feel strange... I'm being transported back in time.. and it feels like a moment that had gone missing from the present... a long time back!
I know I may not be making sense, but trust me, I feel like a part of the audience watching this play from outside, and SEEING myself as an actor! And I wonder how I could possibly be a spectator and be involved at the same time!

Its not been long that I've set foot here.. and I feel alive.. like the flowers after a rain!

The first day, I treated myself to Fashion.. the movie...lazed around and smiled loads. Later Mickey Mouse and I met up with the rest of Lakshya - Shaziya and Tanya... and it was as crazy as old times while we told the kiddos about the "seniors"!!
We went to Lajpat and got ourselves pedicures - and I can assure you the woman must've thought we were a bunch of enthusiasts who chose to harass her! We wanted to do everything together.. and we giggled so muchhhhh that the entire L'Oreal got entertained! i mean c'mon it was our first time!!
Now rarely do you get women to massage your feet and treat them like they're the most precious things on earth. Add to that the joy of cold coffee and whoa!! In the words of THE mouse, "Let's pretend we're in Goa!!" Coming from the Mouse, well yeah, thats expected. Its a wonder she didn't talk about the moon and yellow cheese growing on it with elves dancing around!

Coming to the next day... I went back to The Oxford Book Store - with Prakhar.. but it wasn't the same 'coz the place was full. And we've never seen the place so populated. It wasn't half as wonderful.. so off we went to get us tickets for Jis Lahore Ni Dekhya O Janmya Nahi.... one of the plays I've been waiting for! It was my first love- theatre... and there, I fell in loveeee with one of the negative characters. He was just so good!

And now for the best part... while I was getting back.. I felt the cold breeze... the winter breeze... the mist... and oh my gawd... I had misseddddd Delhi!!!

Now for my theory on change : It's wonderful, as long as it happens to me when I want it to. Hehhe... Jokes apart.. so much has changed.. and yet... so much hasn't... like the friendships.. the warmth and the closeness.. the weather has definitely changed.. and with that, my view on relationships.. They're just so fragile! And some of the strongest ones, exist and grow within us, like they've always been a part of us.. and then yet there are some relationships which grow stronger as you grow away from them...And then there are some relationships, which you believe in, and the world doesn't and those, are the most challenging ones!