Monday, October 17, 2011

The Itch

My hands are feeling it again.

The itch - my mother thinks I am about to spend more money, but only I know that they're itching to create something new.

Do I want to create a product - am not sure, I always feel scared of doing 'art work' - but then I have realized I really love it and I'm good at it.

Maybe I want to write - my mind is beginning to get flooded with ideas. Sheeeesh - that proposal is glaring at me, and bullying me into choosing that over any story-writing.

I have been re-inspired ever since I visited the People Tree Studio and went through the Dewarists episode. That line 'Because some things are just worth doing' -- has been my heart's answer to everyone who asks me why I do what I do.

I realized my problem is that my hands cannot work as fast as my brain, and every goddamned idea is so exciting that my hands feel confused - and itch to do a little of everything.

And all I end up doing is paying for a plate of Chicken Momos.

Moral of the story: Mothers are (annoyingly) always right. Itching hands = spend money.


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gk said...

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