Monday, December 01, 2008

November End...

What a month it's been! I cannot possibly count the number of fun times I've suffered.

But I'm gonna try!!

-Getting to all the nukkars of dilli city wid Vindee fer Dodu's gift with my new guitar!!
-Lakshya times...and the wins!!
-Tackling a Witchy Woman who seeks control of creativity
-the UNESCO office!!!
-Taking a Lift
-Taking a lift from a bus!!
-Sarojini on a Saturday
-the plays at Alliance Francais
-The Fashion Show!!
-Al Bake
-My Budday Gifts: a pair of devils horns.. and a chicken burger cup.

Could I want more out of a month?! Naaahhh!!

Happiness for me rests in these small things... and its the best feeling ever!