Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Boulevard of..Well just Dreams..

For one, I had a fabulous Birthday. One of the best I've ever ever had. Thanks to Priyo, Suneera, Akshay, Prateek and Prakhar.

We had our convocation last week. So finally I am a postgraduate. It was perhaps the best closure to SIMC life. What I got back with me was the memory of some true friends..and some wonderful moments spent with them! And what I left behind were some ghosts who'd probably wander around and find life in the rot.

Back home, things are changing.. obviously this has a lot to do with "growing up". Its also a lot to do with "accepting things". And somehow its a lot to do with smiles that are guaranteed!

There's a mile to go.. before we sleep..And a mile is a lot.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Village visits excite me. They're perhaps the best part of life - far from the city hustle bustle.. from the noise... from the goriness... 


Everything is simple.. yet so difficult.. but then again, really simple. 


I want you to know, you are needed. But inspite of saying it, you don't get it. Dumbegg. And then you say I am heartbroken.


I have a new book to read.. and I still can't guitar too well.


There are some idiots I want to smack the hell out of - why be men when all you want to be, is bitchy and petty? 


I need to go away... but I want to go away only to come closer. How selfish. 


Monday, October 26, 2009


The friends I have are quite precious - so I have decided to give them appreciative titles, for making life so much fun! 

Susmita: The Funny Bone, and Five-Star emailer
Penaaz: The Shopper who doesn't Stop! 
Devina: The Tommy Hilfiger watch-owner who continues to Crib! 
Priyo: The Random Rock Concert Attendee, and Arunodaya-Gazer.
Shubho: The One who is in a state of denial and continues to say "What" with passion. 
Radhika and Kasturi: Queens of La-La Land which is devoid of Connectivity

In the past week, Penaaz has procured an entire wardrobe and is still looking for Black Shoes. They can be Peep Toes, Breathing Ankles..Tie ups.. stilletoes, all that you can think of - name it, she's got it! 

Susmita has recently joined the To-be-married-soon gang, and that leaves Shubho, Priyo, Radhika and Me to form our own We-don't-have-bfs/gf's gang! 

I somehow cannot wait to meet these people now.. like everybody together..and then go for a nice breakfast-lunch-dinner-sleepover- and Penaaz's beauty sessions !! 

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The High!

So the Mouse and I went to Paharganj..and expectedly, it was quite a lot of fun! The metro ride for one - I have realized, one must never make an effort to get in or get out... people around ensure that anyway! At the market, we strolled around.. and I wonder why, we were asked to check in to a hotel! hehehe..Not like we look like firangs! And then, Vrinda and I realized, we didn't belong there! It was like we WERE the foreigners - the actual firangs looked pretty much at home there. The place is definitely a heaven of sorts - you can smell the marijuana as soon as you step off the rickshaw... hundreds of colorful tees, juttis, and pajamas, rickshaws, cars and bikes cramming into the lanes, secret lanes..haveli like structures, and the railway station at the other end - if this isn't Delhi, what is?!

We went to this eating joint- can't remember the name, but it was "Recommended by LOLENLY Planet" - and nothing on the menu was stuff we usually hear of. So we ordered an Iraninan Shnitzel... the chicken dip...lip smacking! The Mouse also felt as if something was going on within the little cafe. People there knew each other.. then another guy kept emptying ashtrays and another one covered beer bottles wih newspaper..we felt like complete misfits! But nonetheless, we enjoyed it!

If that wasn't enough, today I went out with Beezlebub and Mom to eat the mall. I saw so many hairstyles, that it's difficult to describe!! All shapes, all sizes!! And yeah, I have never been so amused!

Dilli has different flavors me says!

Friday, October 23, 2009

After long, I thought about what Delhi is passionate about - its not food - cz no matter how many Crystal Awards HT does, we don't have nice affordable lounges/ comfortable, talkative, lazy cafe's - either they're too plush, or too blah. The 'affordable' lounges have now become 'shady'.
So besides food, its not theatre - coz I went for a play and it hardly saw too much of a crowd. The firangs were there though.
They're definitely not into classical stuff. And even though BCL has revamped, we don't have much of a reader population.

