Monday, January 19, 2009

Twinkle Twinkle

For Her: 

I know you twinkle like a star today,
I know you watch me..
I know you're happier up there...not suffering
But I miss you. Like lots. 
You taught me how to walk..Each step is a memory... 
I love you more than anybody else..more than I can love....and this distance is too much to bear. 
Give me a star to wish upon, and I'd seek the comfort of you...your warmth...
The hand that waved goodbye each day standing at the window - The window just stares at me now.
The one who waited for me to eat... I eat alone now...
The one who couldn't walk, but climbed 15 steps in half an hour because I had fever
The one who stroked my stressed out head and put me to sleep in a minute
The one who told me bedtime stories
The one who believed every word I said...
The one who decorated the room with flowers because I was born
The one who I had to decorate with flowers because she died
The one who's finger I held when I was born
The one who held mine, when she died.

"Tantana re tantana kothaye geli bole de na..aiittoohhh" - say that... just one more time. 

If I hadn't come here, I wouldn't have lost you... 


I need to apologize to Crazy Corner. I can't write. Not with the feeling I started this corner. If I ever do come back for a post, it is only because I can't bear another death - right in my arms. 

Monday, January 12, 2009

Different Strokes!

So I know I have been missing - but for all the good reasons. Sadly, it is one of those absence modes of mine which I cannot blame on the Emergency declared by UKC (SIMC's Director)!

My stint at UNESCO is over... and so the happy times in Delhi have come to an end - I'm back where stupidity sprouts at the rate of mushrooms- Lavale. 

But lots has happened and it is only fair Crazy Corner gets an update. Here goes:

Some more theatre, some work as well.. my Grandfather came back to Delhi, so it was Nani's house all over again. And setting up the place was a task! Only a superwoman can manage it like my Nani did... 
Having said that, it isn't a wonder my friends infested the place again. It is always just so amazing to hear the laughter in that house... 
Not much happened for Christmas but New Years was a blast. Mouse and Friends, plus Prakhar and some more friends and it was a delicacy! 
Also spent some time thinking about the concept of Karma - so it is one of my favorite topics come 2009. 

Fest O Comm is here again and it is the time of the year when people come into true form. Sometimes they tend to lose common sense. The obsession at SIMC is such with the word "Communication" that everything is either too organized for sanity to prevail or too blasphemous for me to describe here. All that aside, the first week of Feb better be fun coz the Events are a box of challenges (am i pegging the event or what!)!

Coming to what I really wanted to post. 
The looking back on a year syndrome hits me as I write this. 

10 Highs:
A long long walk across Koregaon Park, Pune
A certain fever taking me to a Child Specialist
The Chicken Surprise at Burger King
No Holi... but loadsa Colors..personal ones... beautiful ones.. and a drive to Lonavla amongst all that.
Interiors of a certain room in Pune and Corel Draw-ing it.
The kids of Solan and so much love
Delhi Summers: Setting the temperature
Praha Baby.. and some of slices of Europe...
Knowing I have a set of diamonds as Friends
Falling in love with Dilli

9 Friends who made life easier:
Mickey Mouse (Vrinda)

8 Movies I liked:
Chak De!
Dark Knight
The Last Lear
A Wednesday
Rock On

7 songs that remained on my Most Played:
Phir Dekhiye
Rock On
Make it a Memory
Anyone else but you
Tire Swing
Tum Ho Toh
Mar Jawaaan

6 songs I learnt on the Guitar:
Falling Slowly
Phir Dekhiye
Hum Bewafaa
Anyone else but you

5 books I read:
A Bad Dog's Diary (******)
A million little pieces(*****)
PS: I Love You (*****)
You are Here (***)
Three Mistakes..(*) 

4 people who made 2008 what it was:

3 Realizations:
What you see isn't always what you get
Sometimes to get something, you need to let go
"It is written"

2 losses that can never be compensated for:

1 Most Special Day in the calender:
March 31.