Thursday, September 01, 2011

Just Jilling!

There's finally a road to heaven. And a fun one at that. Jilling is located 7200 ft above sea level, in Uttaranchal.
A beautiful trek leading up to a set of 4 cottages, is completely worth it when you see the welcoming mountains and wild flowers.

The cottages: complete with a dining area, kitchen, sitting room (with a fireplace), and a very cosy bedroom - each one stacked up with books. Interesting ones ranging from R.K laxman cartoons to Nehru's India and Mythology...secrets of the Taj and what not! There's a caretaker assigned to the cottage, but you can experiment all you want in the kitchen. There's a dog too, to play with : Dhanno!
The food is very homely - just as the stay is. - Yes the caretaker will tell you interesting stories about Steve, Parvati Lall who the estate belongs to.. It would be better not to expect Mughlai/Chinese delicacies but, non-veg/veg options are abundant. Chestnuts as snacks are an altogether different high for some.

A good way to enjoy the beauty is a mini-trek up the ridge. You pass chestnut trees, a Glass house made by the British, and Tarun Tejpal's expansive property and will reach a point, where there's a huge drop if you took a step forward, and right in front are the Himalayas. The scenery has a tendency to make one feel as to how small a speck humans really are when it comes to the Creation.
The ridge is home to some brilliant Camping sites as well. So group travel is highly recommended.

The best part is the low connectivity to the outer world - there's no TV/Radio or Internet centers. An ideal getaway.

Must have's : Trek shoes, games, and maggi packs

Must leave behind: Smart phones, laptops and e-games.

Cottages are for 3400 a night inclusive of all the food. :D So yeah, heaven does not let you feel cheated.


Anukriti Khare said...

Sounds awesoeme

Medhavi said...

:) LOOKS awesome as well!