Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Nutty Life.

The best part of life I think, is having a companion who wouldn't mind being up at 2 am to teach you how to sketch.

I get these ticks - to play the guitar, or to swim - and now its sketching.

My first as a part of the 30-day drawing challenge. I've taken this challenge many a times, but flunked it an equal number of times. This time however, I am determined. Its an empowering feeling - pretty much like the first time you drive on your own - to imagine something, and put it down on paper.

My First : These are a few of my favorite things.

O The Little Prince: A book every kid, every adult should read.
O Air India : Has defined my childhood. Continues to fund my travel. And I love traveling.
O Punyaat Aaple Swagat Aahe: How I wish to see this sign atleast once a year now. Pune, my favorite city in the world. Yes, I have been to a lot of cities in the world.
O Symbiosis, 501 : The classroom that has a boxful of memories. Of Teacher Walk-outs and presentations and unfinished homework.
O Dairy Milk : I am not even beginning to explain this one.
O My Laptop : The device my life has become very dependent on.
O Jo : Not just a car. Its my little kid. The one I teach how to be a bully - to bikers atleast. Sometimes it flies.
O Magnifying/Search Glass: Yes, I like to explore. To read too deep into things. Messes me up sometimes, but its me.
O 94.3 Radio One : Other stations are crappy. This one has good music, and less talkative RJs.
O Chicken : Do I need say more?
O Clothes and Either Or : This is synonymous. This store, Either Or, in Pune - its like Chicken during Lent. You really crave for the stuff they have. And only they have.
O The Ambi : a sad representation of my awesome work life : Indian arts and crafts - there's nothing more fun.
O The pencil and paper - two very good friends of mine!
O Sleep - something I love. something I test myself on. something I don't fall into easily, but when I do, you really don't poke me. Its not on. Just not on.

And yaawwnnn. Now I am calling it a day. No a night. Sad one. Thats all for now, folks :)

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