Do delhites not enjoy themselves? Or do they do so 'safely'? By enjoyment, I don't mean movies or stuff.. but things like games, or theatre, or say car racing.. or even picnics! I tried enjoying, and the policemen contingent kept this ridiculous 'eye on us' - and it aint a good feeling!

In fact, we at Happy Hands were thinking of our Carnival event, and wondered too long, as to what would be a good venue! The capital doesn't have places!!!


However it is, we love Delhi.. the heart of it.. the way it is so incorrigible.. and after everything, it has 'character'.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Delhi's Got Talent!

Traveling in Delhi can be amusing. My favorite category is a tough choice between bus conductors and Autowallahs though the 'I can move a car hence I can drive' category is a strong contender as well.

So the other day, this autowalla guy asked me for 80 bucks from Pragati Maidan to Kalkaji - by meter it is 55, so 60 and 70 is understandable.. but 80?!
As I moved on, he came after me saying, there's someone who needs to get off at Nehru Place and I could share the ride. No no no, before you think 'What a sweet gesture', the plan was to charge me 60 and my co-passenger 50 separately. So there! But i dint give him what he expected and ha! I felt good. Either they refuse outright to go somewhere or want double the amount!
I will never ever understand their psyche...or their ability to still call the shots and get away with anything! Their optimism and ability to turn situations in their favor is inspiring to say the least. Strikes normally end up with them benefiting. Increase in CNG prices mean either hiked fares or strikes.

Bus conductors on the other hand are so enterprising! The way they fit in people into an already full bus, and manage to convince more passengers waiting that there's space is so hilarious! So on my way from Saket to Kalkaji, I sort of experienced what it must be like to suffocate sitting next to a window seat!
This young boy, Mr. Conductor kept telling people waiting at stops, encouraging them to get onto the bus "Jagah hai.. chalo chalo.." and then his regular prompts "Haan bhaiyya thora andar chalo.. aunty thora side ho jao..aur thora shift ho" - and finally there were more and more and still more people getting onto the bus! The mathematic abilities are also quite genius-like: They do those quick calculations and know the faces who are yet to pay up! Mind-blowing!

And a little mention for those Expert Drivers who know not what way to go... give an indicator for the left and go right.. or drive on the right when they are to take a left. Even those who will be on the phone and move at a pace they wish to.
There's an intriguing observation at every Red Light that eventually turns green - it takes exactly 1.5 seconds for the driving enthusiasts to get honking once a signal changes to Go! - Indicates what an On the Move society we live in! Ha!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Monday, October 12, 2009

Feasting on Life...

So it has been enormously long that I updated this corner - no matter how much I would like to blame it on the time crunch and all that, I guess I won't and will sheepishly admit to my avoidance of this pleasure. 

So in short, I have spent the last few months working at Pravah and setting up Happy Hands Foundation. So there has been a humungus load thats been happening. At Pravah, I learnt not to blaim but to claim, be responsible for my own decisions in the truest sense, and well.. also to reflect a little! But now that I am ready to move on to newer things, and exciting stuff, I just selfishly thought a space to revive was our very loved Crazy Corner. 

In these months post SIMC, I realize the value of friends and friendships - Susmita, Devina, Priyo, Penaaz, Kasturi, Radhika - the Bitchdom gang is as fresh and knitup as it was - if not as much earlieer as now. The uncomplicated, simple, happy group - that's what it still is - and I so owe it to them for helping me remain as crazy and retaining my insanity! I mean yeah, 'sanity' and all sounds good, but Madness is lots more fun - anyday! 

About my latest passion - its got to be the desi version of Baby Borrowers - its simply hilarious to watch people struggle with babies!! Small is Powerful - see, how I mean it when I embody that statement! 

Soon some friends will be getting married to each other- and yesterday Priyo and I scouted for some very naughty gifts for the couples : Ram and Susmita and Devina and Sameer... hehehhehehehe... my horns glow bright RED to even think of them. 

