Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Seek-o Naaaaa....

Finally I know what it means when people say "Time Flies". The last time I was at my parents' house, I was still in school, and the most important thing at the time was our friends...their crushes..playing cupid...and well, handling heart-breaks.
Thankfully now that part is over, but everybody around is getting married..engaged..its like some flu!! And it is damn scary.
The toll is now 7 people (including school and college friends!)

And then there's this one friend, who I so wish would get married, but she isn't - because...well.. none of us have a reason. The parents are ready. The bride and groom are ready. And even the friends are ready. There is no eclipse, no lunar/solar / planetary movements and "aal is well..". She is ageing also.

Then there is another friend, who doesn't have a boyfriend but really craves for an engagement (like i crave for ice cream) just so all of us can party.

Really now I say. Time indeed, has flown.

For all those friends who are getting hitched and "stepping into a new life" and all that, : Good luck. I really sincerely hope the honeymoon lasts all your life! :D

For all those friends who need to get hitched : "Seek and ye shall find" - Mathew said that in the Bible...I think he may be referring to Jesus.. but if man can find God, a woman can surely find a man. I don't make sense - but that's fine. Some of the most brilliant things are decoded after centuries of having been spoken.

I am done with my 3 mins of blabber.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

That Thing Called Love...

Spoiler: This is not a mushy post.

So yesterday, was a very strange day. Like a page out of life where extreme happiness and extreme sadness both come together. Of course happiness comes before.

It started with the Priyo and Me @ Hauz Khas Village. Our third friend works at Times Now which has a very unkind boss so she joined us a little later.

The village has this inexplicable charm that you can only experience - it would be silly to talk about it... but yes, it feels perfectly safe to feel "free" there, as if it wasn't a part of Delhi. Actually, its a part of Delhi where the unusual happens. Where you'd find only one resturaunt that has a restroom..shack like cafes, dingy art houses, strange bookstores, and a place where they have posters of cult bollywood movies and Charminar cigarrette packs and Chameli agarbatti...and Flit-ads too! A place where I guess Time was set to a "rewind" and stopped.

The little road curves along, and if you follow it, you reach this lake..so huge and soooo well maintained (with very few lovebirds around) that it makes for a complete retreat spot during a weekend - esp after a hectic week!

A little more of a walk.. and you hit this place called Gunpowder - which is a trek up towards the most amazing eating joint ever. Idukki Pork Curry, Steamed Rice...and some starters..and you will be left with a veryyyyy happy tummy. The terrace seating also looks over the lake - which is brilliant. Uhmm.. and there was a tuned guitar for me to play! :D

..........Strange as life is, before we could seal the day as "perfect", we got a call from our other friend, telling us about the blast at German Bakery. To say the very least, it just left us feeling quite "blah" - that place was our hangout in Pune.. a place where I got my dissertation questionnaires filled up...a place where we just met... in an act of terror.. all that was charred...

What is it with these people? Why is it so important to kill people.. destroy places.. and reduce the word humanity to nothingness?

That cute waiter..and that smiling cashier (who is no more now) - they were a target for an unnecessary, downtrodden act, which has made it to the headlines today..will move to page 2 tomorrow..and a month later, people will cross the spot saying "This is where GB was.."

Of course it will come back.. not sure if it will have the same flavour for us though...in the meantime, those men with bombs will go spread the love someplace else.

And that, my dear friends is what they call the "21st Century".