Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Boulevard of..Well just Dreams..

For one, I had a fabulous Birthday. One of the best I've ever ever had. Thanks to Priyo, Suneera, Akshay, Prateek and Prakhar.

We had our convocation last week. So finally I am a postgraduate. It was perhaps the best closure to SIMC life. What I got back with me was the memory of some true friends..and some wonderful moments spent with them! And what I left behind were some ghosts who'd probably wander around and find life in the rot.

Back home, things are changing.. obviously this has a lot to do with "growing up". Its also a lot to do with "accepting things". And somehow its a lot to do with smiles that are guaranteed!

There's a mile to go.. before we sleep..And a mile is a lot.