One of these days, I think I will call Shubho at midnight and say "So what are you wearing right now" - hear him scream out "WHAAAT" - and giggle and hangup! Life is too much fun I say! 

Fun Fun Funnn!! 

Monday, April 20, 2009

Shubho and Me-1

Shubho(after being awoken at 3am): What happened ... ? Are you ok?
Me: I have a question. If I reallly like a guy and I suspect him to be gay, would you sleep with him to find out?

Shubho: Silence. Long Silence. What do you want me to say?

Me: If you say yes, means you treasure my friendship and are a little gay. If you say no, you're possessive about me and can't see me with someone else.

Shubho: Silence. Long Silence.

Me: u there?

Shubho: Aaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...!!!

Me: hhehehehhehhe...

Now that's what I call falling into a peaceful sleep.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

A Moment...

This is an exclusive interview brought to you not by sponsors.. but by our very own Google Talk. 
An excerpt from a recent conversation with Kunal Jena... Applause for him and hoots for me!  

me:  ok so dear kunal.. hv u ever participated in a beauty paegent?

 Kunal:  do fancy dress competitions count??

 me:  yes.

 Kunal:  then yes
me:  ok.. i will still give u a chance fer welcome to A Moment with me..Give me three words I can use to describe you.

Kunal:  rebellious
head strong
and "meechke"

me:  indulgent, i say. Now if i gave you a choice between being drunk and stoned, you would?!

 Kunal:  oooohhhh
hobson's choice
get stoned i guess

me: and in that stoned state, if a guy cd screw you, you'd wish it was?
Kunal: a guy??
me: you're stoned. how does it matter?

Kunal: ok ok- johnny depp
me: wow. we hv a similar taste in men.
So yeah.. my next question.. if you had the power, you be the King of What Kingdom?

Kunal: hmmmm...yes i got it...i'd be the king of Axeland
me: hehehe.. if you had to advocate a social cause.. it would be : Free Sex or Free Hugs?

Kunal: what dyu think it' be
me: no no u answer. i only ask. im d supreme power.
Kunal: ok high and mighty...of course sex
me: spoken like a man. So in your years of bored existence, you have felt the desperate need for...?

Kunal: free sex

me: ah!! in your death... your last words wd be?

Kunal: i havent copped it yet....roll me a joint

me: if u had a beanstalk... u wd climb it to find wt at the end...
Kunal: a land where beer bottles grow on trees with beer in them of course
me: heheheh...ok... if u had to drug one of yr roomies to a 12 hour sleep.. who wd it be?

Kunal: considering that one of them is never around, it would have to be the tall one

me: aha!! from your gtalk list rt now (the ones which r online), who would you want to send to a striptease?!
Kunal: even have to ask??
me: :P fucker.
UKC / AS... which one wd u hang on a tree upside down, and which one would u leave ina room fulll of rats?

Kunal: AS - hang upside down by a certain body part. UKC - room full of rats
me: hehehehe.. difficult decision eh?
ok.. now consider yourself to be God.. i know its horrible.. but consider.
Kunal: i already do
me: in your creation, the first would be?
Kunal: a woman with more intelligence and less yapping

me: ur definitely not wishing for me... but i still will continue
Kunal: ill use you as the blue print
me: really now!? im flattered or wt... in your confused state of sexuality...would you prefer to become a man? (say yes or no)
Kunal: sexuality has nothing to do with that
  but watever..........yes obviosly!
me: ahaa.. lets still continue... if you had boobs... wd u pose naked fer pictures? (please note, im ignoring the fact he wants to become a man)
Kunal: you even have to ask? of course!

me: my imagination is clearly getting the better of me... but i wl stillll go on...if you were my best man n had to give me away u wd gv me to?
Kunal: i'd give you to me

me: ok... id like tht...
(note: i wd like a platinum band..thats all.. no diamonds)
now mr. jena...
Kunal: yes ms gandhi
me: give one word.. and just one word for d following :

