Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Good Life

The Good thing about life is that it constantly springs surprises, and catches you unaware!

A recent surprise has been the IVLP programme. I can’t say I am excited – that would be an understatement. All I know is I feel super good. And what makes it better is the support of friends.

Met some school friends recently – and it was too much fun going back into time with Tanya drawing piglets for me again! Lol!

Nadir and Ram came to Delhi and while Priyo and I took them around, we realized how wonderful Ram is with the B for Bendetta dialogue. Left all of us in splits.

Its been a week of catching up with friends, working, and setting up a whole new workspace. Feels awesome I say!!

There’s much more to do, but one thing I realized is, there’s nothing like being your own master.