Kunal: macintosh

(sheesh! he doesnt think Adam and Eve)
me: Home Video

Kunal: nothing 

(there's no fun in the world anymore)
me: Choose : Room 501 Vs Room 356?
Kunal: 356 everyday of the week and twice on sundays
me: (bastardddddddd. He has forgotten all those times he tickled me in class)
Kunal: lifeguards running in slow motion
(jus say Baywatch!)

me: Wooof:
Kunal: meeeeeeooooooowwwwwwwww
(no thats not pleasant)
me: hehehhe... whoever thaaat is. If you were Dr. Jekyll, Mr Hyde would be?
Kunal: remember my friend who was using my gmail once and you kept pinging??

me: lol... okie okie... embarassing moments we will not speak of..! (ok so that "friend" tickedddd me off)
Kunal: that was actually me- so that would be mr hyde
me: FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
(bastardddddd again.)

if you could pin point one defect in you (now i know u hv variety), it wd be...?

Kunal: i never seize the day thats why we never hooked up 

me: ( n i thot I couldnt woo men... the right men, that is) lol... if u cd use one thing to woo me.. it wd be?
Kunal: KFC 
(also think McDonald, mister! Readers, you shall not, and NOT think I'm easy.. to please, i mean.)
me: u know my T-point dude.. however... we will ask u one of our last questions..

if u had to be a brand ambassador, u wd be it for : Rhythm Condoms... Leopold... or Landmark?
Kunal: leopold 
(I could try re-writing Shantaram)
me: aha... and the words you would have for this conversation would range like?
Kunal: one of the MOST fun conversations ive had EVER
me: lol.. hehhehee... and my last sentimental question.. if you had to ERASE one memory of me.. it wd be?
Kunal: ambipure...sorry
me: hehehhe...naaah tht makes me laff ( I will tell you the story later people..there are times when I falter, and its not always Evil.)

Now i dont promise u Heath Ledger like some of it wl come yr way soon!
Jena.. i must tell u... Oriya or not, i love u!
Kunal: i know...i do too

me: n i love u fer being a sport.. for being stupid wen i want us to be stupid... and i love that u dont need to just tickle me to make me laff!
N i think those r d sweetest words i used on a guy in the longest time.

Kunal: and im glad that you used them for me
me: :) * free hug
  not followed by free sex.

Kunal: ill take it
(not like you have an option at 2 am)

me: :D there! tday u cn be sure The Great Evil Spirit will be kind to u! 'Nite! 

Monday, April 06, 2009

Rain Rain..come Again!!

To Do:

1) Drive... up and down and round and round.. all over Delhi!

2) Eat... lollies...Civilization, I'm coming!

3) Read : The Satanic Verses

4) Watch: anything!! ...oh especially Kameenay, with THE gang!

5) Talk : to Nana, Bhai, Priyumma, Manfi, Sana, Shazu, MyTree, Neha, Tani Partnerrrrr, Namita, allllllll...

6) Travel : (:D) wherever its not hotttt...

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Into The Wild...

So we're back! And how! After a myriad of experiences - and let's just term it that, we're back to the insanity which thrives on pure fun... happiness.. and true friendships! SIMC is over... and so is all the pain.. Recently at my placement interview they asked me what I learnt at this college. And here's what I wish I could say:
1)To have a bath in cold water and not complain
2)To complain and not expect anyone to do anything about it
3)To align to the demands of faculty which could range from tragedy to black comedy
4) To be bitched about and laugh at rumours... and spread some...
5) To know that someone or the other, somewhere or the other, is cheating on someone....siigh...and still pretend to respect them. SIMC is yeah...promiscuity at its best! heeeehaaaaww...

But why are we talking about a bygone era?! 

The world dear people, is still beautiful, it exists, with Goblin Eyes, Mickey Mouse, Finless Fishy, .... and Jerry...  ;) 

So the end of the financial year isn't just that, but the beginning of a new, and purer form of freedom... 

So no matter how hot the sun is going to be in Delhi, and how the winter chill will crack my lips, I'd still be warm with the friends around... Luhhhrrrv-li-ness!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Twinkle Twinkle

For Her: 

I know you twinkle like a star today,
I know you watch me..
I know you're happier up there...not suffering
But I miss you. Like lots. 
You taught me how to walk..Each step is a memory... 
I love you more than anybody else..more than I can love....and this distance is too much to bear. 
Give me a star to wish upon, and I'd seek the comfort of you...your warmth...
The hand that waved goodbye each day standing at the window - The window just stares at me now.
The one who waited for me to eat... I eat alone now...
The one who couldn't walk, but climbed 15 steps in half an hour because I had fever
The one who stroked my stressed out head and put me to sleep in a minute
The one who told me bedtime stories
The one who believed every word I said...
The one who decorated the room with flowers because I was born
The one who I had to decorate with flowers because she died
The one who's finger I held when I was born
The one who held mine, when she died.

"Tantana re tantana kothaye geli bole de na..aiittoohhh" - say that... just one more time. 

If I hadn't come here, I wouldn't have lost you... 


I need to apologize to Crazy Corner. I can't write. Not with the feeling I started this corner. If I ever do come back for a post, it is only because I can't bear another death - right in my arms. 

Monday, January 12, 2009

Different Strokes!

So I know I have been missing - but for all the good reasons. Sadly, it is one of those absence modes of mine which I cannot blame on the Emergency declared by UKC (SIMC's Director)!

My stint at UNESCO is over... and so the happy times in Delhi have come to an end - I'm back where stupidity sprouts at the rate of mushrooms- Lavale. 

But lots has happened and it is only fair Crazy Corner gets an update. Here goes:

Some more theatre, some work as well.. my Grandfather came back to Delhi, so it was Nani's house all over again. And setting up the place was a task! Only a superwoman can manage it like my Nani did... 
Having said that, it isn't a wonder my friends infested the place again. It is always just so amazing to hear the laughter in that house... 
Not much happened for Christmas but New Years was a blast. Mouse and Friends, plus Prakhar and some more friends and it was a delicacy! 
Also spent some time thinking about the concept of Karma - so it is one of my favorite topics come 2009. 

Fest O Comm is here again and it is the time of the year when people come into true form. Sometimes they tend to lose common sense. The obsession at SIMC is such with the word "Communication" that everything is either too organized for sanity to prevail or too blasphemous for me to describe here. All that aside, the first week of Feb better be fun coz the Events are a box of challenges (am i pegging the event or what!)!

Coming to what I really wanted to post. 
The looking back on a year syndrome hits me as I write this. 

10 Highs:
A long long walk across Koregaon Park, Pune
A certain fever taking me to a Child Specialist
The Chicken Surprise at Burger King
No Holi... but loadsa Colors..personal ones... beautiful ones.. and a drive to Lonavla amongst all that.
Interiors of a certain room in Pune and Corel Draw-ing it.
The kids of Solan and so much love
Delhi Summers: Setting the temperature
Praha Baby.. and some of slices of Europe...
Knowing I have a set of diamonds as Friends
Falling in love with Dilli

9 Friends who made life easier:
Mickey Mouse (Vrinda)

8 Movies I liked:
Chak De!
Dark Knight
The Last Lear
A Wednesday
Rock On

7 songs that remained on my Most Played:
Phir Dekhiye
Rock On
Make it a Memory
Anyone else but you
Tire Swing
Tum Ho Toh
Mar Jawaaan

6 songs I learnt on the Guitar:
Falling Slowly
Phir Dekhiye
Hum Bewafaa
Anyone else but you

5 books I read:
A Bad Dog's Diary (******)
A million little pieces(*****)
PS: I Love You (*****)
You are Here (***)
Three Mistakes..(*) 

4 people who made 2008 what it was:

3 Realizations:
What you see isn't always what you get
Sometimes to get something, you need to let go
"It is written"

2 losses that can never be compensated for:

1 Most Special Day in the calender:
March 31.